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Simple Survey: Your First Purebred Dog?


People may ask how you got into dogs but for the first time, your answer has real meaning to potential puppy buyers when results are published and picked by analysts and social media.


November 2017 | TheDogPress.com Staff


NOTE: First name, last name and email are required in order to submit the form but your privacy and email is protected.  Only your first name will be visible.  Your email will be embedded for readers who choose to contact you when the follow-up report is presented.

When did you get your first purebred dog?

approximate date, then tab key or click to next box.

What was your first purebred dog?

type in only one breed name

What attracted you to that breed?

Limit 100 characters

What breed(s) do you now have?

Limit 50 characters - then Tab to or click in next box.

Do you actively breed AND show?

Choose Yes or No from dropdown

If the above answer was No, why not?

Limit 100 characters - then Tab to or click in next box.




1710  http://www.thedogpress.com/DogShows/First-purebred-dog-survey.asp

Thank you for your response.



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