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"Wolf" Silent Seasons Poll


Flakey seasons and false estrus may be more common than previously thought.  As the largest pool of experienced dog breeders representing carefully maintained breeding bitches, your input is particularly credible.


Wolf seasons, often called silent seasons, served a purpose in the wild but can frustrate dog breeders!04|13|09 | TheDogPress.com


Readers with long-domesticated breeds may question the wolf season  phenomenon but those in more primitive breeds are nodding in agreement.  It is common in wild canines, particularly when a decline in the male population has occurred.  A “silent” season is only silent to human perception.  The "wolf season" provides a prolonged period of attraction before true estrus, thus ensuring a higher number of male suitors.


Poll consensus and sample comments will be shared with readers, the Science & Advisory Board Veterinary Theriogenoligists, subscriber vets, and of course, veterinary websites.


In order to be counted, you must enter your name, primary breed, and if desired, kennel name.

If you are a veterinarian, please enter your professional name.  Reply by inserting the question number or copy the questions into an email, answer each question individually and EMAIL TO EDITOR.


Please limit your response to each question to 20 words or less.


#1 - How many times have you confirmed a silent season in one of your own bitches?


#2 - Was it a first season?  If not, has this bitch previously experienced a silent season?


#3 – Approximately how long did the attractive phase of her silent/wolf season last?


#4 - How many days or weeks elapsed before she came into true estrus?


#5 - Was the bitch sent out for breeding or at home to be bred to your stud dog?


#6 - Did she readily accept the stud dog?


#7 - Did a litter result and if so, how many pups were born?


Thank You for participating.


Results can be found here:  WOLF & SILENT SEASONS - ESTRUS CYCLES IN THE DOG

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