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Here's another puzzle - What's in a name like Zenyatta?  Answer?  Whether legendary race horse or Miniature Bull Terrier, Zenyatta is a winner!  Now, did you figure out how the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch, both already major pointed, saw winner's points disappear!


Miniature Bull Terrier "Zenyatta" is a Winner!


Winner’s Class. Mr. Krough said he was withholding Winners due to the fact that he did not see any good movement nor did they have good tail carriage.


AKC Judge Mr. David M. Krough at Dog Show No Winners Bitch, therefore, no points. No Best of Winners, therefore no possible points for Winners Dog on that day although he had been going BW at those shows.


I checked with the Superintendent, John McDonald representing Jack Onofrio and AKC Rep, Alan Odom regarding breed ranking points for the BB dog given there were no points in any the classes.


Since the judge did not disqualify and did award 1st place ribbons to the three class bitches and Winners Dog, there were technically 4 dogs in competition so the Best of Breed Winner adds the Breed Points to his ranking.


I asked a long-time handler the question that was on everyone’s mind, “Why did he not just withhold the 1st place ribbon for each of the class entries instead of waiting for Winners Bitch?” The reply was that the judge couldn’t have known how the bitches would act when they came back in for Winners.


Well OK… We all know that the judge is the ultimate authority in his or her ring. You have paid your ever-increasing entry fee to obtain that opinion.


AKC Rep at Alamagordo & Los Lunas Dog ShowsAs long as the judge abides by the AKC Rules and regulations as pertains to judging, they can do whatever they want. However, with fuel prices averaging over $3.00/gallon, even a fast food meal at over $5.00, and lodging at least $60.00 per night, dog shows aren’t cheap no matter how you slice it.


You have already spent the entry fee. No way to know what the entry would be but even though it turned out there were no points in dogs, you made the trip thinking, he’s pointed, good enough that he placed well at the National Specialty, and okay, you’ll happily settle for a chance at BW points.


You travel hundreds of miles for that show and end up with nothing but a lot of expense. Granted there is no guarantee you’ll win, no matter what the entry but it’s pretty hard to swallow when there are points to be won and you don’t even have a chance to compete because suddenly that opportunity disappears through no fault of yours or your Winner’s Dog.


Guess you’re never too old to have new challenges, and events do happen.


This is the first time it’s ever happened to me and I’ve bred and finished many champions in three breeds. No other exhibitors I talked to at the show could recall it happening either. Have you ever seen this happen?  Rare though this must be, it could happen to anyone.


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