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Response to Gina; It’s almost impossible to discuss this subject with someone who dismisses the Bill of Rights as “abstract.” In America, so far, we consider human rights inviolable. We tolerate many unpleasant things in our society in order to protect the rights you dismiss so casually as “abstract.” We ask our young sons to fight and die to preserve those rights, so I have to say that they are more important than the lives of individual dogs. We can punish criminal abuse and neglect of dogs without giving up our God-given rights.  Cindy Cooke, doglaw@charter.net
Response to Gina; I would like to know what an apparently AR person is doing visiting a site dedicated to exhibiting and breeding dogs?  It is obvious that Gina is a closet animal rights person who does not know at all what she is talking about.  I know many people that are dedicated to helping animals and have a deep concern for dogs.  Obviously Gina has been brainwashed by HSUS into thinking that all breeders and exhibitors are bad people and only in it for their ego.  She wishes we would all collect art?  Well I wish Gina and people like her would stay out of MY business because it is people like her who are supporting all the dog legislation that is being passed. Janet/Akiba janet@akibaaussies.com
Dog just objects: It is so sad to see the dog fancy continue to consistently focus on abstract human rights with hysteria and continue to make it clear that its members really don't care about dogs at all. To all of you, dogs are just objects to manufacture, collect and display - extensions of the personal ego. There is no more concern for their welfare than for that of a nice car or table. If something happens to "it" - the problem is the loss to the human, not the suffering or death of the dog. No wonder more and more people are turning to dog rescue and adoption. It can't happen fast enough.

Reading about your attacks on AKC Judge Ted Paul was depressing, but no more so than watching the behavior of the "fancy" for over 20 years. The fancy has not only refused to participate in trying to solve any dog welfare problem in society - no matter how large or small - but has opposed every attempt to help reduce the suffering of dogs anywhere in the nation. I wish you all collected art. Gini Barrett ginibarrett@gmail.com
Response to Pam: Shelter population issues tend to be local. In Michigan, for example, we have a state law that requires all shelters to report intake and disposition. Those figures show a steady decline of dogs being euthanized each year. Shelters in New England and in some western states are importing dogs from third world nations because their domestic intake has declined precipitously. Without sad little canine faces behind bars, conflict-based fund raising organizations like HSUS, SPCA, AHA and others have a harder time raising money. Here’s a figure for you—more than 70% of all female dogs in America are already spayed. If dogs were wild animals, they’d be an endangered species. Cindy Cooke, doglaw@charter.net
Response to Pam: Pam, I can only assume you aren't familiar with the real reason why shelters are overcrowded--it's almost always a case of shelter mismanagement, and not a true pet overpopulation problem. In fact, many, many shelters around the US are actually importing dogs from other states and even Puerto Rico and overseas (!) to meet adoption requests. You might want to read Nathan Winograd's "Redemption," or Google his findings (all fact-based, and not driven by hysteria or conjecture) for more information. Robyn Futcher CKCS@broadarrow.us (See Pam Holt's LTE below to which Futcher responded)

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Shelter and Animal Rights: When's the last time you went to a shelter? If you don't believe they are full, then you are clueless. You are part of the problem! DISGUSTING! pamholt@protectanimals.com On Behalf Of Buddha Dog Animal Massage
Judge Takes Exception: As the head of ASSA Sheltie Rescue (parent club) I take GREAT exception to your lumping breed rescues in with HSUS and PETA. Our people are well aware of what HSUS and PETA are all about and we are aware that some shelters import dogs from other countries to satisfy the public demand for small and cute rather than big and black (lab type). you talk about these organizations smearing breeders yet you see nothing wrong with smearing the many purebred rescues in this country, many of them affiliated with AKC parent clubs. I doubt I will get a reply but had to vent. You just lost my respect. - Dorothy Christiansen, Founder/Coordinator ASSA Sheltie Rescue Network judge #4808

Editor: If there is any statement in the article that is untrue, please help by pointing it out. Otherwise, we ask that you take a deep breath and read it again. It is a condemnation of HSUS and PETA, not what YOU do. It was written to inform the public; to expose the fraudulent representations by animal rightists and the unfair picture of dog breeders painted by “commercial” shelters and rescues. I’m sorry you took this personally but surely you do know there are countless corrupt shelters and individually operated “breed rescues” that are operated for profit. If we stay in denial, how will the public know there’s a difference?


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