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Frustrated, frightened owner of seizure service dogs, the subject of license harassment, Dawn speaks out on LA Animal Control, her health and her dogs.


May 2009 | TheDogPress.com

Dawn Martinez-Byrne, Guest Columnist


I am Dawn Martinez-Byrne, the woman whom David Arthur wrote about in "License and Registration Please". I have provided him with copies of all of the relevant paperwork. My lawyer also has the paperwork.


SEIZURE DOG AT WORK FOR DAWN BYRNEThe stress from this entire fiasco has taken a toll on my health. I suffer seizures daily, often many times a day. Currently my blood pressure is up and the intensity of the seizures has become severe. I monitor my dogs when they are outside, as the Animal Control officer who came here told me that she could seize them from my secure, fenced yard.


As for forced sterilization, Mia was bred to another working Poodle. Seven of the eight puppies produced are currently in training for service work; the eighth is showing. Mercedes, who is trained for work, is just now wrapping up her show career. At one show she refused to move because she knew I was unwell.


Bandy is more complicated. When born she had a bizarre hernia that our local vets could not diagnose. At nine weeks she went to a top veterinarian, who discovered that she had a pericardial hernia. He had to remove most of her organs and rebuild her from inside out. She is the only dog I know of to survive such surgery. The Doctor who operated on her does not recommend spaying or any additional surgery unless it is life-threatening. Of the three, the thought of someone butchering her to meet a paperwork quota is the most frightening and disturbing.


As you may know, Los Angeles County has eliminated its low-cost spay/neuter clinic, but refuses to rescind the draconian law. This can only mean that more animals will be seized and the shelters filled.


As a fellow writer and editor I know how critical it is to have all the information readily available. My story has been derided by a handful of people who neither understand nor comprehend what happens when the "law" is incorrectly applied. To them it sounds far-fetched and even fictional. I only wish my experience with Animal Control had been nonexistent! This whole License Law experience should serve as an example of what happens when well-meaning laws turn out to be worse than the "problem" they sought to correct in the first place. It's exactly what should never happen to law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.



Editor’s Note:  See License & Registration Please and LA Threatens To Seize Seizure Alert Dogs for complete coverage of this still-open service dog case.


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