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Will AKC align with puppy mills, HSUS and Animal Rights in the 2012 Election as it did with PAWS’ sponsor Rick Santorum in 2005?


October 2011 | TheDogPress

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


RICK SANTORUM SPONSORED PAWSEven skeptics smelled a skunk when the AKC Board contributed to (PAWS sponsor) Senator Rick Santorum’s campaign{1}.  And it sure looked like AKC joined with HSUS to put PAWS into LAW{2} and betrayed Californians by withdrawing opposition to AB 1634 at the most critical moment{3}.


Let’s be clear here.  I’ve supported AKC since I registered my first litter in 1964.  I wish it could be mutual but I understand.  AKC needs to keep secrets.  Even the Red Cross managed to keep secrets until the press exposed those nasty 2002 financial scandals.  It’s tough, supporting AKC… like being in love with a man who robs banks, you just keep hoping he’ll change his ways.


Like AKC’s love affair with puppy mills.  I was a certified Patti-Parrott for years, doing Patti’s bidding in my Canine Chronicle columns because NAIA seemed like a great weapon with which to fight the puppy mills and those pesky animal rights terrorists.  It should have helped that Patti was also on the AKC Board.  But doggone it, bothersome facts got in the way because even with $50,000 in contributions from AKC, NAIA has had minimal success.  Okay, some will say otherwise but they won’t be among the millions of people who sold, gave away, spayed, or moved in order to keep their dogs!


One appeal letter said “We must make people aware or in a few years, we will no longer own any kind of pet.”  Scare tactics?  Maybe it was a diversion from the truth because long after there’s nothing left to spay and neuter, the public will have sick dogs for vets to treat, rejects for shelters to shelter and TV pets for HSUS to “protect.” If you think not, take a minute and answer these questions:


When show breeders have been legislated out of existence where will people get pets?

What will happen when show and hobby breeders can no longer afford vet bills?

Who alone will profit from the answers to the first and second question?


The first answer is just too easy.  People will get puppies from those Weapons Of Mass Production.  Puppy mills are USDA licensed, totally unaffected by the laws that will put hobby and show breeders out of business.  The public doesn’t care.  Be honest, show breeders buy and sell to each other.  We used to sell to the public but now AKC has convinced us we “can’t meet the demand."


The second answer is nearly as obvious.  Pet owners now have pet insurance to pay vet bills that went through the roof when AKC made its multi-million dollar pet insurance deal.  Millions of pet owners buy AKC pet insurance, probably at the same time they buy their AKC registered puppy from the pet shop!  But YOU have whelping and puppy care expense, along with genetic tests, vet checks and optimum care.  YOU can’t purchase pet insurance to cover your breeding dogs.  The puppy mills and distributors like Hunte Corp. have their own vets.  So who will be forced out of “business”?  Are you getting the picture?


Then put a frame around this.  Who re-educated us to think of puppy mills as “high volume breeders”?  Answer: AKC through its High Volume Breeders Committee {5} andthrough one of its many PR outlets - the NAIA.  Both subtly pointed out that AKC has always registered puppy mill puppies but that AKC is now helping puppy mills to do better and educating them about the over-breeding, abuse, and production of diseased and defective puppies.


Stop laughing!  That’s what they say.  Brainwashing was the assignment of the AKC HVB committee headed by Patti Strand.  When I interviewed Patti {4}, I only had parrot eyes.  Now I have hawk eyes.


Who postulated the lie that millions of show and hobby breeders couldn’t meet the public demand for healthy purebred puppies?  Gee, was that AKC?  We met demand quite handily until the Federal government set up G.I. loans to help veterans get back on their feet by going into puppy farming.  Oh, you didn’t know that?  Did you know that the USDA loaned Hunte $900,000 and Missouri backed another $4.4 million in loans?  And that AKC & Hunte worked together for years. {5} You may want to put the coffee pot on because if you’re into intrigue and you care about purebreds, you’re gonna open the links below.


Okay, so who stands to gain with that “can’t meet the demand” ploy?  According to AKC, we troublesome show breeders are only about 10% of its income.  Maybe that is why AKC spent so much developing PRIME?  Oh, you didn’t know about the elaborate inventory tracking software for puppy mills and pet shops?  The Dog Press broke the super-secrete PRIME {6} story too.


Any reasonable person can see WE will be gone, along with our carefully bred, genetically cleared, lovingly raised dogs.  Market competition for the puppy mills (excuse me, I meant High Volume Breeders) will have been removed and if all goes well, AKC will be working with USDA to “inspect” puppy mills.  Now there’s a plan!


AKC PAC & Presidential Salaries

AKC is quick to point out that HSUS and PETA are lobbying against us but what’s going on with the AKC PAC created in 2007 so AKC could lobby for us.  Seems like yesterday.  How’s that PAC been working out for you?


We know AKC has to sustain its “presidential salaries”{7}. We accept that it wants the puppy mills back.  But we have every right to expect AKC to be our ally against the Animal Rights movement.  We must demand that AKC do as much for us as it does for the puppy mills.  No, wait… that’s wrong, we don’t need toll-free phone numbers and free registration services, we just need AKC to help market the well-bred purebred.  You know, so we can recover the good homes we’ve lost to the puppy mills!


With AKC support, show and hobby breeders would be registering more puppies than the puppy mills.  You know, like we used to.  No Animal Rights enforcers breathing down our necks because we have intact dogs.  We could even breed those dogs.  Stop.  Think.


If we fail to recognize the truth and force AKC to stand with us and for us, hobby breeders will become the platypus and no one will miss us.  Maybe you don’t care because you’ll still be able to buy a puppy mill/pet shop puppy and show it at whatever kennel clubs survive this recession and you can have it judged by whatever judges are left.


There is only one solution.  As we gear up for the 2012 elections, we must also demand that our AKC Delegates support US, the hobby breeder.  If your delegate fails to vote your club’s consensus on every issue - vote the Delegate out!  Put people on the AKC Board who care more about quality dogs and hobby breeders than about power and money.  Hold them accountable.  It is up to YOU to decide who and what AKC really supports.  If you accept the way things are, AKC has no reason to change.


If you have the courage, share this with friends.  Use the handy email link below.  Bring it up at your next meeting.  This is October and March Board elections are just around the corner.  You might have noticed puppy people aren’t calling you.  It is NOT the economy.  They are buying from pet shops which with PRIME in their computers, do the AKC registration at point of sale.  They are “adopting” dogs from shelters, paying more in adoption fees than you get for a well bred, healthy, lovingly raised pet puppy.   In fact, some shelters buy purebreds to sell to the public!  How many are AKC registered?


Republican or Democrat, you’ve seen what a handful of people have done to expose political wrong-doing.  If we truly care, we must stand up and improve our AKC and our sport.  The American Kennel Club belongs to us; not to HSUS, PETA, or the puppy mills.  I’ve done my part to inform you.  It’s up to you to take back the American Kennel Club.


References: (you must be an Insider to access some of these important background articles)

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