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Hale Horrified after reading Fred Lantings new article "Common Sense Grooming" Part 3 - Teeth and Toe Nails. I wouldn't give this advise to an experienced Vet Tech let alone the average dog owner. The potential for injuring your dog is astronomical! Fred seems more interested in using tools from his tool cabinet than providing safe grooming. I wouldn't be one bit surprised to find Fred Lanting advising the use of motor oil when treating demodex mange or using a match to remove ticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patti Hale [mailto:mzpatti@att.net]

We always appreciate respectful criticism and while this falls short of that, I have to laugh, you are obviously a relatively new dog owner.  Less than 30 years ago, burnt motor oil was the most effective way to kill demodectic mange and nearly as safe for the dog as today’s prescriptions.  Never heard of the match trick; we just pulled them off and dabbed with antiseptic :)  I found a (ridged) dime to be very effective in scaling my Akita’s teeth, much safer than anesthesia.  Editor

Grooming Annette: I subscribe to the Dog Place but after reading about Fred's grooming practices … I don't want to even see another article from your site. I am also in rescue work. And I have seen so many dogs abused and mishandled … I will never recommend your article or subscription to anyone. (name withheld according to her demand, some of her less measured radical comments and those of her "rescue" friends, withheld for reason...

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Special Treatment: I was amazed to learn that the AKC is now planning to underwrite shows for clubs having difficulty locating and affording a show site.  A few years back my club was in some financial distress and was looking for a show site.  We found one that we could afford on our own and was already being used by several other clubs.  When we had received permission from the club whose grounds they were and submitted our application, the AKC said the grounds were not suitable unless we spent more money on temporary improvements, an added cost to the grounds for the club.  The AKC never offered to help the club monetarily or any other way.

Why now are these clubs being given special assistance that no other club in the history of the AKC, as far as I know, ever been given before?  Are these clubs more important than any other member or licensed club?  Besides the fact that the AKC is violating the terms of its own charter they are now going to use funds to secure show grounds for clubs without the approval of the delegate body, whom needs to approve most actions of the AKC even though the Staff and Board have ignored this in the past, remember the Petland fiasco.  If they have whatever amount of money it would cost to rent the Javitts Center for other organizations to use, why do we constantly hear that they need to find ways of making up the revenue from decreased registration, etc.? 

(the shows) are also to be run by the AKC employee who has proven to not have the best interest of the exhibitors and their dogs in mind … at the 2009 AKC/Eukanuba Invitational (Agility was) subject to the ground flooding and leaving them exposed to electrocution dangers and other hazards, their solution was typical of AKC… Evidence can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXk1e0NgUGc

When is the hypocrisy and stratification of clubs and individuals going to stop?  For years now and even more so under the current regime we have seen different sets of rules for different people/clubs.  Rules and regulations have even been changed to accommodate some but not all.  It’s time for a hard look at the way the AKC conducts itself and may even be time to involve the legal system.  - A concerned member of the dog show community

Veterinarian On Vaccines: I have been a practicing veterinarian for 37 years. The past 30 years have been dedicated to providing quality Integrative veterinary modalities to my patients, clients and readers.  The incidence of cancer has gone from around 5% when I started my career in the early 1970's to 55% in the 21st century. My observation as a scientist and clinician is the reason for the increase in cancer and also the rise in auto immune disease in animals and people is due to vaccinations, drugs and chemicals.

I have spent the better part of thirty years discovering the truth about the dangers of vaccines, drugs and chemicals and shared them with all my clients and readers around the world. Thirty years ago people were not aware of what I was discovering and felt threatened by it as they are today. However with the information network we have today, people are more informed and aware of these dangers. The unfortunate part of this story is the medical community is not owning up to this truth.

When a body of medical professionals know that rabies vaccines can cause terminal cancer in the cat for 20 years and do nothing about it, we have a problem.  Instead of removing the vaccine from the market place, they tell the veterinarian to inject it in the rear leg of the cat so they can cut off the limb more easily. This is a sad story but true. I have yet to meet a new client with a cat who has been warned about this danger with Rabies vaccine and Leukemia vaccine by their veterinarian.

I had one of my readers tell me that after going to the same veterinarian for 10 years, vaccinating annually for rabies her cat developed a tumor on its neck. When examined by her long term veterinarian, he immediately told her it was an injection site fibrosarcoma just looking at it. She asked him what caused it and he candidly said, "From his rabies shot." She then asked him why he hadn't told her about the possible danger of vaccinating her cat for rabies. His reply, " I didn't want to worry you." This is a highly educated individual and this is his scientific explanation for not providing INFORMED CONSENT. This is very sad to say the least.

Unfortunately it doesn't stop with vaccines. The topical flea and tick products contain carcinogens and or neuro toxins which are absorbed through the skin of the pets. A worse problem arises when the children and family members who touch the pet and absorb the toxins into their bodies. No testing has been done to see what the effect these chemicals have on humans or the long term effect on animals.

My concern is pet caregivers are not being provided informed consent options about the treatment regiments they are being told are necessary for the care of their pets.

The time will come when man looks back on where medicine is today and say, "Can you believe people believed in injecting toxic substances into living beings and called that healing?"

Thank you for providing this site to help inform pet caregivers of their options and they do have a choice.  Sincerely yours, Stephen R. Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH

Toxic Grapes: My 1.5 year old Daschund, Daisy, recently ate 4-5 ounces of fresh grapes.  (She is app 10 lbs)  She ingested them around 10 am.  Began throwing up around 8 pm.  Took to the emergency clinic, ran urinalysis and blood work. All of her blood values were slightly elevated.  Began IV fluid treatment.  Next evening we ran the same tests.  All levels were over triple the normal values.  No urination for 12 hours.  Slowly, she began producing urine, numbers crept down over three days.  IV fluids for 4 days.  Began slowly eating and taking in small amounts of food.  The BUN number is still elevated (37) but other values have returned to normal. 

I understand the desire to debunk a "hoax", but if your son was deathly allergic to peanuts, you wouldn't think that peanut allergy awareness was overkill.  If only a few dogs are allergic to grapes, it is still a good idea to make that known so people can be careful in what they feed their pets.

By the way, as I searched for answers as my dog was going into renal distress, I found that she presented exactly as was predicted.  Also, the published toxic dose for dogs is app 1.1 oz per kg of dog.  A 70 lb dog would have to eat app 35 ounces of grapes to get to that level.  Who knows, if humans ate half of their kg weight in ounces of grapes, we might get pretty sick too.  Thanks, DJ Harry

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