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 Dog Shows And ShowShots


Photos and dog show information from AKC's Westminster, to Crufts in England, China's first dog show, and UKC's Premier!

4-H Confusion in CO

I saw more tears in summer 2018 than I have in my whole dog-showing career and it had nothing to do with judging a dog show.


Foreign Attitudes and Dogs

Take a photo trip around the world to SEE how dogs are shown in Muslim countries.


Where Has Everybody Gone?

Exhibitors, entries, dog shows. All gone. McClure questions...


UKC Premier Dog Show

Dock Diving is an exciting and "cool" event championed by the United Kennel ClubTotal Dog Qualifiers prove "Dogs Do Things" that make UKC events unique for people who love beauty, brains AND ability!



Pre-coverage as the big show moves back to Kalamazoo, MI, huge entries expected.



Interviews, video, photos, and overview of 9,000 dogs competing in 2011!


Owner Handlers Eat Cake

Prominent Breeder on why AKC judges award pro handlers.


Pre-Judging Eukanuba & Westminster

Everyone wonders if Eukanuba and Westminster winners are pre-chosen.


Westminster 2012

What was once the most famous dog show in America has had its problems. 


Westminster Dog Show 2012

Entries down. Is it the economy or the panel?


Westminster 2011 Preview

Inside the $5 billion sport, the glitz, glamour, TV schedule.


Westminster 2011 Superbowl

David Frei connects Superbowl player's traits to purebred canines.


WKC 2011 Show Commercials

Diminished purebreds and favored mutts?


Westminster Dog Show 2009

Where were the crowds, the top dogs and all the great judges?


Westminster Kennel Club Dog ShowWestminster 2005

Go behind the scenes, meet the people behind the dogs and those who made it all come together.


Dogs Poisoned At Dog Shows

Actual cases, emergency treatment, poison proofing your dog, ringside and setup...


When Tragedy Strikes.

A true story of how dog show handlers came together to support her.


Dog Show Chivalry

It happened in Cleveland when knights in shining armor came to rescue...


Greenwich Kennel Club

ShowShot of Greenwich KC Dog ShowEast coast classic! Fun events including a doggie fun area and fashion show, DNA, Micro-chip and Semen collection.



The Dog Artist, Dog Lover and Pet Owner


Orlando Cluster 2008

Check out the coverage.


Coronado KC - NM 2008


International Dog Shows

The IABCA is where, after you are judged you can sit with the Judge and even get a written critique of your dog's faults and virtues.


National TFT Specialty

Toy Fox Terrier Show at the UKC's Annual Gateway event in Missouri was a success!


Los Lunas Dog Show

2008 show held at Heritage Park NM


Daytona Dog Show 2009

Held in Deland, Florida it is a super-site!


Judge Ms. Jane RoppoloBrooksville Florida Classic

the 2009 Park Cluster Dog Shows was even bigger and better than before.


When Animal Rights Go Wrong

Last year dogs were poisoned here and abroad so be watchful and aware.


Unite Against Puppy Mills

National Rally - Lancaster, PA 2006


2006 AKC Breeder Of The Year Award

Announced at AKC/Eukanuba National Championship


Dogs Around The World

From top hounds, to show dogs in China and Slovakia.


2009 Gainesville Dog Show

Club members know how to do it in Florida!


Dogs In Civil War

Immaculately researched, deadly battle details will bring tears to dog lovers.


2009 Whippet National

Atlanta GA won't know what hit them, preview & schedule of events.

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Stolen Dogs

Professional animal transport service minces no words on Woofstock-bound handler, plus the people who saved the dogs and your COMMENTS!


Purebred Dog Owner Study

What did the most definitive profile of the dog fancy reveal about judges, breed preference, still showing, breeding, and if not, WHY not…?


Sexual Harassment

Police, Rescue, Border Patrol and Military dog handlers face extreme emotional challenges.


Survey: First Purebred Dog

Your answers have real meaning to potential puppy buyers, here are the published results.


Sheriff Joe vs. Dog Killers

AZ Senator's son charged with 21 counts of felony animal cruelty retaliates... politics!


Survey: Why Shows Are Failing

Compiling report published and sent to the registries but did it help?


Why Shows Are Failing

You, the experts responded - over 900 responses sent to AKC and UKC.


All-breed judge Dr. Richard Greathouse and TheDogPress editor Barbara J. Andrews

All-breed judge Dr. Richard Greathouse and

NetPlaces editor Barbara J. Andrews circa 1996


Healthy Dogs In Britain

Exclusive Interview with Cruft's dog show judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter.


Westminster Street Dogs

You see them but you don't see the dogs of desperation around the world.


Preview 2017 Westminster

Go inside the $5 billion sport of purebred dogs, the glitz, glamour, TV schedule.


Westminster Dog Show

50 things you need to know, whether showing, going, or watching this prestigious event.


WKC's Historical Highlights

A sport older than the light bulb and the automobile!


Westminster (WKC) 2013

The Garden has changed. The Piers, and navigating NY's biggest dog show!



Competes but genetically is already a winner!


Dog Show Judging in Iceland

Its heritage, breeder dedication, and the Icelandic Sheepdog.


Top 20 Judging Procedure

Judge Beverly Vic's plan helps handlers, seating, and improves judging drama.


Dog Show Economics

Comments on who benefits most from dog shows, puppy mills, show breeders ...


AKC Rep at Alamagordo & Los Lunas Dog ShowsDog Show Points Puzzle

Your dog defeats 3 dogs but the points disappear… How can that happen? If you know the answer, tell our readers!


ADBA's Nat'l Dog Show

Families having fun and performing in great events.  Competitive?  You bet.


Bucks County KC 2005

One of the most prestigious East Coast dog shows, by show photographer Kerrin Winter-Churchill.


AKC's Eukanuba Classic 2006

See and learn from the Top Winners!


China Dog Shows 2000

History is made, thanks to the hard work of Science & Advisory Board member Lana Tsan.


China's 1st Dog Show 2005

First "Formatted" dog show to be held in China


Shar-Pei Club Show 2005

Shar Pei Photos by Judge Eric Takeshi Omura


The World Show Riots 2005

The First first on-scene photo coverage of the horrible international scene.


Goodbye GA Shows

Not sad, a warm lighthearted report on showing dogs, how shows work, friends, and dog kisses when we lose...


A Decade Ago Dog Show

The Cherokee Cluster was a pre-Garden destination of hospitality and camaraderie.

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