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China's First AKC Formatted Show


Take an armchair trip to historic Chinese dog show that ultimately led to recognition by the American Kennel Club.


Jan 2005 | TheDogPress.com

Lana Tsan, SAAB Member, China KC President, International Judge


Lana Tsan instructs on grooming and handling dogsPhoto Journal Report of nearly fully booked 2005 show, which for China is a first, as they do not make plans for more than 3 months.


I have just judged and also taught (see photo) grooming and handling in Xian and judged their first show in snow and ice.


As you can see from the photos it is snowing like cats and dogs but nobody want to leave until the show isPeople stand in rain and snow at first AKC type dog show in China over.


Most of them wait in the snow with no breakfast or lunch - really die hards - until the show is over at 4 pm.


Editor: note the lovely ribbons and trophies and the banners. And if you have followed some of Lana’s previous photo-journal reports of the past several years, you will also celebrate with her as this is A First!


Lana Tsan presents Best In Show ribbon to winner of first China Kennel Club Dog Show"The show is only setup in 3 days and is the first ever dog show with official judges using the AKC system." This photo is the BIS and RBIS winners.

 (Lana is at far left, holding BIS ribbon)


The best puppy is a Shetland sheepdog and RBPIS is a American cocker –the puppies are much better quality than the adults.


It has been many years since I have saw such good quality in sheltands or cocker but the cocker’s grooming needs a bit more work.


China dog show exhibitors defy freezing rain For 3 days show the entry is a good number over 100 dogs plus lots of the dogs were not allowed to enter because they have single testicles or were in season.


There was also a queue of last minute entries in the show ring on the day of the show which was all turn down.


Chinese artwork from first AKC style dog show in China"Considering it is only a 3 day time and theway things moved and also the snow, the show is a miracle that we all survive pretty well.


It is also a first which none of the people involved are all green including the ring stewards. Some of them have never been to a show before".


Could not resist sharing this exquisite artwork Lana attached. Artist or Breed was not identified but it is very representative of the Chinese Mastiff!!


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