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PRIME implications I emailed several months ago concerning the ARR program, prior to your articles, which I appreciate you writing. Since then I'm sure you've heard about PRIME? PRIME is the next generation of ARR and basically allows commercial distributors to access AKC records and either determine or create pedigrees to sell their puppies as AKC eligible. ARR now registers the litters of unregistered dogs via the distributors and provides them with paperwork or online registration ability as in PRIME through PetLand. The story about puppy buyers being baited and switched was just to get some semblance of acceptance. The real reason was to continue their partnership with Hunte & PetLand and multiple other distributors signing on. Another kicker to this story is the AKC pays Hunte...and Petland...

Another issue behind ARR which the AKC is not even considering, is it has given the commercial breeders the incentive not to register litters with the AKC. Now they can register the litter with APRI or ACA or CKC but advertise AKC registerable...

Answering your #1 question: AKC does honor limited registration, unless of course if the dog comes through ARR - a breeder can sell a dog on limited, the buyer does not have to register it with the AKC, instead using a alternative registry...puppies produced out of this dog are then AKC registerable unless the breeder notices and complains but wait, there is even more - this dog could be 3 or 4 generations back and the the great grandchildren are still eligible... none of the subsequent dogs are AKC (just) the great-great grandparents...By the way CH3 section6 indicates dogs that are eligible for registration, a dog that is eligible for registration is one out of AKC registered parents. Joe Smith

Questions AKC Registration: I have had the opportunity to be involved with questions regarding AKC registrations. After many back and forth interactions with AKC and co-owners of dogs it seems that the AKC is content with just accepting "one sides" statements" as they affect registrations. It has been proved that an owner has signed others names on registrations as well as changing information on transfers (changing dates, names etc.) . They have decided to not pursue this issue, even though it has been done multiple times and has been sworn to by the person whose name was signed without permission.  My question is how do they sanction and fine people who "knew or should have known" and let something that is legally attested to by those who are involved and at risk as something to be ignored.

After more than forty years of trying to abide by AKC rules and having great concern regarding possible sanctions if a mistake is made. I find myself questioning how pure AKC papers and registries are.  M D Heaney

Conditional Registration: If we all agree that Darla is correct and AKC screwed up the registrations for Tank and Trevor, wouldn't AKC's "Conditional Registration" process introduced in 2005 now make any dogs born ages ago "legal"?  http://www.akc.org/reg/conditional_reg_info.cfm  I'm no student of Lofranco pedigrees, but just using the OFA database you can find at least 7 generations. Under the "Conditional Registration" process, after 3 generations, the dogs are eligible for full registration. In the case of Trevor/Tank, the fourth generation was born more than a decade ago.
Gail Dash
Good Things Happen: Sometimes we need to hear that good things can still happen.  This past weekend, I and three of my "newbie" puppy owners/handlers attended the Clemson show.  On Saturday the club held a new exhibitor seminar.  In the breed ring for American Eskimos, the judge, Mrs. Toddie Clark, not only was extremely kind and helpful to these new exhibitors, but put up for breed a dog - and handler - who had never been in an AKC show ring before that day.  In group, Mrs. Arlene Benko, was also extremely helpful to this new exhibitor and gave him and his dog a group 3.  She was rather pointed in her comments that his dog was fine, his handling needed improvement, but the fact that this happened at an AKC show was in itself remarkable - and delightful.  Shades of the old days of showing!  Kudos to the club, its judges and other exhibitors, all of whom were so nice. Patrea L. Pabst www.thunderpasamericaneskimos.com
Rough On AKC My wife and I enjoy your Dog Press and although I've been judging quite a while, we learn a lot from getting it.  Yes, I'm an Insider.  I do find your articles a little rough on AKC though. It is not a perfect world but they do a good job of providing the best venue to judge and display our dogs.  Just a friendly criticism, no offense intended. We enjoy the variety of articles. (Name withheld)
Impropriety: I would appreciate your thoughts on whether when a local club hosts a regional specialty show, their committee members should be allowed to enter their own dogs.  I ask this because it is common for club committees to wine-and-dine the specialty judges.  This creates more than the mere appearance of impropriety, as I see it.  It goes beyond that into a true conflict of interest, yet I have seen nothing from AKC on such a practice.  Steve Sayad

Big Money Turn-off: My wife was interested in becoming a hobby level breeder of toy poodles.  We love them.  She would have been a new generation of enthusiast for the breed and for dog shows in general.  Instead we learned that people like my wife are really just a stepping stone to help the big money breeders and handlers achieve their goals.  We wasted some time and money on our own and even hired a handler before figuring out the whole thing was a sham.  My impression was that poodles were on the far end of the corruption spectrum (which is sad for people like us who love them) but I'll bet its gaining ground in other breeds as well. Pretty soon the only person showing up to shows will be the big handlers and breeders and they will have to submit enough dogs to create and share majors with each other.

I wish the article would have talked about the cheating and the bastardization of the standards for the dog which are also going to ruin the animal’s health and functionality.  For example: we witnessed people putting in hair extensions; haircuts that hide bone issues b/c the judges don't/won't check closely; oversized dogs (MOST toy poodles are over sized but nobody says anything b/c they are all in on it); face judging that encourages under developed mouths and loss of teeth; doggy orthodontics.  I was a really casual participant and these are abuses that I witnessed personally.  Verified, name withheld.

Judge On Withholding A judge may withhold ribbons at any level from the class to BOB.  Sometimes in the classes 1st through 4th is awarded in the hope that there will be more deserving dogs to come.  Sometimes when you look at the Winners lineup it becomes apparent that there are no dogs (on the day) who are deserving of the points.  Remember that every judge signs the book stating that WD and WB were deserving of AKC points on the day.  (It has nothing to do with dashing hopes of the handlers.  It has all to do with protecting the integrity of the breed being judged.)  Certainly a dog with no disqualifying faults can have no inherent quality as a showdog.  (Many petshop dogs have no DQs but are certainly not suitable for AKC Championships.)  And each judge can only offer their opinion.  If you don't like it, show to another judge.  Sandra Walker pettimarq@yahoo.com  AKC judge since 1987.

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Shelter and Animal Rights: When's the last time you went to a shelter? If you don't believe they are full, then you are clueless. You are part of the problem! DISGUSTING! pamholt@protectanimals.com On Behalf Of Buddha Dog Animal Massage
Judge Takes Exception: As the head of ASSA Sheltie Rescue (parent club) I take GREAT exception to your lumping breed rescues in with HSUS and PETA. Our people are well aware of what HSUS and PETA are all about and we are aware that some shelters import dogs from other countries to satisfy the public demand for small and cute rather than big and black (lab type). you talk about these organizations smearing breeders yet you see nothing wrong with smearing the many purebred rescues in this country, many of them affiliated with AKC parent clubs. I doubt I will get a reply but had to vent. You just lost my respect. - Dorothy Christiansen, Founder/Coordinator ASSA Sheltie Rescue Network judge #4808

Editor: If there is any statement in the article that is untrue, please help by pointing it out. Otherwise, we ask that you take a deep breath and read it again. It is a condemnation of HSUS and PETA, not what YOU do. It was written to inform the public; to expose the fraudulent representations by animal rightists and the unfair picture of dog breeders painted by “commercial” shelters and rescues. I’m sorry you took this personally but surely you do know there are countless corrupt shelters and individually operated “breed rescues” that are operated for profit. If we stay in denial, how will the public know there’s a difference?


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