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Dog Dilemma In The Grocery Store

Pet Friendly? No! Food safety and common sense, yes. Dogs should not be in the grocery store and yesterday there was a wolf in my local food market!


June 8, 2018 | TheDogPress.com

Nel Liquorman, Investigative Reporter


There are many food safety laws which now exist because the lack of them in the past has had really bad results. Common sense dictates that we do not undo safe food laws that work and when needed, we write new laws.


From time to time, I had seen small dogs in the shopping carts of elderly shoppers and I thought that the behavior was out of place. Dogs in grocery stores are wrong on too many levels to count. I live in Florida and true, it gets too hot to leave a pet in the car but for people who “…take my dog everywhere” shop in the early morning or late evening and leave the dog in the car!


Just recently, while in a grocery store I frequent, I saw a man that I was pretty sure lived on the street, or in nearby woods. He had a rather scroungy looking dog on a leash. He did not appear to be shopping, so much as looking at people. I suspected that he was panhandling during slow business hours when store employees are more likely to be a skeleton crew. Either security had not caught up with him or they were still trying to determine how to handle the situation.


Likely they were waiting for a sheriff’s Deputy to arrive because the hands of management security are tied by liberal laws written in an “offend no one manner”. Being politically correct has proven to cause a lot of problems for common sense.


The final straw came yesterday at the Walmart grocery section. There was not the usual crowded hubbub, so it should have been a pleasant shopping experience. In the prepared food aisle (cans) area, I was startled to see a fabulous creature with his gaze fixed on me. His owner quickly pulled him close and said "I'm sorry".


I took the opportunity to ask what kind of dog…? I got a shock when he said, "He is a Gray Wolf". Pretending not to hear him well, I asked him again.


He said the same thing as he proudly explained he had raised the wolf dog from a pup. They had been together for ten years and he really loved the wolf/dog. My mind was spinning. Has a wolf ceased to be a predatory animal and become man's best friend without a commotion from anybody?


I kept encountering the "wolf man” and his "dog" although I avoided further conversation throughout my shopping. But when I started up the last aisle I had to wait to get around him and a woman that he apparently knew. As she turned to go, she thanked him for telling her where he got his service dog vest, saying that she would order one for her dog.


I wanted to scream that a wolf in a grocery store is not a Service Dog!!


People on the internet selling dog vests emblazoned with the words Service Dog are making a fortune off of pet owners who like to take their dogs everywhere. This is an insult to citizens with disabilities, who have well trained animals that are part of their lives.


There needs to be an intelligent conversation with law makers and food safety agencies. Here's my own assessment - true working dogs are not pets. Pets that accompany owners, no matter the reason, are still pets. We all love our animals but animals in grocery stores is a disaster waiting to happen!

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