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Judging Contracts - I agree with the article (Gammill) but more and more judges are accepting assignments, signing contracts, returning them and then months latter having the assignments changed.  When a contract is accepted, signed and delivered based on the fact not only that you want this assignment, but the cost figures and history of entries will pay for the trip, and the club contacts you months later and arbitrarily takes away a breed or two, you lose the economics of the contract  and you can't afford to do the assignment and are at a loss as to what you can do or should do.  You may have given up other assignments because you have a signed contract.  Not only the dates but the terms may specify that you can't accept assignments within a period of time and/or distance of the assignment.  Food for thought, Karen Skaggs - AKC Judge

It’s All About The Dog Shows - Yes and after 26 years I can count the honest judges on two hands.  Most are so political they stink! Jerry D Newton

Judging One Dog At A Time - I read Beverly Vics article on judging one dog at a time. In judging 23 shows under FCI rules around the globe, this is the methodology used. Each dog comes into the ring individually, is appraised and given a ranking of from excellent on down,( somewhat different terms in different countries), A written critique is also given for each dog which is given to the exhibiter. Upon completion of judging each individual with a ranking of excellent comes back into the ring (sometimes by class entered) or all together for the final awards of the CC or other awards. The most complex rating system I encountered was in Norway.  Al Grossman, Ph.D, Judge Emeritus

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Thank you - for reference in The Dog Press Headlines, Please keep me on the active list.  Thank you. Terry Goldman - CFWGA President

Judging Fiasco at the Olympia Kennel Club show. I am a toy fox terrier breeder/exhibitor from Washington state and the article was right on target. Yes we knew about it. Wish AKC would wake up to this.  However, that being said, I did want to point out an error in your article- The judges name was Joseph Joly not Jolly. Maybe you could make a small correction in it. I would just love for every TFT breeder/exhibitor in the USA to send a copy of your article to AKC - They would like to know why more of us are not showing- this is why!!  Jane Reed Jane’s Toy Fox Terriers

Judges Panel or Rescue - What better way for the fanatic animal rights groups to pose as rescue to 'collect information" to identify rescuerers. Someone should tell this woman to get lost...she wants financial reports? Names and addresses? I hope no one is fooled by this.  Bonnie West and the Windsong Westies

Gratitude - First of all please allow me to express my gratitude for your website! Someone gave me a link few days ago and since then I can’t stop reading. I feel like I’m in my own version of Disneyland for dog people. Thank you so much!  Elena Garazha - Domaine D’Elegar Great Danes kennel

The Judge Says - ... both of the judging articles were enjoyed in my house.  My wife likes the One Dog method but unfortunately, it can't be used at allbreed shows.  I had a contract dispute (resolved) early this year so that article was interesting too.  Katie usually is.  I see you will withhold names and due to the contract problem, I prefer that you withhold mine.  Continue the good work, we look forward to each issue.  (name withheld) 

The Plight Of Lennox - (he) was wrongly seized in Belfast last 19th May 2010. Lennox never had any complaints and had never done anything wrong - the seizure by Belfast City Council dog wardens is based purely on how he looks.  Lennox is a Labrador/American Bulldog cross, and has had a DNA test to prove this, but apparently this isn't enough for the court to decide that he isn't a pit-bull type. The family who own him have also done more than required by law as responsible dog owners, when Lennox was a puppy they had him neutered, licensed, insured, DNA registered, Pet Safe registered and micro chipped. The council who took him has also issued a dog license for Lennox for the last five years and continues to still. He is also a therapy dog for the family's 12 year old daughter who is registered disabled, and whose health has deteriorated because of this.

The injustice of it all is made worse by the dog wardens who (seized) Lennox and they also used the ADBA Inc (American Dog Breeders Association Incorporated) breed standards guide to help identify Lennox as possible Pit Bull type.  The petition for Lennox to be released and returned to his family currently has over 47,000 followers worldwide. The ADBA Inc, various Animal Rights groups, Animal Welfare organisations, Veterinarians, Dog Breed and Behaviourist Experts have given support. Many regular tourists to Northern Ireland have also stated they will not return until Lennox is returned home to his family.  All information regarding Lennox can be found on the official website, which is:  http://www.savelennox.co.uk/  Kindest regards, Alison Kyri

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WKC & Pedigree Commercials: Just the name of the dog food itself "Pedigree" should raise eyebrows. Dog shows are for purebred dogs. Thus the reason for their beginning. Robin Young

More On WKC & Pedigree: I feel if it wasn't just a marketing ploy and they put just half the money they spend in those commercials to practice they could save thousands of dogs. I hate it and it is not the place for it. It is just marketing and sad that people fall for it. The new breed the rescue dog.  Cynthia Humphrey

Pedigree Commercials: I feel that the commercials are fine, but they should also promote the spay/neuter of mixed breed/shelter dogs within these commercials. Jann Lanz

Yes to the Pedigree Commercials: Since the AKC permits anyone to breed anything, puppymill dogs, backyard breeders, etc. At the expense of hundreds of thousands of innocent dogs each year. So many end up in shelters. I do believe the Westminster has the best of the best.... but.... it also breeds dogs when there are millions killed in shelters yearly.  Lynne Fracassi

And Still More WKC & Pedigree: The purebred world is under too much attack as it is. Show commercials of happy endings with families who purchases pure breed dogs! There are many many venues showing adoption of mutts, but few to show the positives of getting a purebred dog. Vicki Aucremanne

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