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Regarding: New Age Dog Shows, I don’t know the answer either. I’ve been showing dogs in both breed and obedience since 1954. As an amateur I could and did win often until the mid 80’s. Finished over 30 Ch. and as many or more obedience titled dogs. I, also, remember the fun of fairgrounds venues, meeting great dogs and exhibitors from all over the country. We all had fun, traveled in station wagons and then vans until the advent of the RV. There were matches, some very large, every weekend there weren’t shows in any given locality.

I think the difference was the advent of the vanity magazines and rating systems. The advertising, not of great dogs but of big wins, became more important than serious and dedicated breeding. Ratings became more important than the joy of having a great dog by your side. Handlers loved the vanity magazines and had whole sections dedicated to their dogs. And then the huge motorhomes, which precluded conversations and limited owners to their own mobile living rooms. Tam Cordingley

New Registration Service: I learned a good lesson 10 years ago when I sold a male puppy on a neuter contract that specified the puppy was to be neutered within 2 months of the sale and withheld the papers. Four months had passed, and the owner's veterinarian directed his staff to not discuss the matter with me on the phone, so I hired an attorney and sent a letter to the vet advising him that legal proceedings would include him for attempting to violate the terms of a written contract. My attorney sent a letter to the owner threatening to file for court proceedings within 10 days for failure to comply with the written sale agreement. She had the dog neutered and sent confirmation to the attorney.

Since that time, I will never send a puppy or adult out to a new owner until I have first had the dog spayed or neutered first and allowed sufficient time for recovery. While AKC's provision certainly opens the door for contamination of a genetic pool with dogs that may carry serious genetic defects, and they should know better, frankly WE SHOULD ALL KNOW BETTER than to assume that John Q Public will honor an spay/neuter contract or even cares if they ever get papers. Patricia McCann, Xanadu Papillons

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Dog Sport Not For Me: I found your site searching for veterinary info. You have the most forthright information I have found and I got clear answers for my Setters. I have shown and had some nice wins with local handlers and my husband said I could get more involved. He is a doctor and thought it would be a good diversion. After reading so much from the people who are actually engaged and seeing how corrupt and endangered the system is, we have decided it would be a waste of time. We can handle medical politics but think it would be best to just enjoy our purebreds for as long as we have them and not get caught up in “the dog sport.” From an outsiders point of view, it appears show dogs are a vehicle for massive egos. I am especially turned off by all the animal rights propaganda which any intelligent person can see through but it seems to have become the new way to show off. I am sure there are people who would do anything to protect purebred dogs but the battle is being so poorly fought that the outcome is dismal at best. I am thankful for finding more than veterinary truth on your site. Keep up the good work for dogs and people who love them. P. Thompson, Madison, WI

Ted Paul – HSUS? Please educate me as to what HSUS wants when someone houses more than 25 dogs. In other words, what is required of a breeder? What standards does the kennel have to meet? Is the standard so rigorous that it would effectively mean that only a puppy mill could have more than 25 dogs? Your article intimated such. I thought that puppy mills generally mean poor conditions for dogs. I am a bit confused. Do you think the HSUS means well but does not realize the ramifications? I breed collies and currently have eight adults and one puppy. I would like the bare bones facts if that is possible. Sometimes two sides have a common interest (e.g., preventing inhumane conditions for animals) and they could do great good by simply coming together and entering a dialogue. Nothing good ever comes from conflict. David Ellis, Lenoir City, TN

We suggested he use the google search on both sites and learn more about HSUS. He did, and replied with more excellent observations. This is how newer people who are not on the computer every night get taken in. We thought Mr. Ellis was very sincere and very typical of what we have to do to educate dog owners.

Looking into HSUS: Do you think Mr. Paul is just naïve or has ill intentions wanting to eliminate domestic livestock and dogs? That strikes me as being odd for an AKC judge. I do know this. Somehow someway puppy mills must be stopped. Who needs to do that? If an organization had a sincere goal to get at puppy mills (and NOT responsible breeders) and it required me to comply with certain reasonable standards, then I would be all for it. In fact, I would give money toward that end. I do know that PETA is radical, but I’ve never really looked into what HSUS is about. David Ellis

Counterfeit Vet Meds too?  I found the information about counterfeit products interesting.  I do wonder if Ms. Liquorman knows about the online pharmacies selling veterinary medications that they are saying get them from China?  I read somewhere that these prescriptions are sold here under well known names and that some kind of national certifying group was created because of it.  I asked my vet and he said yes there was an article in the veterinary magazine but that he was very careful where he gets his supplies.  After reading your article, I wonder how he could really know and it makes me wonder what I am giving my dog.  She hasn't had a bad reaction but she is not getting well either.  Could you ask Ms. Liquorman to investigate?  Sandra Rosen, NY, NY

Registrations: I have my pets go on a limited registration for a reason; perhaps they have a fault that I don’t want passed around i.e. bad mouth, one testicle, etc. I am the breeder and I have the right to … a limited registration or spaying or neutering on these dogs … by removing this “right”, you are taking away my “right” to determine where my puppies or adults go, and under what conditions. I am a second generation “dog” person, showing and breeding myself since 1963; all these “new” rules that AKC is proposing and allowing are taking away my rights as a person who shows and breeds dogs. The dog show and registration business with AKC will no longer exist within the next 50 years, if not sooner. … What is the benefit of showing dogs under AKC guidelines or registering dogs under AKC, if they don’t uphold and respect us as breeders? John Q Public has the right to get a healthy, good tempered dog; and the right to buy from a good breeder; but AKC is fast taking (that) away and saying to John Q Public, that no matter what you get, where you get it, or who you get it from; you can do anything you want with the dog; no matter what. Joie Chandler, Jetstar Schipperkes

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