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Save Our Sport - Thank you for your article. Perhaps it is time for the Responsible Breeders to reclaim their stud books and secede from AKC. Let's make the distinction clear again. We will never change AKC, the Parent Clubs need to take back and form a new group, one without all the AKC trappings and fal de ral, that has one purpose and only one to maintain the integrity of the breeds and ensure that each registered dog conforms to it's purported breed standard. Sincerely, Linda Aronson, DVM Other parent clubs have tried to duck AKC's noose but eventually gave in.  Australian Shepherd club comes to mind, I think we covered that way back then.  Your sentiment is "right on" and perhaps some day, some club will say "enough" and take your suggestion.  Editor

More on Saving Our Sport - I wish I was smarter so I could have something constructive to say.  Maybe I am blinded by the new breeder of merit hand towels... [tongue firmly in cheek] I cannot tell you how many times I have had conversations with JQ Public about the "rescue a dog propaganda" but now they may be able to register them? Shut my mouth and call me a Dodo. Just when I think I can enjoy breeding a litter to have something fabulous to love and show, I have to worry about with whom I will place the other puppies in the litter. Sadly my only recourse so that pets are not clandestinely bred is to not register the other puppies at all. Best Regards, Gloria Lambert - Tanyastoys.com

HSUS vs. PureBredBreeders.com I saw the article about HSUS losing a lawsuit filed against what you called “a small business helping reputable dog breeders connect with good owners that HSUS files suit against.” purebredbreeders.com Are you serious? Reputable in what way? I am curious if you actually looked through this website or if in your overzealous hatred of all things HSUS you just assumed that they are legitimate. After looking through the site, it appears to be yet another puppy mill selling site. Nowhere are there listed the breeder’s names, the dog’s registered names, any proof of health certifications, championships, membership in national breed clubs, etc. They have puppies listed that are registered with bogus puppy mill registries such as “APRI” and “ACA” in addition to many “designer” mixed breed puppies. The puppies appear to sell for between $1,400-$3,000. When the actual, responsible dog fancy gets in bed with the puppy mills to ‘protect their turf’ we all lose. I have been an active member of the dog fancy for more than 20 years, belonging to two National Breed clubs, two regional breed clubs, I am an officer in one, I belong to an agility club, I show my dogs in conformation, herding, agility and draft, in addition to doing rescue for several breeds for the past twenty years. I will _never_ align myself with puppy mills, and I hate to see your publication doing so. Respectfully, Jennifer Zaayer
You are totally right Jennifer.  I was so overcome by the trees, missed the forest.  Thank you for taking me to task and for being a subscriber who knows we have never been aligned with puppy mills.  You are not the only one to take me to task but your letter was one of the best, Editor

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Purebred Breeders LLC is a complete scam!!! The breeders of the dogs they sell are all puppy mills. I wanted to see what sort of place they were so I looked up California Pom breeders and found a puppy. I called and said I was interested in that puppy because he had Champion lines behind him. Unlike an unsuspecting buyer, I know what to ask about the dog. They said that dog was not from CA but from OHIO. I said that I wanted a puppy from a California Breeder because I wanted to see where the puppy came from and to pick him up myself. Well they just kept pushing this puppy on me and said how easy it was to ship him and that I could have him in just a few days. I asked about the champion bloodlines and they said he was from Yoders lines. Yoders is an Amish nightmare puppy mill. He has given up his federal license due to killing about 70 or 80 dogs in a homemade gas chamber. I said no I wanted a puppy from CA. They said there are none available. They kept calling me back and telling me that I needed to move on getting this puppy because others were interested in him. I finally told them to quit calling and that I would find a puppy in CA.

This company owns many, many web addresses with regard to all sorts of combinations of dog breed names and states. So if you are searching for Iowa Greyhound Breeders then they may very well own that site name and you are directed to their site in FL. The number for any dog breed in any state goes to the same call center. The people at the call center know absolutely NOTHING about the dog you want. They just say they’re selling you that dog. It is a complete scam. Check out Complaints Purebred Breeders.

Please believe me when I say as a breeder that I don't want the animal rights terrorist groups breathing down my neck or deciding what I do with my dogs. At the same time I hate to see the public scammed and defrauded like this company does to people.  Using the internet to search for information and local breeders is the best thing since sliced bread but it is not good to order a puppy over the internet.  If you ask me puppies should never be sold over the internet.  These are the sorts of people and businesses that are causing the problems for legitimate breeders like myself and your readers.  We must separate ourselves from the scam artists brokering puppies to the highest bidder.
A good breeder visits the prospective buyers home after meeting with them and they meet the puppy.
A good breeder takes the time to match the puppy with the new owners.
A good breeder provides lifetime advice and support for the puppy buyer.
A good breeder takes their puppies back if it doesn't work out.  This does not mean the buyer gets their money back after a certain amount of time.
A good breeder has a contact that spells out as much as possible for the buyer what is expected of them and what the breeders obligations are as well.

Selling dogs over the internet as they do is not good for any of us!!! Sincerely, Linda Lewis Afina Poms and Nor Cal Pom Rescue, Inc.

Well researched and we hope, heeded.  Again, my face is red.

Backbone Gone?: I'd like to see conformation split into two divisions.... ENTERTAINMENT and BREED TYPE. Exhibitors have the choice of competing in either or both. Requirements to judge BREED TYPE are based on requirements set by that Parent Club.  In my opinion, that would end all the complaining about "...paid off judges who wouldn't know a typey XXX if it bit them". Exhibitors choose in advance to compete in the doggie version of Toddlers and Tiaras or the doggie version of a livestock exhibition.

If AKC or the Fancy is against such a split or any effort that will reflect TRUE competition, it would simply prove that we prefer to bitch and moan rather than actually fix our sport. Two divisions would bring in more revenue from more entries with little change to what is currently in place. Many people are willing to spend tons of money to play the ENTERTAINMENT version of the game. Parent Clubs already have written standards and judges education seminars.

Why not give those of us who wish to be judged on breed type by judges who are qualified in our breed the opportunity to compete in THAT version of the game?  Gail Dash, Casablanca Kuvasz 
Wow!  Now there's an idea to mull over.  And more $$$ for clubs and for AKC.  Hmm.

WKC Pedigree Commercials I am tired of no one but Quality breeders supporting themselves. The HSUS/PETA/other rescues want to shut quality breeders down and now we support it here at an all breed show!? What is really wrong with people!? If they have money to burn in the cost of Westminster advertising then how about taking that money to support their cause in the 5x5 kennels they keep these dogs in?! The people at that show (Westminster) have no interest in adopting rescue dogs. We all know how such people feel about their pedigrees and dogs. They get outraged when breeders out there have these little kennels but what is a shelter? To me the same thing as a junk breeder the only thing is they try and find them a home! And in actual fact, the shelters love to get there grubby hands on our purebred dogs, because when they do get one and they sell (lets call it for what it is, sell their mix mutts) for $200 and up. They love to have the purebreds and parade them around at their adoption events and jack up their SELLING price 4x as much. Tasha Podratz
Couldn't have said it better.  There are good shelters and then there are resale shelters.  We covered that in one of the most requested reprints ever!  It must have hit home with a lot of people: http://www.thedogpress.com/DogSense/Rescue-Raids_LP.asp
Going To Dog Shows - Please let Sue McClure know how much I enjoyed her article. We all need to stop and smell the roses on a regular basis and what a great reminder her story was.  Pat Hastings
Save Our Sport - Indeed, I remember the HVBC, PAWS and all of the associated hoopla. I think part of the problem is that responsible breeders have been driven underground by the animal rights crazies. People don't buy puppies from us because they can't FIND us. We don't openly advertise because we're afraid of being targeted. Some have websites and may be listed on the parent club website's breeder referral listing, but that is as far as we'll go to put ourselves out there. Combine that with the culture in our world that it's "distasteful" to advertise your puppies, and you have good breeders who are very, very hard to find. I'm sure the dog-buying public who qualify would prefer to purchase their canine companions from the responsible breeder you've described, but we have to be willing to widely market ourselves and our puppies. In the current climate, that's a very scary thing to do, especially when AKC does not have our backs. If you don't mind, if you decide to publish this comment I'd prefer to remain anonymous, since I don't know who is reading your site. I don't want to be the next target on an animal rights group's list.  JD
Inheritance of an un-descended testicles, I was reading this article and found it very interesting but I would like to ask one question. I have a litter now at 9 weeks with 4 males in it and 3 of them only have one testicle and one has none. Should I assume then both parents are carriers for two abnormal genes? best regards, Selma Olsen
The link above is to Capt. Haggerty's article but there's also what sounds like a scam request for blood for a DNA Study on Cryptorchids which was supposedly from Cornell UN.

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