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True Nightmare:  This was a super informative issue.  Your column on Nightmare really hit home.  It CAN and WILL happen unless we all do something about it.  And I certainly donít mean make your whifflehound go one place higher in the ratings.


Iíve lived this nightmare.  Never leaving the house, behind locked gates between the hours or 8 AM and 5 PM, the hours Animal Control worked:  Having my yards divided by privacy fence and never putting out any dogs that could be identified.  At that time I had smooth Collies and Smooth Fox Terriers.  Visible in the right yard was a smooth collie, sable, and a tan and white FT, in the left side was a different Smooth collie, also sable, and a different Smooth Fox.  There was a 4 dog limit.  I had over 10.  AC checked the ads and the local training classes.  That was in California and more and more laws have been passed and are being passed almost daily.  I left there 26 years ago and have never missed it.  It is not a pleasant way to live.  Which of your dogs do you choose to give up?  Be vigilant.  Tam Cordingley Tamcordingley@live.com

Camera Handy: Can you find out what rights we have if some one shows up at our door with a warrant or just shows up wanting to see our dogs? Step by step, like step one - call a lawyer. Do we have to let them in and what can we do to keep them out if any thing? What is best? Do we just sign our dogs over? I think not! If they do have a warrant do we have to let them on our property or can we make them wait until a lawyer can get there?

I keep my camcorder charged so if they do show up I can film what my cages look like and how much food they have, ect. I want my own record of what happened. I plan on calling every one I know to come and be a witness to what is going on. Is this a good plan? Every one should have a step-by-step printed plan hanging on the wall so you will know what to do if they do show up because you will not be thinking clearly when they do. What are our rights as home owners?  Chiwawa Mama sirhc153@msn.com

Editor: Excellent Advice!  Your legal rights will vary from state to state as regards illegal search and seizure and property rights (another reason our pets must legally be property).  It would be well worth a $100 consultation fee with a local attorney regarding what you can and should do, and you should establish a relationship with a local lawyer Ė just in case.  Due to national AR action, breeders who are not at fault in any way can still expect harassment.  Hopefully our attorney-readers can respond with general advice.

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USDA Broker Rant: Are you dog people??? Or Animal rights activist??? Spewing hearsay and PETA, HSUS rhetoric. All over that dog press online blog. I am sure you idiots really believe all Commercial breeders are some bad example of the term PUPPY MILL. I walked in your world before I walked in this one. I will say in all honesty . More animal neglect, Bad breeding, and abuse happen viva show breeders then commercial breeders. I witnessed more disturbing things as a show person then I do as a USDA Broker. I have walked into many commercial kennels. seen their puppies and adult dogs. Your slandering of an industry that is related to your hobby is idiotic and self destructive. If you had half a brain you would remove all AR induced Puppy Mill articles from your web site.  Babbrookkennel

Editor:  We are dog people; pet owners, show breeders.  Of course we are not AR activists; that question reveals your lack of familiarity with TheDogPress.  Your comments would have been taken more seriously if they were based on knowledge rather than defense of puppy mills or commercial breeders, either of which generally produce puppies without regard for things like breed standards, genetic health and temperament.  There are exceptions among commercial and backyard breeders just as there are exceptions among show breeders.  We will publish your rant because it represents the ignorance that prompts such emotional responses.  I have seen undercover (network) video of USDA brokers in action.  Iím sure not all are so callous and uncaring so Iíll grant you far more respect than you grant us.  In fact, if you would like to send a thoughtful article representing your ďindustryĒ we would be happy to review it.

USDA Broker Objects 2/26 (before HEADlines):  remove my email address ASPA I did not give you permission to post that.  You may leave it as an anonymous post but remove any contact to me. 

Okay, we removed the link from his/her email addy but for the record, we welcome your comments so if you DO NOT WANT THEM USED, please so state.  Otherwise, according to the policy stated on this page and elsewhere on the site, we may think your email is worth sharing with readers. 

Judge Bores Club I have been around long enough to be a judge, a delegate, and active member of two clubs.  I always do a synopsis report of the delegate meetings that I attend on my own expense account but when it involves legislation or what HSUS is doing, the members become restless.  They pretend avid interest in case they might show to me but one board member was filing her nails and people sitting in the front were talking to each other when I gave my last report.  I can therefore appreciate the difficulty you have in getting your readers to pay attention.  However I thought you should know that several people were talking about the nightmare story this weekend and another judge mentioned it to me at lunch.  So it was read but it is shameful if that is the only way to get the fancy's attention.  You can use this but do not use my name.  Thank you for giving space to legislative problems and for a well done article.  (name withheld)

AKC credibility: Standing outside the issue, my personal view is that if the AKC wants to gain creditability with its members, it must address the problems that exist as a result of puppy mills and the organizations that are enabling their existence.  When Rescues purchase overstock puppies and old, sick, unproductive female dogs, they are participating in the promotion of puppy mills!


How are the people who raise AKC registered puppies going to be able to sell a single dog if this issue is not dealt with properly? AKC seems to be passing the buck, blaming other groups that register purebreds.  Then it also seems that AKC would gladly register all dogs - period. 


No non-profit should be competing with taxpaying business groups and remain non-profit.


Even the bank that issues the credit card is shortchanging the people who buy the bankís stock or do business with the bank.  Non-profits SHOULD NOT operate in the commercial arena.  I do not believe in the policy of "IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM."  So, I would like to see Wayne Pacelleís HSUS just GO AWAY!  And the same goes for PETA - so I guess you can see where I stand. NELL LIQUORMAN  www.KeepFleasOff.com  (Editorís note: Great point and little by little, clubs and rescue groups understand it is hopeless because every saved dog such as youíve described stimulates the business to procure and abuse even more.)

Points Puzzle:  It's happened twice to my dogs in the show ring.  Blue ribbons given for each  class but Winners Dog withheld.  No dog disqualified.  Once about 20 years ago and then last dog show season to my puppy.  You really feel cheated.  I don't mind losing for a good reason but why place a dog as winner of his class and then with hold winning in the final class.  Did the blue ribbon mean nothing?  The first Judge  told me to bring my puppy back when he matured.  Did she think he would mature nicely?  He was in puppy class not Open Class.  I would rather the Judge tell me what they didn't like about my dog and not give me a blue ribbon.  It is like a slap in the face to be teased into thinking your dog might  win a point and then no dog wins any points.  Last year,  the handlers outside the ring could not believe the Judge withheld Winners.  I had to go back and asked the Judge why.  I think if the Judge is going to with hold winners without disqualifying the dogs, they should at least tell each dog handler in the ring why.  As you said, a lot of money is spent showing your dog and you at least deserved to know why.  Ann Robbins ApalacheeB@aol.com


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