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Survey: Why Dog Shows Are Failing


Attendance at “regular” dog shows is at an all-time low and many clubs have folded. Has AKC or UKC asked you what could be done? (We did, click Why Dog Shows Are Failing)


May 2017 | TheDogPress.com Staff


Low exhibitor attendance does not bode well for the future of dog shows. Give us your response to the questions below but with this background in mind. In March of 2014, Alan Slay, American Kennel Club Director of Event Programs, did a presentation on "Attracting Exhibitors and the Public to Your Event." He said in part, “We are going to talk about ways to attract exhibitors and the general public to your events, how to make your dog show an event." He also observed “The fellowship that they once got by going out and participating in a dog show or some other hobby, they can do that online now.” He also makes the point (Exhibitors)are demanding more value for their time and money."


We agreed but we don't believe what breeder-exhibitors want are "more opportunities" to win meaningless titles. Most subscribers to TheDogPress are judges, handlers, and breeders so we're asking YOU what AKC and UKC can do to revive the sport.


Failing or Ailing? Dog Show Diagnostics


The survey is now closed (your responses below) and we'd like to thank everyone who participated in this survey!  We are compiling your responses so the follow-up report can be published and sent to the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club.  The questions we asked are below for your reference.


Specialty, Obedience, Kennel Club officers only - Why are entry fees not enough income today?


Dog Show Exhibitors - What is YOUR reason for making fewer shows?


Is the camaraderie and learning opportunities still there? (yes or no)


Are judging panels less appealing to owner-handlers today? (yes or no)


Comment 1 - Are Dog Shows Still About Comparing Breeding Stock?


Comment 2 - How Can We Save The Sport Of Purebred Dog Shows?
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Your Replies to Why Dog Shows Are Failing


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