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Puppy Mill Press: Great dog press editorial re Puppy Mills and responsible breeders.  I was so relieved to read your comments on the AKC and puppy mills in the Dog Press.  I hope many responsible hobby breeders will read and understand your concerns before it's too late.   As somebody who is involved in my breed's rescue efforts as well as compete in performance events (and soon in conformation with my puppy), I have seen both "sides" of this war -- the sickening puppy mills and the way that the AKC has manipulated the dog fancy "army" into knee-jerk lobbying against ANY puppy mill legislation.

You gave me hope that there are others who actually understand what the AKC is up to and how the AKC itself is jeopardizing the future of the purebred dog hobby. Tracey Fulmer  P.S.  You may be interested in the AKC's most recent involvement with the Hunte Corp as well.  I found this page on the Hunte website rather disturbing.   Makes me wonder who the "highly trained breed experts" are who are evaluating 8 week old puppies against the breed standard!  http://www.huntecorp.com/puppycare.html

Vizsla News: The AKC has moved the Hungarian Wired haired Vizsla to the Misc Class.  Its own standard says their should be 300 dogs to be eligible. The current number of HWV are around 150. I would look to see why this breed is getting the favoritism. As a note they also didnt have the numbers to get moved in to FSS. This will only hurt the breed if this keeps up because of these 150 dogs about 25 are breeding stock. You know what a closed studbook could do to this breed in the US.  Thom hadfield www.teattoyz.com

Frenchie Theft: The bad decisions AKC makes encourages others to follow suit – two weeks after The Dog Press article came out, the co-owner of my bitch registered a litter of puppies. She forged my name off of my bitch’s papers,  and evidently has no fear of being suspended by AKC. This same person is involved with the theft of a puppy from my home and the cosmetic alteration of a show. Why should any of us pay for dogs, or get properly signed registrations, if we can just waltz into someone’s home and  take what we want for free. Who’s to stop us? The police? Nope, they say these dog disputes are “civil matters”. The courts? Nope, they’d have us pay our lawyers $25,000 to not uphold their own decisions, as I had happen last year. AKC is who we turn to when registration/theft occurs.   BTW, the stolen puppy is the granddaughter Clipper, the dog stolen from Arlie Toye. What are the chances of this happening twice? Or do we have a real problem in the dog show world with theft and deception that is not being addressed? Karen Robertson Rock'n Roll French Bulldogs, Reg.

Judge on Judges Approval: Judges talk, surprise! Most judges I speak to are really discouraged and plan to go no further than the group they're doing now. These are 1-2-3-4 group judges. One judge has 6.5 groups and plans to go no further. It's not the requirements. Folks are fine with that. It's the decision process on who gets what. When a person with 40+ years in dogs, 3 exceeds, no complaints, with 5-7 components completed on each breed applies and is turned down on 5 of the breed applications, it makes no sense. When queried as to why, the answer was "The magic number is 8." Yet when the Gazette came out, several judges were given 12 or 13. Make it fair across the board and the judges will be happy. Chris Walkowicz

Differs On High Volume Breeders: I beg to differ with you about our not needing High Volume Breeders to help us in our fight against HSUS to preserve our rights as dog owners and breeders. We will hang separately if we don't band together to fight anti breeding legislation which is in no dog owners interest--whether you are a hobby breeder, a responsible breeder of show dogs, a hunting dog breeder or a large volume breeder. Some of the Show and many of the Hunting breeders could be described as high volume breeders! Once legislation comes through limiting breeders to 25 dogs (of which you apparently approve), it is all too easy to change the numbers downward. In some communities it's persons having only 3 intact dogs that have suddenly become a commercial breeder and subject to draconian rules and regulations as well as automatic search and seizure.

When I say high volume breeders I am not talking about breeders that employ abusive practices in their breeding program and keep their animals in abusive situations. There are plenty of laws in most states to stop that--IF they were enforced in a timely manner. However it is only a very small leap from curtailing so called high volume breeders to move on to anyone who breeds dogs and/or keeps intact animals on their property. In some of the proposed legislation the animals don't even have to belong to you--it could be a rescued animal or another breeder's animal or even an animal that you are keeping for a friend. If it's intact, is on your property and you are over the arbitrary limit, you may be subject to having your dogs taken away by the state/city/county.  We need everyone who breeds and owns dogs to come in on this fight if we are to be able to keep our dogs!

By the way, the AKC will not give a registration number to any mixed breed dog that is not spayed/neutered. So no need to worry about their being bred for increased participation in AKC events.  Ursula M. Walsh

Lotta Chien Responds:  To those who thought my article against aligning with puppy mills to work against AR legislation was PRO animal rights, I suggest a remedial reading course. To those that think I should grow testicles or write better French – sorry that’s just not going to happen.  Let’s get it clear that I’m PRO the dog fancy standing up for itself!  The mill industry has its own groups, does its own funding, and has its own lobbyists - so why don’t we?  So we create a second organization of dog breeders who oppose the same legislation. What is bad about that?  I’m surprised so many in the dog fancy apparently agree with the animal rights message that a breeder is a breeder is a puppy mill. 

After all these years of careful dog breeding, I resent being told by any side of this controversy that I’m just like the mills. It is as distasteful coming from the AKC and the dog fancy as it is coming from an AR activist.  I’m in favor of quality breeding of dogs, but against breeding dogs as cash crop commodities. I count that as being Pro Dogs not Pro Animal Rights!  Lotta Chien (lets just say they shortened it from Chienne at Ellis Island…)

Mexico on Merles: I have just come across BBC & graham footes thoughts on merle chihuahuas.  I have imported a merle bitch & own another uk / usa breed merle bitch , my thoughts are ---
1- its the 21-st century & its time for a change ,
2-- i think the so called top people in chihuahuas are scared of change & the merle colour .
3-- merles are here to STAY . SO GET USED TO IT
4-- if we are not allowed to kc register our merle pups it will make people go undergound & the bad breeders will breed merle to merle so not careing about carefull breeding .
5-- my biggest bug-bare is A MERLE WON CRUFTS BEST IN SHOW  , does this dog carry different merle genes to chihuahuas answer NO !!!
6-- I bought a AKC regd merle bitch but cant uk register her ...... she is 100% show quality type , better than alot of the chi now been shown in the ring ?
7-- Why cant we have seperate merle chi classes at shows ? the kc would make money by doing this & we would get more people over from abroad at crufts been able to show there merle chihuahuas with pride !!
8 -- werent l/c chihuahuas out crossed to get l/c,s ? answer YES .
9 -- all merle breeds of dogs carry the same genetic merle gene its no different in chihuahuas , so ban ALL merle breeds NOT just chihuahuas .
10-- i will carry on breeding merles / petitioning the kennel club to get them to lift this stupid ban /  there are 100,s of merle chi lovers in the uk who dare not admit they like them due to repercussions in the show ring just because they dare to say they love merles ........... its time for change & the kennel club needs to re-think this stupid ban on our beloved merle chihuahuas .  if you would like to contact me my email address is AMerlelover@aol.com

Absent Truth: As long as have been getting HEADlines, I have enjoyed it and found it very informative. I may not always agree, however you give me something to think about.  Truth seems to be absent when it comes to the dog world. It makes me wonder why everything has to be made political.  On second thought, it's about control!!  I just attended our local Humane Society yearly fundraiser and had a rep talking about the new law here in Wisconsin.  I am extremely uncomfortable regarding this new law, even more so after he got done talking.  Please keep up the good work and Thank You, Brigitte

Uno Concern: Concern for the abuse of Uno in Austin by hoarder of 70 plus dogs. she has alias addresses and will go to her home because authorities call ahead and she meets them at her house and there are no dogs at that residence. A good investigator needs to save Uno and the other dogs for that matter.  Regards, Sylvia Kern
Shelter Accountability: I heartily applaud Nancy Glick's position on rescue and shelter accountability.  If all municipalities applied her ideas it would help record keeping, unlawful search and seizure, misuse of donated funds tremendously. Thanks for a well thought out and well written article.  Tam Cordingley www.kennelsandhorsefarms.com

Nail Trimming: I was distressed by the implication that toe nail trimming is such a terrible experience for most dogs.  I have been trimming dog nails as an owner, handler and groomer for well over 25 years and I have had enough experience to form and educated opinion.  I don't dread doing it. My personal dogs and clients do not dread having it done. Patience works better than force and I have more of a clue everyday why dogs are labeled "difficult on the table" or aggressive during grooming.  Lately I have specialized in "hard to groom" dogs and have found that their exposure to force and speed is more the problem than the dog itself.  I and many groomers like me find that patience on the first and second visit will yield a much more compliant animal than force. I don't have to win in 30 seconds if I am willing to wait 3 or 4 minutes the first few times.  You don't manhandle a baby to cut it's nails and you can achieve the same result with a dog!

All my clients have their manicures done on the table and well over half will willingly jump onto the table everytime they come.  I have found that vets have restraining down to a science but the experience is far from comfortable for the dog.  As far as owners  watching, usually the owners is more a behavior problem than the dog.  If you want to watch we use a well placed window.  Toe nail trimming does not have to be terrible, it just needs to be a stroll instead of a sprint!  Danielle Dzioba   Royal Puppy Court  http://www.royalpuppycourt.com 

Spay/Neuter Opposed: I have been breeding AKC Registered Cocker Spaniels for 15 years. I am very much opposed to the spay/neuter laws they are trying to pass. I enjoy providing quality puppies to people. Most of the people that have purchased puppies from me do not intend to breed the puppies, they want a pet for their family. My KIDS as I call them are part of my family not just a animal to be bred to sell puppies. No matter how stressed or depressed a person gets. the contact with the animals improves their mood and outlook on life. My animals depend on me for their food, shelter, health care and love.


Where would the show world people be if they couldn't find a puppy or breed their own. If all the dogs are spay/neutered there will be no need for AKC, PAWS, ASPC or any animal organization because there won't be any. I take care of my animals (KIDS) and the puppies they have. I make sure they have the shots they need and the veterinarian care they need. I educate the people who purchase puppies from me to make sure the puppies get the continued veterinarian care they need. I stay in contact with the owners for any problems or questions that arise during the lifetime of their dog. Marian (Janie) Oeltjen

Older Eyes: While I enjoy reading the Dog Press articles (Registry Redacted is one), the font in some of them (apparently Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif) is really hard to read, especially as my eyes get older and tireder. How about sticking with one that’s more readable?  Stephanie Price  (Editor) I'm with you!  They use Arial in TheDogPlace.org but after trying different fonts, we decided for spacing and size, to stick with Franklin but yes, my older eyes are why we don't use Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif or 10 pt. fonts!  Thanks for caring. 

Dog Shows: I must agree with your article “the new age of dog shows.” I began my interest in dogs when I was ten years old when my family adopted a mutt from Petsmart. While he was a great dog, and I loved him dearly, though he had a multitude of problems the like of which most purebred dogs won’t even see. So much for mutts being healthier! I digress, my 4-H obedience leader was also a breeder of collies and took me under her wing to groom, train and handle her dogs in the ring. I was hooked by the beauty and elegance of not only my breed but the multitude of breeds around me each as amazing in its own right as the last. When our paths diverged I (with the help of my parents) chose a smaller dog as our house was rather small, for a show dog.

So we got Layla, a Brittany, a rather drastic change to my beloved collies. She was a nice looking bitch with a few minor faults which in the opinion of most were outweighed by her ability to move, a must in brittany standard, and her head, which looked nearly identical to a picture of a head study in “The New Complete Brittany.” However, it took nearly 2 years and many, many shows just to finish her. And it was my breeder who put one major and her final points on her. Most of my big wins were outside my “normal” circle where a particular line was always chosen even if they were an inferior dog. I rather quickly became jaded with the whole issue, and determined that if I wasn’t a well known breeder or handler I wasn’t ever going to finish my dog! I became frustrated as I watched dogs owned by others more well known finish by the time they were a year old, or in 5 or 6 shows knowing my dog was better nearly caused me to not finish her at all. I prevailed, and did finally finish her just before her 2nd birthday, only to find she carried a genetic issue that precluded her from breeding anyway. So when people ask about where we got her I proudly say she is a champion from champion blood lines, and though I encourage people to buy from breeders, I never encourage the average person to try breed ring because my own experience was nearly one in futility. Unless judges become more impartial to who’s holding the leash, and sometimes to quit judging them based on other breed standards (ie the back foot moving in front of the front is highly frowned on in most breeds, but is prized in britts as it means they can move faster, farther and more efficiently), dog shows will surely be reserved only for the idle rich. And lets face it, in this economy even they are becoming few and far between.  Thank you, Rachel

Dog Breeders Defined: I really appreciated the article you wrote "Dog Breeders Defined."  Here in Maine our legislature, Federation and many dog clubs are all about definitions. As a breeder, exhibitor, trainer and owner of several Brittany dogs I am involved at many levels with working on behalf of 'responsible dog owners' against the AR threat here and would like permission to distribute your article.  It's one of the best I've read in a long time.  Ann H. Short  www.mainebrittanysitejas.com


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