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Not Her Dog!  The photo of the Brussels Griffon referenced in the article on the WA hoarder woman who is allegedly an AKC judge is incorrect information.  Obviously, people are trying to "research" this woman and coming up with wrong and harmful information. The Brussels Griffon belongs to me and has never lived or been housed outside of California.  I believe they found out the name of the woman who owned the property and searched from there. Her name is similar to the co-breeder of  Johnny. Without further investigation they jumped to the conclusion that this dog belonged to the lady in WA. Please note that the co-owner with the similar name has been dead for over three years. Here is a case where extreme damage is being done to individuals who are not involved. Faulty information, jumping to conclusions, lack of investigation.....all have damaged my reputation. My attorney has just called me and it appears the news media responded within minutes of receiving his letter and blocked the site.  Felicia M. Cashin
Editor: The "news site" was KOMO, not TheDogPress.  We chose NOT to use the photo for exactly the reason stated above and because it had no bearing on the story which we believe was deliberately distorted.  We have spoken with the judge and will strive to present the factual coverage which has earned this publication respect.  We include a sampling of other letters that thoughtfully provided links, ALL OF WHICH were gleaned from the single first report... We have been in contact with the sheriff's department and will bring readers "the rest of the story."

Dandie Help: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/komo/article/Owner-of-100-seized-dogs-is-dog-show-judge-2337260.php still says judge. Carol R Hamilton

Oo la la: It's not slander if it's true. Report on MSNBC, with info from the King County Sherrif's office:


We don't do our selves any favors as fanciers when we defend actions in a "show person" that we would deplore in anyone else.  Carol Gravestock

Dug Deeper: http://search.komonews.com/default.aspx?ct=r&q=animal+hoarder&x=36&y=13. The article has not been removed.  Cindy F Lewis

Handler Benched? Rumor or truth benching a dog show handler for neglect of dog or dogs for urine in crate. Handler of Ch. Ratrace Surfergirl Rosewood, Parson Terrier. Last name Nener.  Sally Johnson

Editor: We have heard nothing but if it happened, I'm sure someone can confirm.

Dane Therapy: I've had Danes for an excess of 30 years and never ever has any of them bit anything or person!! One was a therapy dog who specialized in children from 5 MONTHS to 5 Years old! They poked and prodded her and she laid there and loved them!!!! Charles Marcantonio

Owner Handler: I want to thank you for the article (Owner Handlers Eat Cake) regarding handlers and the drop in entries.  As owner handlers with a special who has been in the top 20 of our breed for 3 years now...no small feat...we have had an absolutely horrible experience specialing our dog in regards to judges ignoring owner handlers in their ring and only rewarding pro handlers.  Common quote?  "so and so can take a pig in the ring and win".  No wonder entries are down.  I swear, after we retire this dog, we will not show again to this extent.  Shame on AKC.  Elitists. Deb Listander Caloosa Ranch Rottweilers

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Thanks Margaret: I just read Who is Served, Man or Dog by Margaret Byrd. She puts in to words the struggle we as dog lovers face. Many times I find myself expressing those views, to any one who will listen and actually some that won't. My heart becomes heavier as time passes, I become tired of fighting for the rights of the very people I am fighting them for. As I type this, I have 2 dogs laying at my feet, one standing with a paw very gently placed on my elbow, the rest in various stages of slumber around my desk and all of them filling my soul with quiet joy. I fear a day when my grandchildren cannot know the comfort of a dog to stand by them, love them and protect them. Thanks Margaret for being eloquent. Teresa Crisman MorningStar Miniature Schnauzers

Fading Puppy "Down Under": Editor, Firstly may I congratulate you on your news presentation, I thoroughly enjoy every issue.  I have just read Margo Carters account of Fading Puppy Syndrome. As a breeder of almost 40 years, I like most of us have encountered many failure to thrive puppies & in almost every case I have failed to survive the pup. I breed Chihuahuas & Pugs. Margo's words today are almost word perfect to my current 'fading' pug pup. Born on 9/10/11 in a litter of seven, they were a very even size at birth, but within hours this one little female was falling behind, yes I did check for Cleft Pallet, this was ok, dehydration, & yes it was there, so I took over the tube feeding, now at 2 weeks & 4 days she is still 'not sucking' from mum, but does appear to 'suck' the tube, is apparently strong enough to skittle around her bed, shrieks like a banshee when she 'objects' to being disturbed etc; & still isn't growing as I think she should. I am feeding her on Goats Milk (fresh from the goat) as this is recognized as having a better calcium content of any other animal milk, & it does not give them loose bowels. Right now I am going to introduce a tad more liquid, glucose water, as I'm thinking this may improve the sucking reflex, as I'm not sure just the goats milk will give her much 'spare' liquid as opposed to her needs for nourishment.  All in all, my kindest regards & thanks to Margo for her article & yourselves for having the foresight to print it, by the way what is "Ringers"?  Sincerely, Anita Wright, "Mordosa" in Adelaide Sth Australia.

Editor: Ringers or Lactated Ringers solution is a hydrating, sodium-potassium-calcium, electrolyte balancing fluid given IV but can be injected sub-cutaneously at home in emergency.  Good to have on hand. ask your vet.

Dumping Dogs: I probably wouldn't have been as upset as I was about the "Solutions to Shelter Purebreds?"  if I hadn't just looked at the article saying that rescuers are dumping dogs.  I'd LOVE to see some facts from that woman.  But I didn't.  Rescue doesn't really need any unsubstantiated claims like this!  Rhonda Carlson American Brittany Rescue, Inc 

Politics & Coyotes: Are you going to write editorials on the other Republican candidates and President Obama as well? I hope so. Singling out only one candidate might look like you have an ax to grind.  If you have never encountered a coyote while on a walk, God has been good to you! I have. Coyotes have killed some of my dogs and cats during my 66 years here in Texas and I lived in a city most of those years. While living on a farm we lost chickens, goats, sheep and cattle to coyotes. The only thing they left alone was our jack a**. He could take them out when they came into the sheep pasture, but even he couldn't defend from a whole pack. You will have to forgive Gov. Perry and folks like me when we have no love for coyotes. I'm sure you never went to a pasture and saw a new born calf lying dead and the mother cow suffering and nearly dead because the coyotes ate her rear-end out while she was down calving.  Bring your dog with you and come visit Texas. We can show you the coyote up close and personal.  Helen Johnson

Editor:  She is referring to our Politics Section > Perry but we have also covered Rick Santorum

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Not For Perry: You state you will discuss political candidates. I hope you mention how Rick Perry violated our 4th Amendment rights in Texas by signing into law the pet limit law HB1451.  Thank you,  Julie Edwards Ghost Dance Alaskan Malamutes Alpine, TX

Editor: And we did:  Texas HB1451 & Gov. Rick Perry, Presidential Candidate

Compiling Articles: I am a hobby breeder and show person. I have 5 Yorkies and 1 Chihuahua. I have only bred 2 litters in over 10 years and the very thing you discussed I am seeing with so much denial. I would love to have this piece for my note book, in fact if I may could I share it with friends. It would be great if you could compile it into a pamphlet and sell for a few dollars. It fact there are many things I would like to have for my notebooks from your list but didn’t know if it was ok to print.  I don’t guess you would have a way to get all these would you? I want to have in my notebook to carry in car to read and to work. I can’t access my computer except at home. I am betting the dog world would snap this up if was all printed and booklet form.  Janet Wilshire

Editor: This has been suggested by several people including Katie Gammill who as a judge, gets so much feedback from the fancy.  I'm working with an illustrator now on a children's book but will ask Dennis to put together a plan for making subject-related booklets available for a modest fee.  Thank you to all who have requested take-with copies.



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