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Register Anything?  I am not here to put a.k.c. out of business but to ask please stop this way to register dogs, I sold a dog a few years back that had faults that I did not want to pass on.  As it may have killed the dog to breed her, I did not give papers and told them why the dog should not be bred.  I did not give limited registration for this very reason, that they could delete the Limited.  The man threatened to sue me because he said that the bitch could be bred and I can not stop him but I had my lawyer send him a letter that he signed a contract not to breed her.  I no longer heard from him but now he can get papers on her no matter what I say!  Yes he wanted the pedigree so people could see who she was out of.  Please AKC, please don't do this.  Others have said we don't want her bred for good reasons of health and we are trying to protect the standard and health on all dogs.  Again no, no, no! I exhibit and raise English Bulldogs for nearly 50 years and French Bulldogs for about 30 years.  Don't ruin our breeds for money.  We certainly don't make money by breeding right.  ruby grogg dygrosbullys@nc.rr.com

Holland Registers… Just to reply regarding your ‘new’ AKC ruling….. The way we register pedigree dogs here in Holland….

     1.  Within 10 days of mating the bitch a notification of it is sent to the Dutch KC (Raad van Beheer)
     2.  Form is received from Kennel club for registration of litter
     3.  This form has to be completed within 10 days of date of birth with the following info:.
          a.  size of litter
          b.  sex of litter
          c.  Kennel names of puppies!!!!!!!!!!
     4.  A form with the now official kennel names and pedigree register number is received by breeder from KC
     5.  After 6 weeks the representative of the KC comes around and chips the puppies against kennel name list and pedigree number,
     6.  Three weeks later, when pups are 9 weeks and are allowed to go to their forever homes, certified pedigree for every pup is received…
The Basic Breeding rules must have been adhered to or if not.. the pedigrees are not issued.
     1.  there should be at least 10 months between breeding.
     2.  The bitch should be at least 18 months and not older than 72 months.
     3.  Max of 3 C-sections
     4.  Max of 5 litters…
     5.  max age of bitch whelping is 8 years…..
Then if you belong to breed specific club the breeder also has to adhere to them. In general there are some extra rules eg. The dog and bitch must at least have been showed twice, restrictions of C sections… If this was applied to the States the puppymills would have no hope in hell to get a pedigree… and this also should apply to some ‘hobby’ breeders… Good luck with fighting this decision. Marion Geessink www.winnefall.com The Netherlands

Dead But Free!  The AR activists in the end want, like the environmentalists, for the PEOPLE to be crammed into "vibrant" (the environmentalist's word) cities, with the rest of the planet left for the animals and as few farmers as possible. One AR activist, when told that racehorses and domestic dogs would die like flies if let loose to fend for themselves without human help, said "at least they'd die FREE".  The AR nuts also say that it's OK if zoo animals die with the habitat destruction along with their wild kin. "They are better dead and FREE than alive in a CAGE". They want zoos and circuses and animal acts and ownership all outlawed.  In some states, they have had laws passed that animals are legally defined not as "property" but as "companion animals" and I suppose they will next have laws passed that "companion animals" have the same rights as "HUMAN companions".  We have to FIGHT these people!! Cindy Yost golleee@gmail.com

HS Buyout:  "WI Humane will be selling the dogs for $125 to $450. This puts them in direct competition with breeders …”  It does NOT, however put them in competition with decent legitimate breeders whose puppies are of a much higher quality, with genetically screened parents and proper raising and  socialization protocols.  Further, those puppies will be mutilated ( sterilized) at too early and age which will make them ripe for all sorts of health problems.  Wonder if the HS will "replace" the defective dogs they'll sell.  Julia Priest : k9julie@earthlink.net

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More on HS Buyout Also found this online "They are building a $4,000,000. airport pet resort at the Minneapolis airport. Many private kennel operators applied for the same opportunity, but were out-bid by the finical resources of the Humane Society." I recall having read somewhere a while ago that there was a proposal to bill some kennels near the airport to make unexpected business travel more convenient for pet owners.  How in the world can Minneapolis Humane have that much money for this project?  It is not helping rescue homeless pets.  It is plain an simple just a great big business venture.  Surely this is way over the top for any non-profit organization.  Are both the public and governments regulating agencies blind? Nel  nel@liquorman.net

Poor Taste Train Wreck Your "article" on the engineer involved in the Ca. train wreck was in VERY poor taste.  Why was it necessary to bring up someone who is obviously a friend and had nothing to do with the accident, and MOST disturbing, why was it necessary to bring up sexual orientation and the fact that his partner killed himself.  Salacious to say the least. Please take my name off your list. You have made this E-paper about 10 steps lower than the National Inquirer.  Joan Goldstein gold-dust-whippet@worldnet.att.net  We withheld the judge’s name from the article out of respect but the gossip was already circulating (and some of it was pretty mean) so we decided it was better to cover the NEWS factually. Once a story is put to rest on TV or by the press, there’s no longer a reason to gossip about something everyone already knows.

Tabloid typo!  Someone emailed me complaining about misspelling a breed's name in TheDogPress and called it a cheap tabloid.  I can’t believe anyone would want to make a stink because of a typo!  If someone (in this case, a judge) is more concerned with spelling a breed's name than they are with what's going on in the dog show world, are they qualified to judge or pass judgment? It appears that some people will look for anything to totally overreact to. Maybe some people want to be kept in the dark or would like others to be kept in the dark, but I think your publication will keep the dog world in check and keep us all safe from unfair practices. At the very least, we will know what is going on and will be able to react in the right way!  Way to go DogPress!!!  I enjoy being kept in the loop with all the information.  I may not like it or agree with you but I get to KNOW what's going on and I'm OK with a typo now and then, just like in the NY Times.  I had to laugh about tabloid, I take the Post and used to live in England where "tabloids" are the most important newspapers. Sporting Judge (name withheld) P.S. I love the new look!


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