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Uno, The Beagle and the Airport Search


David Frei sent the following regarding the great PR work done by Uno, the WKC BIS Beagle.


UNO the Westminster Winning Beagle and Don Jones, BIS judgeAdding to the Uno saga: We were in St. Louis this past weekend, where Uno appeared on four TV shows Friday, visited the Ronald McDonald House Saturday (with TV coverage), threw out the first pitch at the St. Louis Cardinals game Sunday at Purina Pooches in the Park Day, and then was the celebrity headliner Monday at the new Danforth Student Center at Washington University.


The Westin Hotel treated him like a rock star, with privileges and courtesies never before extended to any canine, I am sure. He must have had his picture taken a thousand times on this weekend, more and more people are recognizing him in airports, on the streets, in restaurants, etc. And he loves it, a great ambassador for purebred dogs, his breed, his owners, the sport and Westminster.


When Uno flies, it is exclusively on Midwest Airlines as they let him fly in a seat, he gets a ticket just like every human, it looks exactly like mine, and when he is with me, it says "Uno CP rei." (the CP stands for Celebrity Pet, their program for special dogs).


On the way out of St. Louis Monday afternoon, it finally happened: the computer selected him for "additional screening." (pat down, etc.). So was I, but it was a little humorous (especially since we had plenty of time) and the TSA folks got a kick out of it, too. They took a copy of his ticket and a lot of pictures of them patting him down and scanning him with a wand.


Now you can all rest well, knowing the world is safe from Terrorist Beagles..

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