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Letters selected from an overwhelming barrage on Today Show's Anti-Breeder segment

HSUS & Agenda 21 Please share the information about the HSUS, HSI, Maurice Strong and UN Agenda 21 with all of the AKC people you're working with. Quit allowing the HSUS to control the discussion and the fight. Make them prove that they have the authority to advocate for government officials to make raids, to rip families apart and make criminals of people using the excuse of defending dogs and cats. Ask Wayne Pacelle how many people should have their lives destroyed to further the UN Agenda 21 plan to put animals, fish and fowl above human lives? The HSUS attacks our animal agriculture industries in an effort to achieve UN Agenda 21 founder and HSUS senior board member Maurice Strong's stated goal is to use non-government organizations like the HSUS "to cause the collapse of America". Thank you, B.L. Cozad

Today Show Biased: As a breeder of a rare breed water dog and participant in the Foundation Stock Service provided by the American Kennel Club, I for one saw this Today Show interview as biased and slanted to a population that wants to see all dog breeders outlawed. We fight to save endangered species across the world and preserve genetic material for future use in vegetation... purebred dogs will go the way of the great whales and Dodo birds if this continues. The AKC is far more than a 'Registry of dogs' I can attest that they provide education, children's programs and carefully monitor DNA of dogs being bred which is imperative to breeders and companion dog owners. I have been breeding and showing my dogs for forty three years. Dr. Doris Newkirk - Barbet and Bichon Frise breeder

HSUS Talking Points: AKC had POINTLESS "talking points". Barbary Show Dogs

Dog Breeder Refutes NBC!  My whole life I have wanted to breed dogs, I am 56, 57 next week, I breed and show, carefully place puppies in caring homes, rescue and insist that all dogs from my kennel that must be rehomed, come to me, or at the very least, I must approve the new home. I breed neapolitan and spanish mastiffs. Our dogs are our life. We breed for health, temperament and longevity. And, we are very close to our goal. But, we are ready to quit. I am so tired of the garbage that is dished out to ethical, compassionate, loving breeders of purebred dogs daily. I am tired of living in fear that someone may get a bug and try to take my dogs. I work 60 hours a week to take care of our dogs, my husband is here with them, 24/7/365. We are proud of our Breeder of Merit status. I am sick to death of people who breed mutts, or breed for money, and I am looked down upon because I care enough to do the right thing by my beloved breeds, and MY dogs. I have 5 generations of neos here in my home and on my property. And, HSUS and NBC want me to NOT have them... Why???? Anne Goetz - Centurian Mastini and Mastines

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Today Show HSUS Setup: This was a perfect case of a set up. The HSUS did what it does and Lisa was thrown to the wolves. I would love to see Good Morning America do a segment that is factual and possibly interview some hobby breeders. People who produce a litter every year or two and love those babies, protect them, and interview prospective owners to find the best match of puppy and family. Patti Richards - Forever Greene Chinooks

Dogs Wouldn’t Understand Today Show: As I write this 6 dogs are under my desk keeping my feet warm, one is on my lap and I have a soft paw on each forearm. I cry as I remember the one I had to release from old age just a few weeks ago. I was privileged to be present when she drew her first breath and her last. A place where truth to be known, is often praying for the money to pay all the bills. A place where some of her own puppies were given to needy adults and children for companionship and for the magical fur which absorbs tears when life kicks them in the face. A place where dogs sprawl willy nilly on the bed and the 'bad breeder' has to find a place to lay in between them. A place where there is always kind words, loving hands and a warm heart. A place where a litter was born every year or three and gave her the chance to be a 'mama' again. A place where leaving for 5 min. meant coming back to an ecstatic welcome home.


She would have been shocked to know her home was considered a 'backyard breeder' or a 'puppymill'. A place where the Today show was ignorant enough to call bad and unhealthy. She wouldn't have understood how people throw away constitutional rights, such as the right to own property or bear arms. She wouldn't have understood the fear her breeder feels, the unreal feeling of being hunted for producing......her. She wouldn't have understood. Teresa Crisman

Questions For HSUS: I sent the Communications Dept at AKC a copy of the letter I sent to NBC, and they almost immediately sent me a thank you for writing to NBC, and thanked me for all the good information I had in it. … I then wrote them back telling them that if after all our letters to NBC, should they ever get a chance to have equal airtime for rebuttal, they need somebody in there who knows what they are talking about, knows HOW to get at Pacelle, and is a good debater… to ASK QUESTIONS of Pacelle. Like...

  • Mr. Pacelle, the name of your organization is very clever. The first two words IMPLY that it is a "humane society", is that right? Well, if the answer to that is yes, then can you list for me a few of the shelters HSUS owns and operates across the country?

  • The last words "of the United States" IMPLIES that the organization is an arm of government. Is it a government arm that systematically trickles donations down to local shelters that do all the hands-on work?

  • If not, how do your donations get to the animal-care level?

  • What percentage of your intake is dedicated to direct animal care, as per your recent tax returns?

  • What percentage of the funding is given directly to animal care for pets, as opposed to wild animals?

  • Your income tax return shows that you give just one percent or less of your annual intake to direct care of animals. How is the rest of your ---x--- million in intake used?

Pacelle was ready for this, AKC wasn't. Judy Kelsey

Letter to NBC Today Show: Well, thank you, TODAY SHOW. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt ... But yesterday's totally biased, unfair coverage and attack of the American Kennel Club did it for me, and I will never watch that show again. In fact, the entire network's programming will not be viewed from my house.


You need to get a knowledgeable person from AKC to come on your show and refute the lies and bias that spewed from Wayne Pacelle's mouth; giving AKC the full time that was allotted Mr. Pacelle. The HSUS is one of the biggest HOAXES in America, deriving millions annually from animal lovers that THINK they are helping to care for domesticated animals with each dollar donation, when, in fact:

  • LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of donations are actually sent to OTHER organizations that do hands-on care of pets. (This is from their own public tax returns and after just a smattering of research, one could come to the conclusion that the only reason they give ANY money to local shelters is just so they can claim SOME effort toward animal care).

  • The HSUS is NOT a "humane society" in the normal sense because they DO NOT OWN OR OPERATE ONE PET SHELTER IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. This just might beg the question as to why they are considered the "experts", and just where do the millions in donations really go? Next time you talk to Wayne, just ASK HIM where all their shelters are.

  • The answer is that the money goes to five-figure salaries, pensions and employing a staff of thirty or so attorneys, among hundreds of other "operatives" across the states who lobby against animal breeding/ownership of any kind. This means animals used for food, pets, recreation, exhibition ... farm/ranch work, and of course zoos, circuses, rodeos and even law enforcement.

  • Despite the clever name, and public perception brought by heart-wrenching bogus ads that claim unverified statistics, this is not an arm of any local, state or federal government, and donations do NOT somehow trickle down to the local shelters that actually do all the hands-on work.

  • Legitimate local humane societies across the country are CHANGING THEIR NAMES so as not to be associated with this national scam.

  • HSUS and PETA ... mantra is to change the world to their way of life, which is no meat, no fish, no dairy, nothing but veggies. Do they tell you that?  Of course not; if they were honest about who they really are, they wouldn't be able to gain the support of clueless celebrities, legislators, media and the real victims, the clueless public that donate their hard-earned money thinking they are helping animals.

  • Animal-related business is among the largest industries in our country. It may take a while, but should they have their way, and with networks such as NBC supporting them whether knowingly or not, the abolition of meat, pets and other related industries aims to tear down an economy in a country that can ill afford it.

  • So, keep supporting them, NBC, and add another iron to your own fire for taking down this country.

  • Journalists? I think not.

Just in case someone at NBC might like to do some real research and cover this issue without bias, the HSUS takes in millions via the deceit of kind-hearted animal lovers that have no clue their money is not being used as desired. Is this calling the pot.....?  (name withheld by request)

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