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Vaccines And Pharmaceutical Exploitation

Judge overturns NYC law forcing vaccination of babies and toddlers with risky flu shots, thus opening the door for pet parents to sue over state mandated puppy shots.


Dateline Jan 2016 | TheDogPress.com

reported by Preston James, PhD


Newspaper headlines read "NY Judge stops forced flu shot!" and "medical experimentation and exploitation of children halted!"


Incredibly, NYC Mayor Bloomberg sought to require babies and children under 6 years of age to undergo yearly flu shots even though the flu vaccine has proven ineffective and in undeveloped immune systems, risky.  Putting parents at ease, Judge Mendez ruled against the Mayor's vaccination mandate and in his opinion he wrote "The New York City Charter contains no suggestion that the Board of Health has the authority to create laws.”


One pundit summed it up this way, "This is not Nazi Germany where helpless Jewish people were rounded up like cattle, imprisoned, and used for testing vaccines."  Indeed, that is true and parents and pet owners should not becoming unwitting test subjects for the pharmaceutical companies.


In reality though, that is exactly what is happening.  Magazine and television ads promise this drug or that medicine or a new cancer treatment center "could" save your life. The required disclaimer is always in fine print or an unintelligible garble at the end of the advert.


FCC Regulation of Broadcast radio and television mandates disclosure of risks and potential side effects of prescription medications but such warnings are apparently not required for puppy shots, childhood immunizations, or flu shots.


We are forced to subject the most defenseless among us to the giant maw of the pharmaceutical industry. We may have de-horned the monster but state laws still require our children and pets to receive a bevy of vaccines.


In some states, "first shots" are given before the newborn infant leaves the hospital. Thankfully, veterinarians and sites such as TheDogPlace.org have prevented the same risk for baby puppies and kittens.


Mandated vaccine attempts are nothing less than predatory practices by the pharmaceutical companies and their "owned" legislators and state school board officials. They don't need expensive and prolonged testing for the ever-increasing array of vaccines because our children and pets are the test subjects!


Parents and pet owners must take time from their busy days to learn what is happening and the health risks involved. TheDogPress.com made it easy for readers to get a quick rundown on the risks of over-vaccination and the ineffectiveness of flu vaccine but TheDogPlace.org was the first to expose the exploitation of parents and pet owners, laying out the secret background of Canine Flu Vaccine that began as something called "Dog Show Crud." I found that an interesting hypotheses which I trust the editor will point to.


Newly released info shows that the "2015-2016 flu vaccine has so far turned out to be 18 percent effective in adults, and only 15 percent effective in children" but dog owners who remember the Canine Parvovirus fiasco already know that.


Sadly, public knowledge did not stop the NYC City Board Of Health from forcing parents to submit their children as pharmaceutical test subjects.


If you have concerns about big business/legislators forcing parents and pet owners to participate in what amounts to unpaid vaccine testing, simply google "parents (or pet owners) against mandatory vaccines" and join forces with other caring, informed people. My point is that being factually informed enables you to help others.


Instant Information on ii Vaccine Facts & History, Chronological coverage of vaccines from 1981's lab-created Parvo

to exposing today's health risks of over-vaccination; VID and Vaccinosis


reference link: CANINE FLU VACCINE - 'Dog Show Crud' hit dogs and exhibitors coincidental to Univ. Of Florida development of a canine flu vaccine? The hidden truth of “canine flu.”...

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