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Disturbing 1st hand report - "Dog Show Crud" probably jumped the species barrier (or test tube) on the Florida show circuit where UNF was researching canine flu.


2017 update - Sept 2011 | TheDogPress.com

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


TheDogPlace.org broke the "dog flu" news in January 2005 and today it's all over the internet but here's what it means to you and why that show circuit served as a warning about vaccines, human and animal.  It was called "the dog show crud" because it was unlike anything anyone had ever experienced.


The following excerpts ran in TheDogPlace.org. "Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment are unconfirmed as it is so new in dogs and hits humans equally as hard.  Viral or bacterial, it is extremely aggressive. Puppies or immune-compromised adults can be lost within hours of first stage diarrhea."


"Due to the rapid, virulent onset, 'dog show crud' was diagnosed as a virus when it first broke on the January Florida show circuit which attracts dogs from Maine to California."


"But even then, savvy dog owners knew it didn't fit the pattern of a virus and in fact, quick treatment for bacteria stopped the diarrhea. Antibiotics should have no effect on a virus.  By the end of the show circuit, it was over although few escaped "the dog show crud."


The good news is that handlers and dogs who were dreadfully ill in Florida did not spread it to their home states. In fact, although many handlers vacationed on Florida golf courses before leaving for the Westminster, WKC had only the usual flu and colds associated with its immense crowds, stress, and stuffy environment.


At the time, no one made a connection between "dog show crud" and the Un. Of FL College Of Veterinary Medicine with locations in Jacksonville, (where the circuit starts) and in Ocala, Gainesville, etc.


In retrospect, "The Crud" was a short-lived organism. Some say it was engineered that way and that the cross section of dogs (and perhaps, unintentionally, people) at the show grounds presented opportunity for a large scale experimental field test of a virus under development. Or as has happened before as in Parvo{1}, an incomplete virus escaped the lab, was overtly zoonotic, and thus took a few more years to perfect and promote.


In September 2005 the Florida Dept. Of Agriculture veterinarians released a statement about a new virus "known as canine influenza." 


Canine Flu Vaccine Released By...

You guessed it, University Of Florida. The good news took four years but sure enough, a "canine flu vaccine" was perfected and released in June 2009.  It was immediately available nationwide. Vets across the country were relieved by the news that the University Of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine (Gainesville) had worked with pharmaceutical developer Intervet/Schering-Plough on a consultant basis to construct the vaccine. In June 2010, the pharmaceutical giant received USDA license for the canine influenza (flu) vaccine trademarked Novibac®{2}


The University of Florida praised Cynda Crawford, DVM as co-discoverer of the dog flu virus. She and collaborators from UNF, Cornell University and CDC determined the previously unknown "canine influenza virus (CIV) was the cause of respiratory infections in Florida's large racing greyhounds population in 2004{3} Predictably, it was quickly determined that "canine flu" aka Canine Influenza Virus was "infecting dogs of all ages and breeds throughout the U.S."


Apparently dog breeders and veterinarians sites liked our name (canine flu) better but to this day, many miss the connection.  We refer you to this Oct. 2010 veterinary release regarding those same racing greyhounds:  “The Canine Influenza is a first time recorded entire genome jump of the Equine Influenza to the dogs (canines) and both were created by man.  Man makes a vaccine of Equine Influenza and squirts this up the noses of Thoroughbreds on the race tracks.


And to this observation by an internationally respected veterinarian  "It is a modified live version and the viruses get sprayed out into the environment that is shared with racing greyhounds.  Now, thanks to the use of the horse vaccine, the dogs now suffer this virus.  Canine flu is very lethal as these viruses always are once they start to be accommodated into another host.  It takes a while for that next host to develop immune response against the new virus.” ~ Patricia Jordan, DVM, VND, CVA, CTCVM & Herbology


That was only the beginning. Take a deep breath and continue.  It is a lot to absorb but for your dogs, your children, and your own health, you need to know...


Buried in that same UFL news release was this profound statement "The resulting canine influenza virus (CIV) is a new respiratory pathogen in dogs. This is another instance of mammal-to-mammal transmission of influenza-A viruses, which was previously thought to occur only between pigs and people."


Why was there no speculation or mention of where something so extraordinary could have originated? Species jumping is so rare that, according to Dr. Crawford, it actually became "a "trademark of the influenza virus."  She had clearly stated the canine flu itself would be "subject to mutation" which leaves the door open to yet-to-be seen but sure-to-happen new viral epidemics. At the time of the UNF release, America had just suffered the June 2009 outbreak of swine flu, the H1N1/09 virus, so serious and so wide-spread that it was termed "pandemic" by the World Health Organization.


Dr. Crawford pointedly did not mention swine flu an example of species-jumping even though it was in every medical or veterinary person's mind. More than a few researchers believe there was a connection between swine flu and the 2005 zoonotic outbreak of "dog show crud."  Let us hope Dr. Crawford's words were not prophetic of the next species-crossing viral outbreak. 


Regarding Canine Influenza Zoonosis, the September 7, 2009 Influenza update{5} from the American Veterinary Medical Association contradicts UNF researcher Cynda Crawford, DVM.


The AVMA states "CIV represents a very rare event in adaptive evolution; the entire genome of the H3N8 equine influenza virus was transferred to dogs, and the virus adapted to the canine species to emerge as a new canine-specific virus.1 Although the virus spreads readily from dog to dog, there is no evidence to support that it can be transmitted from dogs to humans."


Canine Influenza Symptoms

Sometimes you have to look back to see what's coming. In 2005 TheDogPlace.org observed: "Dog show crud does not have the characteristic “decomposing” odor of parvo, perhaps because it moves so quickly to hemorrhagic enteritis that the intestinal wall lining doesn’t slough off as badly."


"Whether a virus or bacteria, it causes loss of appetite, then mucous and blood-tinged but formed stool. It can progress within hours to lethargy and bloody diarrhea, then no stool - just blood and straining. Dehydration and blood loss can put a dog in shock very quickly. IV fluids and quick supportive treatment is critical."


Treatment For "Dog Show Virus" aka Canine Flu"

Dog show flu was a virulent bug for people and dogsThe vets interviewed in 2005 felt that the dog show virus was not a normal virus. In fact, many observed that all evidence pointed to a bacterial infection because it could be reversed within a day if treated with antibiotics. The consensus was that it resembled a combination of virus and bacteria hitting simultaneously. 


That was before we knew of the ongoing research to perfect biological weapons and develop new viral strains.  We were told it was a natural "thing" that mutated even though we agreed the newly dubbed Canine Influenza Virus was really strange. We have since leaned that despite treaties, germ warfare and biological weapons research continued. ref #6  Sites such as this one have become a repository for history as it happens which is why so many people use the internet to question matters they don't understand. 


The matter of Canine Influenza proves that even your own trusted vet can be misdirected or poorly informed.


"Bacteria, virus or a combination of both, older dogs, and dogs with weaker immune systems are at special risk. Dr. Cash reports that so far, the "canine flu" virus has been restricted to canines but if contracted by humans it could manifest as a stomach virus." (Note that a majority of exhibitors at Lakeland and Tampa suffered severe diarrhea, dehydration, and loss of appetite as did our dogs). "Whether human or canine, immediate treatment is needed, particularly rehydration and antibiotics because those dogs went down quickly."


Again quoting from the 2005 column. "My own dogs responded to a powerful anti-bacterial. (ANTIBIOTICS DO NOT WORK ON A VIRUS.) Dia-Bac, which comes in gel or capsule form, was like a miracle – stopped the bloody diarrhea cold. No more straining. The stools returned to normal color and consistency within 24 hours after treatment which included a sub-Q Ringers bolus.


"Others reported success with drugs such as Clavamox, Keflex, Amoxy, Baytril, all of which usually require a week to ten days. Interesting however, most dogs treated for bacterial-intestinal infection recovered quickly, some were said to have recovered "spontaneously" which is considered untypical. But my own dogs turned the corner within hours and by the next day, were eating well, playing, and no diarrhea! Whatever dog show crud was, viral or bacterial, it was something we all agree is brand new but thankfully short lived. It is like a hot virus that somehow responds immediately to antibiotic therapy. Makes no sense."


Protection Against Species-Jumping Virus

Virtually every dog exposed will become infected,” said Florida University spokesperson Cynda Crawford, DVM. “Fortunately, just like with people, the vast majority of dogs will recover without any complications.” The UNF professor, pumping up use of the new canine flu vaccine said “We need to decrease the infection and increase community immunity. Vaccination is the way to achieve both.”


In 2005 people who don’t have dogs speculated the weird "crud" was connected to the bird flu from Asia. In talking to people coast to coast and even abroad, there does seem to be a connection between "canine flu" and the weird 2005-06 human-susceptible Avian flu.  One vet quipped "Perhaps canine flu, which jumped the species barrier from human to canine, jumped backwards to birds."


Avian Flu (H5N1) or Bird Flu flew across the U.S. in 1997 and again in 2003 in a form never before diagnosed. Swine Flu (H1N1) skipped back and forth from pigs to humans in 2009 and 2010.  The list of species-hopping viruses is getting longer and zoonotic disease (i.e. transferring from animals to human) is no longer uncommon.


By the way, the best disinfectant is still 30 seconds of good old fashioned pure soap (not detergent) or chlorine bleach. Skip the nicely packaged “hand soaps” and fancy disinfectants. Since the "dog show crud" circuit of 2005, handlers have also become more cautious.  Here's what the pros recommend. To protect your dogs from almost any disease, carry plenty of soap and bleach to dog shows - and use them! Spray x-pens with a 10% Clorox solution or using a plastic tub and a small push broom, wash down mats with soapy water.


{1} Parvo Virus History simultaneous inter-continental eruption!  {2} Canine Flu Vaccine granted USDA license (offsite)


{3} off-site info no longer available.  {4} Human Parvo Virus Infection off-site - no longer available.


{5} https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/Reference/Pages/Canine-Influenza-Backgrounder.aspx off-site, curiously contradictory... in light of the 2017 "new" outbreak


{6} Biological (Lyme Disease) Weapons & Germ Warfare Research at Plum Island

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