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Dog Show Economics

I totally agree that the rule of no Un-entered dogs on the grounds and no selling on the show site did a lot to hurt responsible breeders, plus it robbed us an opportunity to provide socialization for puppies. I hated to see irresponsible people bring 6-8 week old puppies but with the new 4-6 puppy class being offered, what is wrong with having fully vaccinated puppies with you? Jean Nelson #17019, Labradors & NSDTR "Tollers"

Save Our Sport

I am a Member of the CKC and last year or the year before it went in the hole by over $500M Annually and wrote its Membership and asked for donations, etc.  So it is at the AKC. A few years back I read that puppy registrations were down 40% from the previous 10 years. I am guessing that the AKC is trying to stay afloat, and to that end it has to try different things to increase its gross income. Why it doesn't close its NY City offices is beyond me and would be a good start.  Anyway, I don't really disagree with anything that you have written in this article that I received today, but the AKC is in trouble financially and it might behoove you to write to it and suggest ways it can increase its income without sullying its reputation. Thank you for listening, H. Price Jessup - www.BlackamoorLabradors.com

AKC Inspection

Thank you for putting in writing the mess AKC has made. Several years ago I came home to a very upset Mother, she told me the “man from AKC was here demanding to see your records”. She told him he had to wait till I got home; this was 7:30 at night. Mom said he tried to enter our home by trying to push past her !!!!!!!! She ordered him out which he did. I returned home, heard all of this and was quite upset, to say the least. Around 8:00 PM he returns with the same demand to “see records”. So OK by now I’m in no mood to deal with this person. When I asked if he had an appointment, he said “he was AKC rep. and didn’t need an appointment” . I won’t go in to any more detail, but he did not “see” any records that night or any other night. I asked if he was Gestapo since these were his tactics. I also told him I would not be registering any more litters with the AKC. That did not please him.  I also said that is why there are so many alternative registries. He threatened me with fines and the like, told him good luck with that.  I’m sure this is not the input you wanted, but it sure made me feel better to tell some one who would understand.  Sincerely, Monika Klinefelter


You did the right thing, first in not letting him in to browbeat your mother and secondly, by sharing this experience with our readers.  We've had a lot of reports from readers so we will gather them and do a full update. In the meantime, here is a document you should print and keep handy!!

Legal Advice When A/C (or AKC Inspectors) Come Knocking

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Animal Cruelty/Violent Crime;

The bottom line is that social welfare and juvenile delinquency and gangs for example, are part of a culture, and violence is violence. A violent person, no matter how they got that way is violent. That being violent against animals or people is not new, and that even if ARs claim "violence" is created by theory X, thus law Y will stop violence, simply causes ARs to make more laws aimed at law abiding citizens, forfeiture, and the taking
of property, trampling breeding and selling and buying of animals. In fact, the "violence" theory was used to support CA law which states that selling outside is illegal for a private party, but NOT illegal for a "non profit.";
     While a known violent offender may not necessarily harm an animal, they may harm people, and vice versa. A case in point is the use of arson to destroy property, using sabotage, arson and battery against scientists/family, or against anyone who doesn't succumb to the AR belief that animals are human. Satanists will kill people but not animals, their belief is that animals should not be used for food. Scientists do not know why people are gay, or why they may have brain disorders, and they don't know from repeated studies, that a violent person will harm animals. A learned cultural experience that animals are not high on the chain as far as people go, tends to not create the belief that an animal's life rates very high, period. In most families where animals are just property, the belief that such animal is entitled to better treatment is not likely to be found.  Therefore, without that belief, which is mainly cultural, there will be no corresponding regard that such animal should be equal to the child. And since abuse in families is not dictated by just physical abuse, it is fairly evident that physical harm and other types of abuse are far more complicated that ARs would have us believe. The Supreme Court recognized that and shot down HSUS' theory which is pretty much what your article just went over. Christa Cardozo

Lyme Disease Expert

I just browsed your article regarding canine Lyme disease published by Barbara J Andrews. As someone who has worked in veterinary medicine for 12 years now and has seen the emergence of Lyme in our pets first-hand, I am highly offended by your factually incorrect article being readily available for uninformed pet owners to see. I've never done anything like this before, responding to something like this. But you are misleading people into believing this is nothing to be concerned with, when, in fact, it is. Lyme disease in the Eastern United States is becoming a serious issue, and your research is much to be desired. You should be ashamed. amanda abel

Dr. Jordan on Lyme Vaccine & Brain Disease  - Plum Island Lyme Disease two of over a dozen informative articles

Judges Re-Certification

I absolutely agree that there should be some sort of judge review. However, I would suggest that a peer group review would be in order. My pet peeve is the judge who caters to handlers at the expense of putting up higher quality exhibits. I do not show to about 50% of the panels because I know who is likely to win without even attending.  Pro Handler eval may reveal nothing more than who contributes to their pocketbook. Susan Nikkel Breeder/exhibitor/judge

AKC v/s The Owner-handler

My Specialty Club (Tri-Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club) uses a privately owned Agility property for its Fall Specialty. We have been licensed for Agility since 1987 and were one of the first Specialty Breed clubs to be so licensed. In fact the FIRST MACH of ANY breed was owned by a member of our club! We will no longer be holding our Specialty weekend of Breed-Agility-Obedience-Rally because we cannot get AKC to allow us to hold Agility due to the (too) many Clubs ALSO holding Agility on "our" AKC weekend because of the 100-mile rule. AND if we cannot hold Agility we cannot get our show grounds. The owners donate their lovely grounds to our Club to promote Agility. We can ONLY use their property IF we hold AKC Agility.
     Local clubs will not "release"/give up Shelties - a major entry for their show! Without Agility our Club cannot afford to hold our Specialty as local grounds cost $1200 per weekend rental. We can no longer offer our Breed Specialty weekend. Local Agility & All Breed Clubs with LESS years being licensed are given priority over our local Specialty Club (largely breeder-owner-handled entries). Only AKC can change this but our Club will decline until they do.  Ann L Neftin, Founding member, Recording Secretary, Tri-Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club of N/W Los Angeles County -est. 1987 Agility licensed 1997

Toxic advice on your website!!

Dear editors, I was browsing the net when I came across your article, "Veggies and grass ARE Dog Food" and was shocked at the advise you are telling pet owners.
     Please review the following information:
-first, you advise pet owners to give their dogs grapes. Grapes, raisins and prunes have been found to cause renal failure in dogs, although we are unsure why. I personally have treated young dogs who have consumed grapes and raisins, who had to be euthanized due to irreversible renal failure.
-Next, you advise cherries. Cherries can cause inflammation in the mouth, increase heart and respiratory rates, and stroke. The seeds and stems of many fruits (apples, almonds, apricots, peaches, plums and others) contain cyanide.
-Garlic and onions is high quantities is toxic to dogs, and more do in cats.
-broccoli cause GI upset
-raw and green potatoes and green tomatoes are toxic.
-also, please advise pet owners of other toxic foods such as avocados, macadamia nuts and walnuts.
     I do advise my pet owners to give fruits and veggies, but ones that are non-toxic (carrots, green beans, peas, bananas) and let them ones of toxic ones as well. You can't imagine how sad it is for a pet owner to give their pet something they think is healthy, and yet to their pet's demise, they poison their own pet. Please consult with a veterinary nutritionist who is a licensed veterinarian before advising people of pet nutrition!!  Sincerely, Claudia J. Regan, DVM

Thank you for taking time to write.  Several hundred dog owners, including professional handlers, breeders, and judges responded that they have fed grapes to their dogs "forever" with no ill effects. We refuted the misinformation put out there by vested-interest sources. That is our job, just like your job is to take care of animals and not misdiagnose based on false, manufactured information. 

Like many in the sport, I have 49 years of CLINICAL experience.   I don't do surgery, dentals, etc. and I humbly bow to your expertise in those areas.  It is unfortunate that veterinarians don't do likewise and learn from breeders whose credentials in practical nutrition exceed that of most veterinary professors. 

Puppy Mill Research

 I am doing an argument paper for school. Your article states that AKC supports puppy mills. I am a breeder, who shows dogs and does health testing, so absolutely don't support puppy mills. I need to find an articles that supports puppy mills, so I have something to use to argue with/prove wrong. I was hoping you could give me a link to this article that proves AKC supports puppy mills Thank you Lisa Emery

When researching, use the search engines. You can narrow your search by using the little search box at the top of most pages on the better sites.  For example, if you are on TheDogPress, in the upper right hand corner, type “AKC, puppy mills” and you will hit the jackpot!  Thank you for writing

Open forum, any subject, just keep it short!  Send your:  Letter To Editor.

Your Letters are one of our most-read features!  Open subject...

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