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Westminster Dog Show


The Westminster Kennel Club dog show is a dream destination for purebred dog fanciers, pro handlers and judges. TheDogPress.com covers WKC from history to today's winners!


Westminster Hotel, New YorkWKC History, First Century

The first authentic coverage of Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show highlights, records, winners, judges, breeds, background.


Westminster KC Preview

Attending or following WKC Dog Show 2019 from home, here is the When, Where and Who including the BIS judge and TV schedules.


Preview 2017 Westminster

Go inside the $5 billion sport of purebred dogs, the glitz, glamour, TV schedule.


Westminster 2012

What was once the most famous dog show in America has had its problems. 


WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW 2002Westminster Dog Show 2012

Entries down. Is it the economy or the panel?


Westminster Dog Show 2009

Where were the crowds, the top dogs and all the great judges?


Westminster Dog Show

50 things you need to know, whether showing, going, or watching this prestigious event.


Westminster Street Dogs

You see them but you don't see the dogs of desperation around the world.


Westminster (WKC) 2013

The Garden has changed. The Piers, and navigating NY's biggest dog show!


Westminster 2011 Preview

Inside the $5 billion sport, the glitz, glamour, TV schedule.


Westminster 2011 Superbowl

David Frei connects Superbowl player's traits to purebred canines.


WKC 2011 Show Commercials

Westminster Kennel Club Dog ShowDiminished purebreds and favored mutts?


Westminster 2005

Go behind the scenes, meet the people behind the dogs and those who made it all come together.

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