Biological warfare and bio-weapons research questions: did Lyme disease, syphilis, (hoof) foot and mouth, and other vectors pollute Plum Island, forcing relocation or project closures?



With the threat of terrorism at an all-time high, bio-weapons defense research is necessary in order to make vaccines against deadly biological agents.  The 70s and 80s generated widespread fear of biological weapons.  Thus research considered vital to our security became acceptable even though the Geneva Protocol had banned the use of biological and chemical weapons in 1925.  It should be noted, the treaty was not ratified by Japan or the United States.


Finally, in April 1975 the U.S. government ratified the germ warfare treaty with great fanfare but the press “repressed” the exception which allowed the use of bio-weapons in response to an attack.  FOI records reveal that most nations continued to experiment with and develop biological weapons.


Secret chemical and/or biological warfare research at Bee Tree Lake facility?One example of which we have first hand knowledge is the 1982 shutdown of the entire Bee Tree Lake recreational area which was/is the watershed for Buncombe County NC.  This followed discovery of the biological research facility in the remote mountain woodlands near Asheville. There was at the time, considerable national news on “super fund cleanup sites” but the closing of Bee Tree Lake was never explained.


Only a few locals knew that within the vast land holdings of Duke Energy, mysterious barrels had been found protruding from washed out slopes.  Even fewer knew an entire building had been destroyed and buried along with the barrels when the secret chemical warfare research lab was hastily shut down.


Before his retirement in 2006, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned that expansion of “biological research” carried exponential safety and security risks.


The Secretary-General said “When used negligently, or misused deliberately, biotechnology could inflict the most profound human suffering—ranging from the accidental release of disease agents into the environment to intentional disease outbreaks caused by state or non-state actors.  Soon, tens of thousands of laboratories worldwide will be operating, in a multi-billion dollar industry. Even novices working in small laboratories will be able to carry out gene manipulation.”


Although we are reassured that the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security have focused on “threat assessment” studies, the probability that the DOD created biological weapons such as Lyme disease and carried out human tests is disturbing.


On the other hand,, there is valid reason to expect a biological attack.  Dr. Thomas, the former Director of Plum Island Biological Research, admitted to a reporter that an Iraqi researcher (who has since been murdered) did his graduate training on mycoplasma strains at Plum Island. He went back to Iraq and headed up the research program at the University of Bagdad.



The GAO (Government Accountability Office) blocked relocation of the Plum Island project to the mainland due in part to its research on foot-and-mouth disease.  U.S. law decrees that live foot-and-mouth virus can only be used on an island location “unless the Secretary of Agriculture specifically determines that it is necessary and in the public interest to conduct such research and study on the U.S. mainland.


Foot and mouth disease caused cattle to be killed and burnedLyme disease is already widespread but what may be afoot is one of the most highly infectious animal diseases of all – Foot and Mouth Disease. FMD transmutability far exceeds Lyme disease as evidenced by the massive 2001 outbreak in the United Kingdom where cattle were burned in funeral pyres across the land.  In 2007, there was another outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease openly attributed to the Pirbright high-containment laboratory southwest of London.


Even so, in December 2010, news of Plum Island’s research facilities relocation to Manhattan, Kansas was leaked despite GAO opposition.  Incredulous cattlemen ask “What are they thinking?”  Obviously, if Foot and Mouth disease erupted in the “cattle belt” that stretches from TX to MN, the U.S. cattle industry would be destroyed.


Should we be reassured that the CDC says humans do not get Foot and Mouth disease?  Documented human infections have occurred in laboratory “accidents.” Indeed, the Foot and Mouth virus can be killed by human stomach acid but there is potential for infection directly in the mouth through FMD infected meat or milk.  To clarify; FMD in animals should not be confused with HFMD (Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease) which is a different virus which does occur frequently in humans, especially young children.



Diversionary tactics are often employed and with media cooperation, are usually successful.  One wonders what was going on when we were deluged with information about West Nile Virus (which affected only a handful of people) or Anthrax-contaminated mail which seems to have infected no one.  An increasingly aware populace skipped the 2009/2010 swine flu vaccine despite urgent CDC warnings and television screens filled with footage of Asians wearing face masks.


One might logically assume such smokescreens are necessary to divert our attention from biological warfare pathogens that are already in our midst.


Indeed, it may be best that laypeople do not know that chronic Lyme disease is a spirochetal disease, amazingly like syphilis.  Both manifest severe neurological symptoms which originate in the brain. SPECT scans, which measure blood flow to the brain, correlate the patient’s neurological symptoms.  Most Lyme disease patients, after sufficient antibiotic treatment, show improvement.  Those who do not receive timely diagnosis or proper treatment due to physicians characterized as “Lyme illiterate” continue to decline, mentally and physically.


What an interesting bio-weapon Lyme Disease would make.  Straight from the plot of Dr. Robin Cook’s medical best seller Vector, a thriller about the dark side of biological research and modifying a deadly virus.


Such knowledge inevitably leads to speculative reminders of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. [6]  a Public Health Service study conducted between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama.  The 40 year long experiment involved 399 impoverished African-American volunteers.  According to now unclassified CDC records, the subjects were told they were being treated for "bad blood" which was an ethnic term used to describe symptoms of malnutrition and anemia.  They were given free medical exams, meals and burial insurance but were never told they had been given syphilis, nor were they treated for it.


Plum Island VIDEO

This information is not meant to frighten you, only to enlighten you.  For those who suffer under-diagnosed or ineffectual treatment for chronic disease, or for dog owners who thought Lyme vaccine was a necessary protocol, we say "You’re welcome."


Click to watch the Plum Island VIDEO - The Constitution of the U.S. binds our government to protect us.  It may even be necessary to protect us from ourselves and our own inquisitive minds.


[6] Syphilis Experiment Details



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