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Microchipping The World

Is it about animal control, people control, or inventory? It is not to any mentally competent person's advantage but it's coming...


Climate & Clown Fish

2018 UCLA report concludes that our pets are 30% of the earth's atmospheric pollution, clown fish sex change, and American IQ.


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Animals' Constitutional Rights

Human rights are a sacred compact given by our creator and should not be ridiculed or diminished by man's laws as is happening today.


3-D Printed Ovaries

Prosthetic limbs work great but now there's bio-prosthetic ovaries?


Property Owner vs. AR

Neighbor disputes are common but this case made HEADlines.


3-D Printed Ovaries

Prosthetic limbs work great but now there's bio-prosthetic ovaries?



TheDogPress.com pays tribute to breeders, handlers, judges, and icons who have contributed to our love and knowledge of purebred dogs and the fancy.


Canine Precognition

Can dogs perceive the future? Wrap your mind around these documented cases of ESP.


Obesity Gene Hard-Wired

University says Labradors hard-wired to overeat, what about your breed?

Data-Mining & AKC Privacy

AKC thinks you'll give up your personal and private financial information.  Surely not!Is your private information sold to APHIS, HSUS, or Animal Control?


AKC Wants Your Financials

The AKC form asks for your Assets, Investment and Income information!

Lyme Disease Exposed

How do you know you have it before permanent damage occurs?

Lyme Outbreak

New York state news on booster shots. Good for veterinary income, not for dogs!

HSUS Says No More Animals

and is changing our Judicial System!

Evacuating Fire With Dogs

How-to advice from dog owners who fled Los Alamos.


Emergency Preparedness

Senator’s alert can save you from disasters.


One of the first medical risks children and puppies face.


Vaccine and DNA

Documented cases of vaccinated puppies passing measles rash to their offspring!


Apoquel Caution

Read safety warnings before treating with this itch and allergy product.


Canine Flu: Fact or Farce?

Headlines (NOT ours) scream "1,000 dogs ill with canine flu" and ...


History Of Canine Flu

We broke the story in 2005, today "dog show crud" is all over the internet.

War Dogs In America

We kill these dogs after their duty is over...

Modern War Dogs

Canine paratroopers and a goodbye photo that bring tears.

4th Verse Video

Marine stuns the crowd by singing the verse we never hear. This will move you!

Marketing Micro-Chips

Chips reveal YOUR personal info and it is all for sale!

Spychips - AKC Microchipping

Tracking you and your pets with implanted chips, Senators Santorum (PAWS) and... Chips ahoy!

Medical Microchips

HSUS-friendly, APHIS & USDA tracking

Spychips Revisited

What they can and can't do is an ever changing scenario!

Micro-Chipping Concerns...

Migrating chips and injection site cancer.

The horrendous side effects of breeding for show ring ribbonsHealth Defects in Purebred Dogs

Input from TKC and UKC; photos, videos, more...

Rescue Raids Racket:

They team with animal control to seize and sell valuable animals; legal advice!


Cherokee County GA Animal RescueRescue Abused!

Licensed Rescue raided by jealous competitors; forced to surrender saleable animals.


Animal Rescues

depend on whether warrants were issued, cruelty charges filed, and arrests made.


Real Life Dog Delivery

Meet a handsome young man who transports rescued strays to new owners.


Keeshonden Rescue

asked NY Governor to shutdown a puppy mill cited by NYDA and HSUS.  Results?


Can Show Breeders Survive?

Readers respond to extinct show breeder article.


Fertility In Purebreds

Reproductive ability in purebreds vs. mixed breeds, MISS-conceptions.

Threatened By Vets

who refuse simple crop and/or dock but insist on spay and neuter.


Breeders Give Thanks

We asked Coton, Bedlington, Carolina Dogs, Chihuahua, and Shar Pei breeders.

Corn Gluten Meal

is EPA classified pesticide health risk in human and pet foods.


GMO Controversy

Monsanto herbicides gene-spliced into food crop seeds, Video Theater!


PETA Funds Test Tube Meat

Video Theater shows FDA approved "stuff" PETA wants on your table.


Grape-Raisin Poison Info

 ASPCA says they can kill your dog...


Rabid About Rabies Shots!

Why the rabies shot waiver doesn’t apply to your dog, what CDC says....

Tides Gold Rules!

Where do animal rights groups get the gold to rule with political clout? A must-read before you donate...

Animal Cruelty & Violence

FBI studies show animal abuse a precursor to bullying, arson, rape, murder.

Disaster Evacuation With Pets

September is National Disaster Month.


Santa Clara Dog Show Fire

dog show disaster, handler Molinari and others burned.


Metaphor For Animal Rights

Where is the LAW when animals are illegally seized and sold?


Breeders in The Crosshairs

under assault in CA by HSUS & PeTA.

OK Confiscation Bill Not OK!

Leads to illegal seizure of valuable livestock and purebred dogs.


Agenda 21 & Animal Rights

How they are connected will make your ears stand up!


...a smorgasbord of unfenced pets in north Florida.

Mastiff Breeder Missing

Gloria David Lionheart, dogs found starving...

Buy A Shelter Dog?

Why not? Everyone's looking for a purebred nowadays.


The Shelter That Didn't.

Humane society dumped elderly Shiba in the woods…


Great Dane Puppy Tragedy

Real-life Buyer Beware experience to read and heed.


The Black Dog Died

Left crated in the blazing sun for 3 horrific days; a water bowl in plain sight.  Human? commits unimaginable cruelty.

Help Disabled Get Dogs Back

taken by animal control for shelter fees!

Judge Ann Roth Charged

with embezzling pharmaceuticals, she explains.


Connie Barton

AKC Field Rep, Multi-Group judge, died as she lived, with strength and dignity.


Ullum Innocent

Dog Sport Poisoned, fair verdict won't repair the damage.


AKC & Petland Petshops

The betrayal of purebred dog breeders in graphic sequential order, including PRIME...


Stephen Cabral Benched

Professional handler loses Briard to gastric torsion at a dog show...


CH. JERSEY WITH HER FAVORITE TOYMary Wild's Akita client speaks out

Why she didn't testify.


Stolen Dogs Recovered!

Akitas and Corgis...


Samoyed Poisoning

Tragic death raises questions of insurance scam or bleeding disorder cover-up.



initials dog owners must know!

Arpaio & America

There's a reason Sheriff Joe is the longest-serving sheriff and it's not just Tent City.

200417011801  http://www.thedogpress.com/DogSense/Index.asp

Vaccine Hype Again...

We should have run this before school started but knowing about the National Adult Immunization (NAIP) is equally important.



Pesticide Causes Cancer

Dursban flea and tick control or Roundup weed killer on lawns, parks, or school grounds where your children and dogs play, 2018 case proves...


Curing Canine Cancer

If your dog has cancer, you need hope balanced with reality to make the best treatment choices; chemo, surgery, energy, or herbal…


Herbs And Ayurveda Medicine

All medicine, excluding surgery, was based on plant extracts to cure, control or prevent disease so here is the virtually free original.


Eyes and Oxytocin

The irresistible gaze of "puppy-dog eyes" has roots in human evolution concurrent with dogs, say these anthropologists and psychologists.


PETA Propaganda

McDowell County in NC's backwoods isn't backwards!  "Outsiders" did this horrible PETA cruelty story that made internet headlines.


Dog Dilemma

Yesterday there was a wolf in my local food market!


Psychiatric Drugs - Dogs!

Like rats on a rampage, sudden violence and school shootings the result..


Smartphone Savvy

Are you smart enough to avoid brain and hearing damage? How to do that...


Value In Vet Medicine

Who does your veterinarian work for? The veterinary business mantra?


High Sky Horror

Is your dog carry-on or in the cargo bay with luggage? What's the risk? Pet death statistics?


Dog Eating Countries

The Olympics put a gruesome practice on the world stage, worthy of a medal... see VIDEO!


Flu Vaccine Hoax

If you knew that there's a risk of getting crippling GBS, would you take the 2018 shot?


Joan Huber Case

83 year old legendary Schnauzer breeder loses her life-time breeding program when her dogs are confiscated. The dog fancy COMMENTS.


Dane's Agonizing Death

Under HSUS care, gastric torsion, a horridly slow, torturous death takes this Great Dane.


DHS Terrorist Report

We whipped ISIS but Animal Rights terrorists are destroying America as you read this.


Fleeing Fire With Animals

First-hand account of CA fires… and how to find your rescued animals later.


New Pet Shop Scam

The BBB exposed this credit card scam that triples the cost of a pet...


Obituary For Common Sense

We are not sure who presided over the funeral but it was a very sad day.


Lyme Disease Conference

Doctors from around the world gather to learn more about a deliberately ignored disease.


The Universal Dog

AKC judge on the #1 global dog with amazing uniformity of canine type.


New Flu From Shelter Imports

H3N2 is rampant. Is it rescue dogs from China?


48 Months of Abuse

They were arrested on 21 counts of animal abuse but that was only the beginning...


Shar-Pei Case Comments

Response to 48 months of Human Abuse was overwhelming.


AKC & Hunte History

The Primary Registry and Puppy Mill

Millions of  our tax $$$ funded Hunte!


Crackdown On Bestiality

If this depraved (!) law passes, judges could face criminal charges for examining exhibits.


Rimadyl Liver Failure

This medical professional, lost her dog to Rimadyl.  Cornell Un. biopsy, pathology...


Flat Footed Breeds

Judge and exhibitor discuss an uncommonly common fault in purebred dogs.


22 Cruelty Charges

Dog news about two AKC Judges but people who know them say they were shanghaied!


Education In The Dog Sport

What's the compulsion among dog fanciers to teach others why they enjoy dogs?


Disabled Dog Breeders

See amazing photos and take a big dose of feel-good about what dogs can do.


Islam, Dogs & Personal Rights

How Islamic beliefs are impacting dog owners in Europe and what it means to you right now.



Defeating Miss Ellen

sure solved the Animal Rights problem in this small county.


Uncontrolled Breeding?

Hardly! Gene pool at high risk for what we avoid.


Animal Seizure Scam

Attacked by a rescue group wanting publicity and donations, they got legal help!


Diagnosis of thyroid disease is more reliable today. If you, as a savvy breeder, "sense" something is off, insist your dog or cat be tested.Low Thyroid News

can destroy your breeding plans, immune system, AND your veterinary budget.


The Last Word On Grapes!

We report to the Veterinary Association, UPI, A/P, Fox News and CNN.


Smooch The Pooch Bad Advice

This book made the news -raises risk of kids being bitten in the face!


SuperBug Defies Antibiotics

What you can do to protect against this "nightmare bacteria."


What's Eating You?

What are the chances you or your pet will get MRSA, the flesh-eating bacteria?


CHD, Bone Cancer, and X-ray

The connection between radiographs and the high rate of osteosarcoma in large breeds...

Heartworm Prevention

FDA data reveals Trifexis kills,  prevention can be worse than heartworms or fleas!

Why Did The Tiger Cub Die?

Answer: Vaccines followed by surgery caused anaphylactic shock.

Vaccine and Pharmaceuticals

Judge opens the door for pet parents to sue over state mandated puppy shots.

Kennel Property Scams!

Breeders at serious risk, investor scams at an all-time high.

Cropping, Docking & Type

Registrations dropping, entries down, and breed-specific legislation is back.  Also includes Cropping/Docking video

Spirit Dog Phenomenon

Is your dog eerily like a previous dog?


Borzoi Spirit Dog

Indeed, some of us have a special dog in our psyche and our hearts.

Silent “Wolf” Seasons Poll

reveals more than we thought about delayed or flakey estrus cycles in dogs!

I am a puppy mill crop headed for a pet shop display windowPuppy Mill - Index

The history and effects of puppy mills on purebred dogs.


Judging Panel Setups

goes public because despicable deceit stands out!

Pantyhose Stalker?

Webber admits he's obsessed and likes to takes pictures of female handlers in "shiny stockings."

ASPCA Violates BreedersWill your private personal information, address, and photos of your home/kennels on the ASPCA website make you stop breeding dogs?

Will your personal information make you stop breeding dogs?


HSUS Political Power

Pepsi, the NFL, billionaire financier and BLM, USDA, APHIS.


HSUS Sues Dog Breeders

First it was the circus, now its you!


Ringling Bros. wins under RICO (Racketeering) but update needs your input and COMMENTS.


HSUS Settles For $20 Million

Elephants have worked for man for thousands of years and are worshiped by many culturesCircus counter-sues HSUS over elephant cruelty charges, details direct from Feld Entertainment.


Elephants Today, Dogs Tomorrow

It's over - GONE.  No more Big Top thrills... the end of an era your kids will never see.  Thanks HSUS.

People Protection Law

LA passed law requiring every dog within city limits to be sterilized and...

NFL Star's Pitbull Seized

Brown gets legal help to recover his family pet taken by Animal Control.

Zombie Cats & Distemper

HOW are Big cats infected with Canine Distemper?

Vaccines can cause neurological damage the brain resulting in convulsions, paralysis, or nervous system disordersNeurological Vaccine Damage

New study connects vaccines

Prescribing Death

The sick truth about prescription drugs, also 6 minute video

Plumb Scary Animals

Lyme disease and the CDC bio-terror lab’s security breach.


NSAIDS: FDA's Warning

Adverse reactions and side effects of anti-inflammatory pain medication.


Death By Malpractice

Dogs die from veterinary practices and dangerous drugs.

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