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Animal Rights Groups Pay Up: I have devised one plan that might work.  If each state would enact laws that required all groups who collected money within that state for animal welfare to provide written proof that a minimum of 70% of the funds collected within that state was spent on the physical care of animals or cease operating in the state, their funds for lobbying would dry up.  That money would have to be spent on actually doing what they advertise.  We all need to contact our state legislators and find friendly ones to start the ball rolling.  Tom Luke

Animal Rights Education: The only way for the breeders to combat this is through EDUCATION.  It's amazing how many people who honestly feel they are helping their LOCAL shelter by donating to HSUS.  Since the AKC won't make a stand, and I feel that they should, the AKC should be educating the public on the difference. So I propose that Parent Clubs start an ad campaign of their own, countering the misbeliefs that HSUS rescue dogs and cats, and where the donations are actually spent.  Parent Clubs may have the funds more readily available, then local breed clubs.  Everyone is struggling in this economy, show entries, field event entries, obedience entries are all down, it is very challenging to hold an event that breaks even or makes a little money.  I live in a very small and rural community in Michigan.  I'm surrounded by Dairy Farms, the farmers are outraged by all the "animal activists" who are trying to regulate HOW they farm.  We can join the agriculture community in this fight.  Every time something comes up in Michigan, I have a few farmers who will call and ask me if I've heard about the newest bill being introduced, and how are we going to fight it.  Jodi Hurd-Cavanagh / Apacheacre Setters

Dog Breeding & PETA: I have owned and bred Toy Fox Terriers since 1989.  I bred my last litter in 2010 and spayed my last two breeding age girls.  When I keep a dog I keep it for life. I have four dogs over 10 years old and I will enjoy their company to the end of their lives. The threat of PETA, Animal Control, increased Big Government intrusions into our daily lives and soaring vet expenses put an end to my hobby of breeding and showing TFT's in UKC and also AKC.  I may not be breeding anymore but I will fight fight fight (!) all anti-breeder anti-pet ownership legislation that comes along.  Being in California, the Land of Crack Pot Liberals, anti-breeding bills make the rounds each year. Since I am no longer one of those "horrible" dog breeders I am free to put all of my energy into defeating PETA or the Government whenever they pick a fight.  It is sad when people call me hoping to get another puppy from me and I explain that I no longer breed.  Things are changing in so many ways across this country and the change is not for the better.  Teresa Hall

Editor: We hope others see the big picture and are motivated by you.  If we want to continue as Genetic Artists, breeding well bred purebreds, we have to unite nationally and we have to start at the local level.  We are running out of time.  Thank you Teresa.

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More Backbone: You are so right!! Your article Backbone Gone! was excellent and just the message us purebred breeders want to smack "pet-owners" up side the head with to get their attention - there seems to be such a movement towards prejudice and contempt when people choose to buy a purebred instead of a shelter puppy - I feel a strong responsibility to educate people who are swallowing the AR and Rescue sermons Hook, Line and Sinker!  Thank you for the reprint permission for http://www.thedogpress.com/editorials/will-show-breeders-support-the-sport-114153.asp  I will put it in the thread and encourage our members to join and respond to the upcoming survey - I am also trying to pull thoughts together to respond to your editorial too - its gotten a great reception already.  Gail Forrest

Editor:  See above.  We have to stand up!  Thank you Gail, for passing courage to others.

Designer Dog Poohs: Ah.. a key word struck me in your editorial..."Pooh's".  For 20 plus years the poodle stood atop the AKC registered list, and now has to be the most maligned breed of all.  We fell from Grace only to become THE breed to co-mingle other genes with.  We have oodles of doodles, labradoodles, goldendoodles, and puggles and cockapoohs, schnoodles, peekapoohs... EVERYONE it seems wants to cross their favorite breed with poodles.  I have personally groomed most of the above and even though they may be perfectly nice pets they are a grooming NIGHTMARE and it’s anyone's guess which temperament they might have.


And now the AKC has jammed down our throats the mixed breed allowed in our performance events... was that a little bone to help us get entries up? I am not buying and neither is my club. We once again voted not to allow mixed breeds in our upcoming  agility trial. WHY?? Because poodles are the basis for all the bastardization popular among the "next generation" of the dog buying public.  WHEN will they figure out they can go to nearly any shelter and PURCHASE a mutt?  Save a life? Fine by me - I was the dog warden who destroyed over 10,000 lives in 7 years ... all unwanted mix breed dogs and cats.  When will they "get it" that saving a life is not necessarily what they thought it might be???  And it seems the lack of spine is because we all know it is a loosing battle. AKC couldn’t care less.  Vickie Haywood

About the judge: Good that someone covered the mess with the judge and AKC.  After working so hard to be approved, I am having second thoughts.  I have done well in my profession without having Big Brother monitor my moves and at my age, I do not think it will suit me to worry about personally offending someone at AKC.  There seems not to be any corporate oversight and that has nothing to do with non profit.  Something is very wrong there and I want no part of that kind of structure.  Please withhold my name.  I would like to be the one to make the first move.  (Judge)

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Drug Warning! I took my dog to be neutered and he was given a drug labeled for cattle & horses (XYLAZINE)  The drug manufacturer sent me the ADE report that I and the manufacturer filed, not the veterinarian, it stated NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CATS & DOGS, yet they used it anyway.  My dog had NO surgery and dropped dead.  I had a necropsy and that report stated that my dog was NORMAL, the veterinarian there said that she could not find any thing wrong with my dog. He was only 2 1/2 yrs old.  I had two expert veterinarians that stated that this drug carries 43 times higher risk for death than newer safer drugs. They said this was an older drug that should be taken out of small animal veterinary medicine.


I want to share this because I have done extensive research on this drug and it is a very UGLY DANGEROUS drug.  If you think your state veterinarian board is going to help you, then you are sadly mistaken.  Most veterinarian boards dismiss most valid cases. They are not doing their job which is to protect you and your pets.  We need to be knowledgeable and protect our pets by reading and researching side affects, drugs, and never let our pets be taken out of our sight.


Thank you for your site and letting me share my story. I have a website that tells my beloved Mutley's story.  The veterinarians do not acknowledge the psychological damage they have put us through but ... the pain and suffering is the worst I have ever experienced.  www.mutleyandme.org   You are doing a GREAT service for those willing to understand that this in fact DOES happen as in my case.   The clinic that this happened in was owned and operated by a rescue group. The veterinarian told the judge that he used this drug because it was cheap. My dog died because of his ignorance and greed.  Patricia Deeds

Judges Go Quietly: I have discussed the treatment of Herendeen with several other judges who later told me they would not have believed it if they had not gone to the dog press and read it for themselves.  They passed it on too and everyone I know is talking about this but oh very quietly.  My husband and I are very concerned.  We knew his father and want to thank you for putting this on the front page.  You know us but don’t use our name.  Things have changed and not for the good.  Was a time when you got a license because someone there knew you could judge dogs.  I think that was a better system than what we have now.  Some of our friends are just quietly retiring or turning down assignments.  Thank you again.  (name withheld)

Your Letters are one of our most-read features!  Open subject...

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