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Nupro For Bully Bumps: Regarding which supplement we prefer: We own 3 purebred APBTs and one APBT/LAB and all of them eat Nutro Large breed, Natural Choice Lamb and Rice. Along with that we mix in Nupro, All Natural Dog Supplement. One of our dogs is white and gets awful bully bumps the formulas of these products are without cheap substitute proteins and wheat free, which makes them perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or skin. Also, It can be mixed with water to create a liver-flavored gravy that will win over any picky eater!   We love it!  Allie Renar apbtcadillac@yahoo.com
Reinstate Lanting: He has much to give to the fancy and to keep this knowledge and judging ability silent is a travesty.  He has long since paid for his one our "transgression" of the sign being up.  AND I know of no other judge who has had this bad of a punishment.  Come on AKC, be fair!  Dona Kelly, Cyrano Hounds CyranoHnds@aol.com
Knows Lanting: I am indeed saddened by the actions taken against Fred Lanting.  I have known Fred Lanting for a number of years and admittedly have not always agreed with him on all issues. That said, Fred is one of the most sincere and devoted advocates of our beloved breed.  He is outspoken and straight-forward with his views (a trait totally lost by most in the Breed in this country). He and a very few others recognized the errors of the ways our breed was going in this country a number of years ago. He and a very few others were intelligent enough to recognize that there is and was only one credible standard for the breed.  That standard is the one adopted by the FCI which is coincidentally, THE STANDARD recognized and followed by almost every other country in the entire world. To be punished for promoting the standard of the FCI is a ridiculous travesty.  While the AKC is not a member of the FCI, it does seem to be on a friendly basis and many wonder at the refusal to accept the FCI standard.  Money and Money'd people have again acted to the detriment of our breed in this country.  Richard Medlen rme3435@earthlink.net
Puppy Mills and the AKC: I am dizzy after reading how the AKC seems to keep favoring Puppy Mills. I need no convincing.  After being taken by a small time breeder, I ended up doing what I was told to do. Find a good breeder with a great reputation and pay the price.  I admit, I am green, and maybe a bit too trusting. To make a long story short, I paid well over 3,500 Canadian dollars for a sick dog.  A dog that is scared to death of people. A dog that was supposed to be 6 months old but turned out to be 8. A dog that was supposed to come with a Pedigree and Health Certificate and be my first show dog. I received a dog that was full of external and internal parasites, one I can never show. Even after 2 months I still have to catch her to take her for a car ride.
The AKC. I wrote them a long letter and included the Vet report from when I only had her a day. I did not get the AKC papers with the puppy as promised, only a  health certificate from a Vet this breeder took her to for a rabies certificate. And it wasn't even in his own state. I called and e-mailed them.  No reply.  When I finally got the papers, the Dam and Sire were not the ones he told me in e-mail.
When I wrote the AKC and sent all the letters from the breeder, plus my receipt and all the medical documents, all I got back was a note saying that they were glad that I took her to the Vet. That they hoped that I contacted the breeder and explained my concerns. And they told me to contact the American Shih Tzu Club.  I did, all the lady wanted from me was the guy's name so she could tell me that yes they have known about him for years and nothing can and will ever be done. It was like I was some kind of idiot for purchasing from him in the first place. I was told he was ok, by another reputable breeder and show person. The exact words were "grab the bitch. His dogs have great pedigree." Well I guess I'll never know because I sure don't have another $1000 to have a DNA done.
I know I have a lot of learning to do. But the biggest disappointment was after reading the AKC's web-site and feeling that they would care and would at least check this guy out. It's a huge cost for a dog I can't show, or breed, the traveling expenses and all the vet bills.  If this is the kind of people that I am going to have to deal with ... and if this is the kind of organization that not only allows this behavior but must approve it, (I read somewhere that he is also a judge) I will stick to finding someone like myself who has these guys out of love.
Veronica Saunders/ Canada

     McVet Pushers: Dear Dog Press, Veterinarians in facilities which push substandard dog food should be a huge concern among pet owners who take advantage of the (high volume) concept for convenience sake -- even more so with all the recalls going on. And talk about a CONFLICT of INTEREST! If you take an affected pet to a McVet who sold you an affected food (Hill's prescription cat food, for one, has been recalled) you’ll NEVER KNOW it. And please click for the truth regarding vets and food they sell, or do a quick search for these same facts: http://rawfed.com/myths/vets.html  These are the first ingredients of Hill's Prescription WD, which one veterinarian, aggressively, tried pushing on us:    Ground Whole Grain Corn, Powdered Cellulose, Peanut Hulls, Chicken by-product Meal, Chicken Liver Flavor, Soybean Meal, Soybean Mill Run, Dried Egg Product, Soybean Oil, Corn Gluten Meal, Iron Oxide, Choline Chloride, L-Lysine, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin E Supplement, vitamins (L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin …

     The first ingredient in this food is Corn. Corn is a difficult to digest grain, which limits its nutritional value for dogs. We consider this to be a low quality ingredient. It is also commonly associated with allergy and skin problems. Corn appears a second time on the ingredient list as corn gluten meal. This is the “dried residue from corn after the removal of the larger part of the starch and germ …. In plain English, that which remains after all the nutritious bits have been removed. Powdered cellulose is further filler - more commonly known as sawdust. Peanut hulls are the ground outer casings of peanuts, and an utter waste product… This food uses by-products as the sole meat-related ingredient. Chicken by-product meal - a very low quality ingredient ...       http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/showproduct.php?product=1077&cat=7 :

     The best of vets do not have the time to sell SD and other not-so-good foods, as they are too busy DIAGNOSING and TREATING, and are more than sufficiently overwhelmed  with business due to their reputation & word of mouth. Please urge your readers to look to a Holistic vet for diet advice, and look to a “no frills” vet to just get to the bottom of health issues? And please consider comparing the overall care and thoroughness; cost; required visits for an ailment (no matter how minor) of a place which pushes things other than just being doctors, with a single doctor whose only goal is to just diagnose and treat? Sure, no frills vets may not be so fancy, or have multiple receptionists in a more boutique-like setting. But they're not there to push sales, up-sell, and misdiagnose due to inexperienced youngsters pressured to push the sales, either. After having our dogs under the care of wonderful veterinarians for over five decades, our family has now learned the hard way to RUN from places pushing substandard dog food. Apparently, they get points for the drugs they sell as well, and have weekly sales goals meetings regarding what to "push" on which day(s).

     Our one dog was prescribed the pain killer, Rimadyl, for symptoms of an inner ear infection by very inexperienced young doctors. But that's another story :>(Perhaps you know an investigative reporter who may want to visit such places, and compare them with "no frills" vets who are in business to just diagnose and treat?  The contrast -- and not coincidentally, the cost difference as well -- should amaze.  D.M. McGowan  Phila., Pa. Dmmcgowan1@aol.com

We The People: In our Nation, we dog lovers are fighting a terrorist war against the AR groups and we will not win this war until we make some serious changes.  First of all we must be united in our fight and at the present time there is no unification.  We are mostly splinter groups.  We must somehow unite into a large group...we need leadership....and unification that will then wield power.  The AR groups have money and power.  Somehow we must cut off the head of the dragon.  Their money source!  It is the individuals in this nation (plus some corporate donations) and their tax free status which must somehow be revoked.  We need a huge drive to let the public know what the AR groups are doing!  The was recently a post on a group I belong to about a well known AR group (HSUS) and the poster had no clue what was going on politically, she was a giver, and after learning the facts she became a convert to our side. Just recently I was driving home from our National specialty and passed the PETA building. In BIG BOLD LETTERS, I said to my companion.... OH GOD what a bad part of town they live in!!!  And she said “well it would not be good for the image to be in the best part of town.”  So true.  I am not a violent type of person but I had flashes of seeing the building metaphorically implode....  We as a nation of pet lovers must wake up to what is happening around us and do something about it.  We must organize a united front to fight for all that is good in this country part of that is our ability to own and keep and breed fine pets.  When we celebrated the 4th of July I do not believe our forefathers would be very happy with the way things are going.  WE THE PEOPLE must send a message this election to all that we will not tolerate theft of our rights, including our right to own, breed or show our dogs and cats.  Does anyone know a pet loving philanthropist who will take our cause????? Someone who will organize us and become a force to fight the AR nazis???  Vickie Haywood
Thank you for an excellent - and in my belief - also correct article. I live in Phoenix, AZ. We do not have a dog limit in Phoenix, per se, but it is noise control and odor control. I live in a strictly residential area. When I moved in the area in the early 90's there were no rules or requirements for private kennels. When there were, I got a kennel license - yes in a residential area. It has worked great...I stay friends with the County - and the Police....and I can keep my show dogs with (so far) no problems.  Can I get my friends to get inspected and get licenses???? No ... it is like talking to a brick wall.  I am sending them your article. Thank you.  Marilyn Pauley evanz@cox.net
Response to "Takes Exception" Below: I just read your Letter to the Editor in TheDogPress. While I did not see the date you printed it, I did want to respond to one point. While I completely applaud and support your right to print your opinions, whoever told you I was accepting judging assignments for the AKC was simply wrong. I judged my last assignment in May which was an obligation I made in 2005. Unless your letter was sent in the spring of 2005, you received and posted incorrect information.  Just thought you might want to know.  Best of luck with all your dog endeavors,
Wayne Cavanaugh WCavanaugh@ukcdogs.com
Takes Exception to IR&WS coverage:  Did you really think that this negative, one-sided, short-sighted piece by Mark Atkins was: or is that just the selling points? I am really sick and tired of the AKC bashing. It is what we have, and if we don't like the way it is, we need to fix it. Of course, these things are fixed from within and not by people bashing on it from the outside. The notion that the UKC will somehow outstrip the AKC as the country's preeminent registry is laughable. If the guy doesn't want to register his red and white setters with the AKC, then don't. For what it's worth, I see that Wayne Cavanaugh is back taking judging assignments with the "800 pound gorilla."  I thought better of The Dog Press than this.   Larkin Vonalt larkinvonalt@earthlink.net   … I know very little about the Irish Red and White Setter but have Parent Club Board experience with other new breeds going AKC.  There is info on TheDogPress from the Bernese Club, Greyhound, etc. so this is not new in the overall scheme of things.  For example, the mongrelization of the Akita breed can’t be eradicated.  Not now.  I don’t know that the author said or implied that UKC is a threat to AKC.  AKC is “it” but if it continues to put the $$ and power before the dog, it will slide in stature just as it has fallen in registrations.  Editor. For More Information on; AKC and The Irish Red and White Setters, An Old Breed Whose History and Future is in Jeopardy by Mark Atkins.

My month is complete when I get my issue of the Dog Press - the information is worth its weight in gold and I spend much time reading and learning from every article!  I would like to request permission to reprint the "Christmas at Arlington" to be included in my breed newsletter, as well as the "Full of Worms" article, because, I feel it gives us ALL time to reflect even for "dog people!" on the funny side of the dog world as well as the seriousness of today's world. The pictures from Arlington were memorable and thought-provoking!!!!

     Keep up the great work you and the staff do to provide us with information and moments of laughter.  Lhasa Luv, Pat Collier tylord@worldnet.att.net

Fred Lanting - What A Shame! I am in total disbelief that this has happened. I know some of the history between the AKC and Fred Lanting, but can still not believe that he has done anything that warrants such an action. 

     The saddest part of the whole thing is that Fred knows more, and shares more with everyone, than any of the characters I’ve met in the AKC. I have to say Fred has made a huge impact on my impressions and views of what a German Shepherd Dog should be. Unfortunately his candor and pure desire to adhere to the FCI standards (the real standards) have come in direct conflict with the “for profit” AKC.

     I’m proud to say that he says what many of us think. I’m saddened in one respect, because Fred cannot judge and continue to select the dogs that deserve recognition for meeting the standard. I’m also relieved in another respect, since the AKC has shown their true colors and are not acting in the best interest of the breed but in the best interest of a few individuals that are not in line with the breed standard.

     They’ve effectively shown all of us that anyone that disagrees with the “almighty” AKC will be cast aside, discredited and silenced. I wish the AKC weren’t so powerful and had such a grip on the American population.  If there were an alternative, I would surely seek it. I will continue to seek Fred’s advice and mentorship in all things GSD!
Jim Philson Shepherds By Kimo james.philson@us.army.mil

Fred Lanting - Travesty Of Justice.  This would appear to me to be a complete travesty of justice. Fred has been a strong proponent of the "German" bred German Shepherd Dog and has repeatedly written against the path that the American/Canadian breeders have taken with the German Shepherd Dog. His judging reflects this conviction.
     Could this have some influence on Board /Club decisions?  I know what I think!  I would certainly ask Fred to help me if I was looking for a particular blood-line or a dog from excellent breeding stock. I would expect him to know who to contact that might be able to help me. It is Fred who travels the world looking at off spring from dogs that are being used heavily in breeding programs. What a waste of knowledge if he can't try to help me find what I want. Who else could I turn to and trust?
     I don't know Fred very well but I do know that he loves this breed. Fred has annoyed many people with his focus on the German bred shepherd and this could have come back to haunt him.
     It is time for the AKC to lift this ridiculous ban and let Mr. Lanting once again judge in Canada and the United States to help newbies learn what a German Shepherd Dog can and should be.  Ann-Marie Leadbeater a.l@grunfeldshepherds.com
Columnist Compliments: I read your write-up regarding Rat Terriers on this page TFT - Reference - Cordingley, Question of Semantics  It was fantastic!  I have only been involved with this breed since 2004, but I am utterly devoted to them.  I try to read as much information about them as possible.  I have a similar theory to the origin of the "Toy Fox Terrier" which you describe in your article; believing that Rat Terriers were used as a foundation for the TFT.  Sydney trinket1@earthlink.net

No reason to contribute - Thank you for the wonderful editorial in the Oct.27 Issue of the Dog Press.  I have a purebred dog that I bought from a very prominent breeder in my chosen breed.  He was registered by his breeder and I was given those papers.  I have not reregistered him in my name since I see no reason to contribute anything to the revenues of the AKC when they support the Commercial Breeders over the dedicated breeders, who are in it for the improvement of the breed.

     I stopped showing dogs after my dog finished his championship.  I was at a show where my dog was shown and I watched a prominent breeder/judge ensconce herself at the ringside of a new "green" judge and proceed to do the judging for the judge in the ring.  I informed the AKC Rep at the show only to be told to mind my own business.  That is when I decided to no longer show.

     Not trying to be redundant but I enjoyed the shows of 40 years ago when the shows were a learning experience for both those in the ring and those out of the ring.  I truly enjoy your paper. John P Doran shodogs3@yahoo.com

Wondering if there is a hard copy - snail mail version of your GREAT newsletter for those who do not have computers. Maggie Burns Iffinest@aol.com   Well sort of...  The National Pet Press was whelped in Feb 07 but was suspended in 2008.  TheDogPress was considered a priority but http://www.NationalPetPress.com is still online
Thank you for an excellent - and in my belief - also correct article. I live in Phoenix, AZ. We do not have a dog limit in Phoenix, per se, but it is noise control and odor control. I live in a strictly residential area. When I moved in the area in the early 90's there were no rules or requirements for private kennels. When there were, I got a kennel license - yes in a residential area. It has worked great...I stay friends with the County - and the Police....and I can keep my show dogs with (so far) no problems.  Can I get my friends to get inspected and get licenses???? No ... it is like talking to a brick wall.  I am sending them your article. Thank you.  Marilyn Pauley evanz@cox.net

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