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TheDogPress does not necessarily share the observations of our writers.  Mr. McNeal has his own style.  When it comes to the cruelties of puppy mills (which he investigated and helped prosecute) and the American Kennel Club's alliance with those "high volume breeders" McNeal minces no words. This was taken out of the Insider section and brought forward for your edification.  Much more in the Hunte Puppy Mill History




The self confessed born-again x-heroin addict dog dealer from Barbados, Andrew Hunte, is credited with owning the "state of the art facility" high volume puppy mill in SW Missouri financed with $4.4M USDA rural development loan guarantees.


May 2008 | TheDogPress

Scott McNeal, Guest Columnist


Although he was supposed to have put in a crematorium to dispose of "deads" (dead dogs) last year, he hasn't.  After telling the state conservation people that he would, when they say he exceeded the pounds per pond limit of dead puppies, he didn't.  (which puppies were they and where's their papers?)  Living but "B" grade pups not good enough for the pet store trade are trucked to Texas by another dog dealer for sale at a Flea Market.


This is the same guy AKC has chosen as a possible savior, "registrations" speaking of course.  Although his advertised 1500-attendee breeder seminars are seldom any more than 400 actual people, including many family couples w/ kids, the pre-seminar press releases credit him with three times as many attendees.


The Sept '03 meeting saw Steve Gladstone (AKC Board Member) get up and congratulate Hunte and those breeders supplying him with pups for the work they were doing.  Hunte then got up and announced the promotion to VP Breeder Support of another famous person among the controversial Midwest breeders.  The former president of DoBoTri Kennels, a Purdey, MO dealership, Doug Hughes.


Years earlier the "DoBoTri" employee was convicted of cruelty after the driver was arrested in PA delivering pups.  That cruelty conviction should have resulted in an AKC suspension of the dealer, but nothing happened.  In May 2000, a DoBoTri truckload of pups was seized in Nashville.  After surrendering $40K worth of pups to locals in lieu of arresting the co-drivers for cruelty, the USDA got involved.  He was CONVICTED again, this time pursuant to the federal Animal Welfare Act.


When AKC refuses to suspend for animal cruelty it becomes one of the biggest dog stories of 2000.  Second cruelty conviction and still NO AKC SUSPENSION!!!  It happened right after the much ballyhooed, April 2000 Dateline piece that was supposed to be about the lack of integrity of AKC's registry.


The award winning NBC flop was pre-empted by a diffusing quotation from that leading journalistic product DogNews: "The perception that a dog and/or litter registered with the American Kennel Club is a guarantee with regard to parentage and/or breeding reliability is a myth.  This perception has been perpetuated throughout AMERICA by AKC specifically and the general public generally."


Not so public was that DoBoTri kennel's USDA dealer permit was revoked and Hughes was put on "a period of probation thru '06."  Conditions of probation were that he not be in a supervisor position, manager, director etc of any licensed dealer (he could work as an employee).  To do so would violate the probation and impose additional and immediate $10K fine w/o further hearing.


Hunte bought DoBoTri and immediately put its President in charge of and titled him Director of Breeder Support where he was routinely making financial decisions that impacted the business and guaranteed Hunte's ability to pay installments on the DoBoTri purchase.  This was in direct violation of the signed Consent Decision with USDA and the written conditions of Probation.


Hunte's Sept '03 seminar, with Gladstone and the USDA dept. admin. present at the Joplin motel convention center, Hunte publicly announced to about 400 that Doug Hughes was being promoted to company Vice President of Breeder Support.  It was also published in several Midwest news papers and Hunte's newsletter.


USDA Adm's Gipson subsequently said he didn't know anything about it but would check.  Eight+ months later USDA said their investigation was over.  Not enough evidence to show violation...?


In the meantime Hunte gave Hughes $10K and a new p/u truck to travel around "supporting breeders" and there is, I'm told, a USDA training facility being/or to be built in KC, MO with Chester Gipson's name on it.  Something to bring the regulators and the breeders together?


Since Hunte sold minor ownership to Hagen, which is handling management, Hunte has turned Doug Hughes into a sort of corporate trainer.  He gets $50 hr driving to and from breeders and $100+ hr once he gets there, according to his father, who says he's making more than when he was a VP!  There are so many places that need his advice!!!  Our tax dollars at work...?


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