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We Roll Over For Praise: I just want to thank all of you at The Dog Press; you guys are amazing and work so hard to keep people informed in an amazing and honest way. We are very responsible breeders and are breeding "for the love of the breed" and are so grateful for the hard work you do to keep people informed. Richard Beham, Neo German Shepherds

Missed The (PUPS) Point: Your support of Mr. Losey's opinion of PUPS is simply outrageous.  PUPS is a far cry from bringing proper standards of care to those dogs and you know it.  It's clear you also know who butters your bread, and I am disgusted by all of you.  Kindly remove me from your subscription and mailing lists. Heidi Jones
Better Than Castration!  I just want to say that this is an EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT article!!!  Great job!  And also, it’s great that you wrote about alternatives.  Another alternative is hysterectomy (as opposed to ovariohysterectomy), which is removal of just the uterus.  My cats had this done.  They still mate and are happy and healthy, but they don’t reproduce.  In fact, I think hysterectomy is better than tubal ligation because it eliminates the risk of pyometra. (I had one cat who was “accidently” spayed by a vet after the cat developed pyometra).  Also, vets do not know how to perform tubal ligation.  I had two feral cats get pregnant after they had their tubes tied. Keep up the great work! Regards, Barbara B. P.S. I am an animal rights activist.  Just FYI, we are not all the same : )

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Reproduction Report: I am a hobby breeder and show person. I have 5 Yorkies and 1 Chihuahua. I have only bred 2 litters in over 10 years and the very thing you discussed I am seeing with so much denial. I would love to have this piece for my note book, in fact if I may could I share it with 2 friends? There are many things I would like to have for my notebooks from your list but didn’t know if it was ok to print? (Do) you have a way to get all these?  I want to have them in my notebook to carry in the car to read. I can’t access my computer except at home.  I am betting the dog world would snap this up if was all printed and booklet form.  Janet Wilshire

Diminished Reproduction: I'm new to the world of purebred dogs (my Ibizan Hound just turned two years old) but I did a considerable amount of research into the breed prior to getting my puppy and have continued to follow the breed. I (and the breeder) are currently waiting for the breeder's bitch to come into season so that I can add a second dog.

In the short time I have been following the breed I have seen an increase in litters having only 1-3 pups instead of the 6-10 pups that were common in the early years of this breed in the US. I have wondered if the use of human intervention (IA) is part of the problem. Personal observation: dogs used for only showing = small litters; dogs used for both showing and lure coursing = normal litters (6-8 pups). I would like permission to place a link to this article on my Facebook page. Many of my FB friends are breeders and this info needs needs a wide audience. Thank You, Lisa S. Peason

Great Dane Tragedy: First of All I must say that I'm truly sorry for any suffering this poor pup had to endure. I think it depends on the integrity of both parties.. I'm not sure that the facts are what or how they are being represented from this buyers story. The way the so called breeder is being portrayed as a definitely shady uncaring individual. I'm not sure what the real facts are as I'm not privy to this case in it's entirety. I've been a professional pet groomer for more than 40 years and I have heard lots of horror stories from clients about *breeders*..but until I have examined the facts with reliable timelines I would reserve my judgment until then on something as serious as this accusation.

When I sell a dog I now have my Vet do a health exam/certificate and fecal because that makes me feel more comfortable knowing that all is what it appears to be. Any person involved in breeding animals can't really guarantee  completely that they will never breed a  animal that may develop some form of inheritable or idiopathic diseases. I had a experience in the past about a  whippet pup I sold that supposedly had a very serious condition, a elongated soft pallet that wasn't found until the buyer got the pup examined by her vet. It was doing what most whippet people call reverse sneezing. The buyers had met me near a dog show five hours from my home and about the same distance for them. The place I was staying at had a run filled with pine shavings for my pups when I arrived. ( the problem?)  I asked to have the dog returned to me to no avail. The woman was totally neurotic and would not budge in her thoughts about this supposed condition, as diagnosed by her vet. She was going to have surgery done to this 12 week old pup. A long time friend who happens to be a Breeder and a veterinarian in my breed, whippets told me that I should get the pup back.. that no way no how a whippet could have this problem as described unless it was some fantastic anomaly. Usually only brachycephalic breeds have issue with elongated soft palate.

I asked them to get a second opinion at U.C. Davis as they didn't live too far from there and also the Gal who owned the sire  of the pup offered to take the pup to davis if they couldn't drive that far . I don't know if the pup ever had this surgery as communication was lost. They would not return the pup and discontinued communication with me.  This is the short version of  my side of this  story /one example of something that happened to me personally. Vet care is expensive. Too many people still don't understand that it isn't so much the cost of buying a animal but the costs to maintain one, with proper food,vet care,living area etc..Just ask any Horse person, heck there are tons of free horses right now in this economy.. because  people can't afford their care and feed anymore.. oops now I deviate. Best regards, Kristy Kenyon Sonsteby Whippets since 1974

Great Dane Breeder: The breeder in this instance was obviously an irresponsible breeder.  All my puppies, whether show or companion, are sold with a contract and a health guarantee. The buyer is also sent home with a puppy care package which includes a "baby book" that has pictures of the sire and dam, a 3 generation pedigree,  any pictures that have been taken of the puppy, copies of shot records and health information on Great Danes.  I have a continuous relationship with the owner for the life of the puppy.  Any responsible breeder will do the same. I also do not discount my puppies.  If a buyer is unable to pay for the puppy, then they are probably unable to bear the cost of caring for it.  Danes can be rather expensive to care for properly due to their size.  Food and monthly preventative medications are more expensive than for smaller breeds.  Also any veterinary care costs more. Prospective buyers should research the breeder before they purchase.  Ask for references and check them out.  If the breeder does not have a buyer complete an application, do a home check, or ask for references from the buyer, they are probably not responsible breeders. Buyers should do their homework before they purchase a puppy from anyone.  Memory Armstrong, ScarletOak Great Danes

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Great Dane Pricing:  I am just sick after reading this story. Not only for the poor puppy, but the family that had to go through watching him slowly and painfully drift away. I truly believe that you should have to apply for a license and be approved before you are allowed to breed animals. So many ignorant people think they can put any two dogs together and 'make money'. Not all dogs should be bred, not all genes are worthy of being pushed on. I know its cliche', but if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. I cannot encourage people enough to research the breeder, ask for references. If there's a huge discount on a dog, ask why! We have a 5 page long contract written by a lawyer to ensure the safety and well being of not only our puppies but our families. We have health guarantees, and a strict return policy. Sometimes you may pay a little more but it is worth it. I just had a woman email me a few months back stating that she went with a ''cheaper'' dog then mine, and now at 1yr he has been so sick she couldn't afford him anymore. I feel very bad for them but sometimes ''cheap'' is just that, cheap. Look for breeders who have a passion for the breed, who can answer any questions you may have. Always see the parents! Ask around and see what people are saying about this breeder. Will they answer your questions once you walk out the door or will you be on your own? And the bottom line: if you feel something is wrong, if you don't feel comfortable WALK AWAY! This is going to be your family member for the next 10+yrs, you need to love your choice and feel happy with your decision. I am truly sorry to this poor family and I would love to offer this family a happy and healthy puppy free of charge from our next litter. They should still be able to enjoy the breed with a loving family pet that will bring them years of joy! -Best Wishes- Courtney F.

Great Dane Bargain: You asked for feedback about the Great Dane puppy case. As far as we are concerned, when folks try to get a "bargain" puppy, they usually get what they pay for. I am sad this goes on. It is too bad the family didn't contact the Great Dane rescue first and get a dog already checked out.  Mary Hallowell



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