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Vaccination Can Trigger Anaphylaxis


The first medical risk children and puppies may face is anaphylactic shock as their immature immune systems are assaulted by an army of vaccinations.


Feb 2016 | TheDogPress.com


VACCINATIONS CAN CAUSE ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK IN PUPPIES AND BABIESFrom the time they are born, human babies face numerous immunizations - up to 28 shots by age 2. {1} Puppies are subjected to slightly fewer combo vaccines but they are at higher risk than children because owners are less likely to witness or recognize the onset of anaphylaxis.


Puppy or child, there's no guarantee an anaphylactic vaccine reaction will be recognized in time to prevent death or brain damage. There's even less chance that parents and pet owners will recognize long term damage to the immune system caused by over-vaccination. Loss of brain and/or immune function is gradual in both species and by the time it becomes apparent to parent or owner, it may be irreversible.


Delayed vaccine damage is insidious and difficult to prove but ii Anaphylaxis or Anaphylactic Shock resulting in seizures, lapse of consciousness or other acute allergic reactions can be life‐threatening and hard to miss if witnessed by owner or parent. TheDogPress wants you to know that in animals a clinical definition of anaphylaxis is difficult due to the non‐specificity of symptoms and causative factors. Even more difficult is proving the vaccine-anaphylaxis connection which is believed to have resulted in the death of the tiger cub in January 2016.


We asked Science and Advisory Board member Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA to enlighten our readers from a professional perspective.  She replied:

"As regards the tiger cub that died from anaphylactic shock when surgery and vaccines were concurrent, I understand the convenience aspect in the case of a potentially dangerous animal. It is my opinion however, that no dog or cat should be vaccinated when sick, stressed, under anesthesia or during surgery. The thing is, a lot of rescue shelters, spay-neuter clinics and even witless veterinarians will do this.


"Even with a waiver signed vaccination shouldn't be done without informed consent. Instead, out of convenience, and because they don't know the risk, many pet owners have their animals vaccinated while getting anesthesia for surgery or during dentals, etc. Anaphylaxis is a well known event that follows vaccination, so is respiratory arrest. There is such a FRENZY to vaccinate and here we have examples that it is KILLING the animals."


Anaphylactic shock can result from exposure to a variety of allergens but it is an "adverse event" most often associated with immunization. That's because vaccines contain several compounds such as mercury (in flu vaccine) and thimerosal which also contains mercury and is a preservative added to multi-dose vials of vaccine to prevent contamination and growth of potentially harmful bacteria. Anaphylactic vaccine reactions are also associated with egg allergy in children who received measles, mumps and rubella (MMR.


As Dr. Jordan cautioned "Those administering vaccines should recognize and be able to immediately treat anaphylaxis." Veterinarians, medical doctors, physicians assistants, and nurses all have the training to recognize the life-threatening reaction and considering the potential risk, one would expect those medical professionals to have on hand Epinephrine (the only medication that can quickly stop anaphylactic shock).


But what about non-professionals who administer vaccinations? According to the CDC, under the federal Vaccines For Children program, childhood vaccines can be given by "any enrolled VFC Program provider" which it defines as "a private doctor or clinic, hospitals, Public Health Clinic, Community Health Clinic, Schools, etc." Does that include the corner drugstore or health clinic where shots are often given by non-professionals? Yes. See Flu Vaccine Hoax {2} below.


What if anaphylactic reaction is delayed by 20 or 30 minutes? If your dog shows any signs of seizure, get him straight to the veterinarian. On the other hand, you could be driving when it hits; something you ate, drank, or inhaled. If you start to feel funny, pull over until you feel safe to drive. If you don't feel better quickly, use your cell phone or a white cloth to flag down another motorist. Here's why…


Tuck this information away in your memory bank or share with a friend. Anaphylactic shock is a chain reaction that actually enlarges your blood vessels and can dramatically lower blood pressure. It can cause you to pass out so you understand why you can't drive yourself to the emergency room. If you think you may be having a reaction, call 911 and if it is your dog, ask someone to drive you to the veterinarian while you tend to the dog.


We hope you never need this information but WebMD lists the most common triggers for anaphylaxis as:


Peanuts and tree nuts (particularly almond, walnut, hazel, Brazil, and cashew nuts) Fish and shellfish, especially shrimp and lobster. Dairy products, including eggs (see vaccine reactions), insect bites and stings, mainly those from wasps, bees, and ants. Latex, even if you handled it before. Ditto prescription medication because what helped you before could cause an "Adverse Reaction" or anaphylaxis this time.


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