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Warning - Bad Whippet Breeder:  I am not to sure if there is anything that you can do for me but I purchased a puppy from a breeder on the dog place website.  I received this puppy late on a Sunday night I noticed that the puppy was quite skinny and wasn't wanting to play around at all but I am aware that the whippet breed is thin as it is and that the puppy took a long drive with my brother so I was not worried about it.  The next morning I was not able to get her to eat anything so I called the breeder and told her what was going on and she said that it was alright as long as she was drinking she would be fine and assured me that the puppies have a hard time adjusting to the long drive, new climate, and new home and she would come around.  But as the day went on I was not able to get her to even come out of her kennel and she was VERY lethargic and basically not a puppy.  So I called some of my other contacts with this breed for some info on what might help her to get to eat. I tried EVERYTHING!!! As the day went on she got much skinnier and had less motivation to even move.  She started throwing up and had bad diarea.  I woke up to her throwing up in the middle of the night around 1 am Tuesday morning and I called the emergency vet and informed them what was going on and they said that she might have parvo!  They confirmed that she had parvo... I called sue and informed her what was going on and she said that there was no way that her puppy had parvo so I had her talk to my vet and she authorized him and gave a credit card number to pay for the services.. I was VERY grateful the puppy unfortunately didn't make it. 

She passed away late Wed night.  After that I talked to Sue and she said that she would be able to give me another puppy but I would have to wait a bit and said that i would need to CLEAN my house.  So I spent the next 4 days bleaching EVERYTHING, throwing dog toys, bowls, beds etc away and tearing out patches of grass, bleaching dirt and bringing in new soil so that I could prepare my house for a new puppy...  that was the last time that I have heard from her.  I have called many times and sent a lot of emails.  As I have been gathering information after the fact, she has giving my vet a bad credit card number and is ignoring their calls as well.  I called to AKC as my puppy was supposed to be registered and they have no litters from her since 2003!!!  The whole situation has been very hard on me and my family as we LOVE dogs and we can no longer have a puppy for a bit in our house, not to mention that we are out quite a bit of money now.   Any info or really anything you might be able to help with would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks, -- Caleb Gwilliam,  Simple Expressions Photography

Editor: The breeder’s name is omitted but if anyone would like to write to him before he goes to a pet shop or shelter… I’m sure it would help.  I have corresponded with Caleb and we have removed that woman from the Dog-e-Book. If I had a pet Whippet I would send it to this family!  His last note was: I actually live in Utah and … the breeder lives in California.  That is part of the thing that is making it hard.  Up to this point I have not heard from her but I have contacted the district attorney of her county and the small claims court to get the information that I need to be able to file with both parties.  I hope that this will maybe wake her up and get her to call me and talk with me.  Thanks again for helping I just don't want anyone else to have to go through what I just went through!! It was HORRIBLE!  If you could email me the link to my story when it is published that would be wonderful!

Bad Sheriff Joe: 2008 election results of 55.2 % for Crazy Joe are a long way from the 83% you report in your article.. 2004 results gave him just 56.4%..  The balance of your article RE Crazy Joe is similarly loaded with exaggeration and 1/2 truths that amount to lies as they mis-state the crazy Joe story to such an extraordinary degree that conclusions reached are simply contrary to fact..

The 56 Million in lawsuits filed by the judges and county administrators who Crazy Joe has harassed and persecuted because they dared to oppose the most ridiculous of his actions will far outweigh any savings he has achieved by feeding his inmates green baloney and denying them medical care..  Your Story RE Crazy Joe is NOT substantiated by the Snopes folks, contrary to your claims! Bob Gleason

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Roses For Press:  You can check my name against my AKC number … It would be funny if not serious that I must request that consideration when all I want to say is how much my wife and I enjoy your publication.  She had planned to apply but with the state of the economy for clubs and a better understanding of what she would be applying for, she has decided against it.  (She) calls you the “Glenn Beck” of the dognet and asked me to thank you for the information that we get from The Dog Press.  She accompanied me to shows last weekend and did her thing as a spectator.  She said people were talking about things they learned in the press.  I think that is healthy.  We have enough filtered news … we appreciate a measure of reality.  We get the insider articles but they have been infrequent of late. Keep up the good work.  (name withheld)
More Probiotics Info: While I agree with her that claims for benefits of probiotics, especially the dried forms, need to be documented (prebiotics seem a waste of time/money as normal diets provide plenty), I was very sad that in her August 2010 column PROBIOTICS: FOOD OR DRUGS? Nel Liquorman engaged in scare tactics rather than  reasoned information. For example, she said "After decades of trying to kill bacteria . . . , why would we consider feeding any kind of bacteria to our pets?"  Surely she is aware that yoghurt's well-known benefit comes from the same live bacteria used in probiotics. GOOD bacteria form part of mammal immune systems and finish digesting food. The author also made this misleading statement: "Twenty-four patients treated with probiotics died.  The cause of death in each case was narrowed down to one of these three reasons: use of probiotics on gravely ill patients, probiotics were administered through feeding tubes into the intestines, or patients were in the acute phase of the disease when the bacteria was administered. But the bottom line is that they used probiotics and the patients died as a result."  Liquorman does not have the data to make the direct connection that patients died as a "result of" probiotics rather than experimental method effects. The reference Liquorman provided says 9 of the untreated group died, so the probiotics group had about 2.5 times as many deaths. However, were control and experimental groups matched perfectly on disease severity? The probiotics were administered directly into the intestines of severely ill patients. Unless we know that the control group also had a matching mock procedure, say with saline solution, then the deaths could have been due to failure of experimental method. The results (as provided) actually indicate: (1) probiotics should not be inserted directly into intestines; (2) probiotics should not be administered to patients with severe acute pancreatitis. Janice Koler-Matznick, M.S., A.C.A.A.B.  The Dog Advisor Behavior Services

Editor’s Note: Nel Liquorman responds to this information in a follow-up column.  We thank both Janice and Nel for expanding on this complex subject!

Automatic Grand Champions? So far, from just observing, not showing any dogs right now, it seems to me that some judges are finding it much easier to give BOB to inferior dogs handled by professionals and then hand out the 'consolation prizes' to the owner or amateur handlers in the ring.  Some statistics should accumulate to prove or disprove my theory in the next few months. The anecdotal evidence that I witnessed  in my breed found a very inferior, professionally handled  'new special'  receiving BOBs and 4 consecutive group placements over a group winning, specialty show winning very correct champion that had defeated the newcomer at other shows prior to its finishing and prior to the advent of the pale blue/white also-ran ribbon.  The quality of these two dogs did not change.  The playing field did.  Some have said that the point of the exercise is to encourage owners to show more specials - Maybe there will be some less pleasant unintended consequences also?  Wouldn't be the first time.  KE

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