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Not So Happy Bill The article about "The Happy Bill" hits it right on the head, as usual. The Dog Press has pointed out what most of us just don't think about until too late. My brain thinks that all good work is good. No hidden agenda. I am way too trusting, as most people are. But what your reporter has said about the HAPPY bill is oh so true. Of course HSUS, PETA and the like will jump right on this somehow. How naive we are. Thanks.  Dotty Beier

Mulch Muncher I wanted to respond because my dog has eaten some mulch from a neighbor’s garden (within feet of my yard).  My dog suffered ALL the symtoms outlined but he has survived.  However, we are having to give him Pancreas medication and adjust his diet.  We are unsure what the long term effects will be ...  whether he will have to be on meds, or change his diet... or whether he will die do to complications later.  Anyone that says this mulch story is untrue is either uninformed, an idiot or a liar.  I have the dog to prove it! Christopher Claus

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Food We Feed: Yippee!! Another intelligent person who believes that the food we feed our dogs, the care we give them and the environment in which they’re raised contributes more to joint problems that most people realize.  We try very hard to maintain and even improve, when we can, the health of our TFTs.  Thank you for learning all you can about canine health and not just believing what someone tells you. I especially thank you for having the courage to stand behind your convictions and to publish the truth even though your readers don’t always want to know the truth. That is what integrity is all about! Debbie Fair

Pons Changing I would like the people in our breed to have access to this article (Preferred Breed Type, by AKC judge Katie Gammill) as I do not like seeing what is happening to our breed.  It is already changing, and not for the best.   I would post it in the files section of my site which includes many PON people...both club and non club members.   Looks  and the ability to work (putting it simply) as a herding dog certainly are connected in my book.  I would post it in the files section of PON BEHAVIOR.  Is there a place or format that is copiable I could use?  And thank you for saying it so well.  IF you are doing it, I will happily open the site to members posting in the files so you could do it.  Just please let me know.  I obviously feel strongly about the need. Loana of Shaggi Pons
Big Pharm FYI the Hypothyroidism article you had on dogs you misspelled Merck as Merk; just thought I would bring your attention to that!  Also, with all that Pfizer bashing, maybe the author and those who read that article should check out Pfizer's veterinary pharmaceuticals.... they save animals' lives with their medicine. Scientists are working hard to find a cure for cancer and many even are organic food/green/natural believers while dedicating their lives to research and development.  Some folks don't realize that some big Pharm companies have really helped our furry friends community with their medicines.  I work at Pfizer … and no one is a bigger animal lover than myself, and my dog is all-organic!  Some angry folks blame scientists for the ignorance of the doctors prescribing the medicines liberally instead of utilizing a pro-active believe in health by treating the body as a whole instead of using pharmaceuticals as band-aids.  Lala

Keep The Rules Altering the rule makes a mockery of every breed standard. Why bother to describe coat colors, ear set, tail carriage, dentition, etc if these things can be altered at will? In fact, why not just go to a pet store and find a nice-moving puppy mill dog and alter it up the wazoo??  As for judges feeling they are not responsible to point out the violators--I say COWARDS!! What do they think the job of JUDGE entails?? Of course they must stand in JUDGEMENT of that dog and how it has been handled--including any alterations that can be discerned in the ring.  While there are many subtle things they cannot verify, there are many things they can! When their hands are full of dye and chalk, they feel ears full of glue, and have topknots that come off in their hands----please!!!!!

Honesty & Rules People mourn for the good old days of the big kennels... I mourn for the days when honesty was valued. Bring a good dog into the ring. Leave the others at home.  Keep the rules.  Enforce the rules any and every way possible. Janet Mines Krings

Judged Wild I have judged her exhibits and while I certainly don't condone what she did, her dogs were well presented and cared for.  A lot more I could say about today's youth but I will say only that she herself may be a victim of today's disregard for morality, responsibility and values.  Best you withhold my name...

Grapes: My roommate's small dog was fed 1.5 grapes 2 days ago and was admitted to the vet today with SEVERE vomiting, diarrhea, and recently, explosive bloody diarrhea. Please don't tell people that grapes are okay for a dog.  Jaclyn Sizer  sizerj@gmail.com

Handler on Wild I don't want you to give my name because I don't want to get caught up in all this but ... the other professional handlers are talking some kind of action through their association.  It reflects on all of us who do a good job and work hard for our clients.  The worst thing AKC did as far as shows was to quit licensing handlers.  I was proud to be "licensed" but Billy Wild's lawsuit made AKC ditch its responsibility.  More than I meant to say but a lot of us feel like patsys.  Sign me as LICENSED handler.

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Pinto Suspension: A correction to a previous letter to the editor:  Santiago Pinto did not receive "no suspension."  In fact, he is in the middle of serving a 6-month suspension.  As to whether it's unusual to wait until the end of the weekend to begin serving the sentence, I can't say.  But as the owner of another dog he occasionally handles, I will say it would have been extremely unfair to his other clients if the suspension had begun immediately.  I stand by my statements, communicated directly to an Australian Terrier Club of America member, that they really seem out for blood on this guy.  Everybody knows that pro handlers temporarily alter their dogs' appearance in all kinds of ways (e.g chalk, dye, hair extensions for poodles, etc..  I wish they didn't, why not enforce the rule against everybody? Santiago's mistake was to get excited, rush to get a dog into the ring on short notice, and to assume that a rule that is rarely enforced is never enforced.  I'm not saying no punishment, just that 6 months of no income is WAY strong enough, rather than inadequate as the ATCA member suggests. Patty Harbison patricia.harbison@comcast.net  

More on Pinto: Santiago Pinto did NOT receive preferential treatment! His offence was putting chalk on a terrier...This is something that almost all terrier handlers do, he was just careless enough to get caught. He admitted it, apologized, and still received a 6 month suspension. Patricia Harbison patricia.harbison@comcast.net

Pinto related, sort of: Dog shows were NOT originally set up to be 'Beauty contests' they were started so Breeders can see what other Breeders had to offer, now it has become a business to win win win, maybe if we go back to why we show dogs in the first place, much of the controversy surrounding shows now-a-days would disappear.  Sandra Goose Allen judged our National in May, she wrote about it for our Newsletter, and she gave this word of advise to us.  This is what I have been striving for as a Breeder and what I adhere to, but could not put into words like she did, maybe it is a form she uses for every National she judges, who knows who cares, but for Breeders, this should be our Bible! Julie Seaton, Temora Australian Terriers SeatonJM@aol.com

From Judge Sandra Goose Allen: *A Breeders job is to preserve the breed type. Breed type is defined by the standard. A Breeder does not improve upon the standard. You can improve your individual dog and line, but the standard sets the type.

* There is only one correct type of Australian Terrier. It is defined by the standard. Dogs may diverge to a lesser or greater degree from the standard and still be recognized as an Australian Terrier.

* To really comprehend the standard, you must study, study, study, study it. Watch your competition and read everything that has been written on the subject. Seek out those who have been in the breed many years -the lessons they can teach you are invaluable.

* Being objective is difficult - especially when you love your own dogs; however, you will never breed better dogs until you can evaluate them objectively, despite your affection for them. Never inflate the dogs's quality in your mind just because it's all you have. Show it, finish it, but don't breed it.

* I urge all Breeders to hold the best interest of the Australian Terrier paramount in your minds while striving for breed type. The standard is your bible. It is not the win today, but what comes out of the whelping box tomorrow that counts.

Judge Takes Exception: As the head of ASSA Sheltie Rescue (parent club) I take GREAT exception to your lumping breed rescues in with HSUS and PETA. Our people are well aware of what HSUS and PETA are all about and we are aware that some shelters import dogs from other countries to satisfy the public demand for small and cute rather than big and black (lab type). you talk about these organizations smearing breeders yet you see nothing wrong with smearing the many purebred rescues in this country, many of them affiliated with AKC parent clubs. I doubt I will get a reply but had to vent. You just lost my respect. - Dorothy Christiansen, Founder/Coordinator ASSA Sheltie Rescue Network judge #4808

Editor: If there is any statement in the article that is untrue, please help by pointing it out. Otherwise, we ask that you take a deep breath and read it again. It is a condemnation of HSUS and PETA, not what YOU do. It was written to inform the public; to expose the fraudulent representations by animal rightists and the unfair picture of dog breeders painted by “commercial” shelters and rescues. I’m sorry you took this personally but surely you do know there are countless corrupt shelters and individually operated “breed rescues” that are operated for profit. If we stay in denial, how will the public know there’s a difference?



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