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Judging Panel - I showed Poms and Chesapeakes prior and have been in dogs for almost 50 years. In my humble opinion the AKC conformation ring has gotten more and more corrupt. During the last 2 years I have had judges who were exhibiting dogs in the ring with me throw toys at my dogs, use their influence with the judge to harass and ridicule me. In spite of this I have managed to complete AKC Grand Championships on two of my boys with one in the top 10 last year, and one was the no.1 TFT in Canada. I only have 6 adults so this is 1/2 of my kennel. I also show UKC (both of my boys are UKC Grand Champions). I find UKC a lot less political and the people are friendlier. Jane Reed

Shelter Superiority - ... permission to print this fabulous article in my obedience club's newsletter – with all due credits of course. It's such a wonderful piece – doesn't pull any punches, and goes right for the jugular. I'm so tired of tiptoeing around trying not to offend all these sanctimonious types who brag about having "rescued" their dog, as if it's a good thing, rather than one of the dumbest things they could do, particularly if they have young children. I'd like to get the article out to as many people as possible, especially ... animal rights types who think HSUS is doing a fine job of helping to resolve ... pet overpopulation crisis, which is a subject that belongs on this decade's top ten list of fictional stories. Anyway, let me know, and thanks for printing it in DogPress in the first place! Carole Raschella

Today Show AKC spot, I could not believe it. AKC is a registry - they have never said that they were an animal welfare organization. Their inspections are for the purpose of their business - they assure that breeders can identify their breeding dogs for accurate registration purposes. It was obviously a set up by the HSUS. It's too bad NBC was taken in. Cheryl Curik
AKC, ASPCA & HSUS First AKC is plain and simple a registration... Second ASPCA and HSUS are against breeding and using animals for meat purpose, (are) considered radical and in question about tax fraud. Considering the problems these institutions already present, anyone with common sense should concentrate more about why these are attacking AKC in the first place. Just my 5 cent. The ignorance and incompetence of those who handle some subjects in this country is a disrespect to human intelligence. Kim Tsosie

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Florida Spay/Neuter. The county we live in is trying to take our dogs and make us spay and neuter them so they are not bred please read in the news 5-7-2013 an article called "County Proposes Pack Of Dogs Laws", the website is News-Press.com or I can mail a copy to AKC. FritoLayGary
Today Show I recently saw a very biased clip... that slammed AKC breeders as raising filthy, dirty dogs in horrendous conditions. The report was very slanted, no proof of anything, a lot of insinuation ... opens them to a major law suit. Below was my response to the interview of Mr Pacelle.... Many people come to buy AKC purebred dogs from breeders, sign a contract that they WILL NOT BREED that dog... As soon as they have that puppy in their possession they do as they will. These are the people you and your reporters need to focus on!!! Most purebred breeders belong to (dog) Clubs. They sign Code of Ethic forms regarding their breeding. THAT's why AKC needs only 9 inspectors for the entire country! They use the network/community to help them with their moral code of ethics. Mr Rossen made many claims and never showed a smoking gun. We never saw... 1) An inspecion report from AKC 2) Mr Pacelle was interviewed and made his speech about his dislike of purebred breeders, but 3) there was not one interview from a reputable breeder 4) The insinuation that breeders were paying "kickbacks" to inspectors was made. 5) there was no proof that the raids were on licensed kennels of AKC breeders And the list goes on and on... I am going to suggest Today state a retraction to these "claims" or face legal action. If you think it can't happen, investigate what happened to Mr Pacelle and his group after they made claims about Feld Entertainment (Ringling Bros) Sincerely, Ms. M Lewis
Dog Breeder's Image had an interesting concept, get off of the chat rooms and into the streets to promote dog breeding. I didn't agree in that oversimplification. So I can briefly state that I don't agree that banding together will fix the public image of dog breeders presented by PeTA. I don't believe the manner in which some breeders operate is morale or ethical, so I am certainly not going to march on Washington to protect their perceived right to keep 300 dogs in their barn. Frankly, breeders have been allowing too many large scale, substandard breeding businesses to persist and damage our reputation. In other words, Bikers didn't change the reputation of Bikers with a mere campaign. They outnumbered the criminal element and pushed them out. That is what responsible breeders will have to do, not just for our reputation but for the welfare of the dogs. Cahli Carothers

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AKC Inspector: I have had inspections by the AKC at my kennel, all unannounced in advance. The first one surprised me in the middle of cooking supper and I asked why the inspector had not called ahead. He told me he had just left a kennel where dogs were eating a dead dog in the run. He called the police and animal control and waited to have that taken care of. The owners would not have allowed him to see this if they had known in advance.


Thinking this over, I agreed, and could see the merit in coming unannounced. The inspector was polite and careful. He took DNA samples of a litter and both parents. Anyone who misreported parentage would have been caught. Seems like a good idea to me. He said they also correlated the DNA he swabbed with what was sent in for dogs already on record to be sure they were a match. An organization keeping records of purebred dogs ought to do this sort of thing. Laura Van Embden

Torturing Dogs - Bravo to you for daring to put this article in a magazine read by breeders! I am NOT one of those crazy "dog rights" persons. I used to be a breeder and I still think all those AKC dogs are not normal dogs but are dogs that were created by man so why argue about the length of tails and docking ears, etc? They really aren't real dogs except inside of them where they love you and are devoted to you. Even that is trying to be changed by people. Why not? Look what humans do to humans and it is much easier to do things to dogs for human benefit. Dog competitors are sick people. They really should go bowling and compete with something that isn't alive. The older I get, the more I realize how sick we are. Absolutely Anonymous - New York

Backbone is sorely lacking from the AKC. It starts with what they used to do and then dropped from their mission statement: Protection of the Purebred Dog. They wonder why people drop out of showing. The answers are really clear. Judges seem not obliged to adhere to the standard of the breed they are judging. In fact, some of them could not tell you what is most important in a given breed. They are not monitored at shows by AKC or questioned about the standards. And so as seems prevalent in all of AKC’s focus right now, MONEY RULES.

 • If you can afford a known handler, if you can advertise, if you can subject said dog and handler to years on the road, your dog can win. The quality of the dog may be very questionable, but it will still win. (Not every one, of course.)

 • If you are an excellent breeder who breeds to the standard but are not rich enough to do all the above, your dog will frequently not win even when it is the best specimen of that breed in the ring. Sometimes, the judges see your dog as different from all the others and don’t even know that is because it is correct. Frankly this is demoralizing to the breeders who know they are doing the right thing for the breed. This is why they quit showing. The fairness should be an AKC responsibility. Money should not control who wins. That is just one issue. The other thing that might help is to have an intelligent and knowledgeable person, who is also charismatic in speaking to fight for the existence of the purebred dog. Good ole boys don’t cut it. That’s my opinion. Loretta Tully

Moral Superiority: Great Article! Hit the nail squarely on the head. This morning I read an article by Greenhut “Addicted to scare tactics” (about) laws passed based upon deceptively small research on crack babies. This article brought to mind the one you published on the mentality of the rescue world’s superiority because of their "feel good" position, wrong though it is, and how their influence has spread to politics. The same mentality that passed drug laws based upon bad research is trying to pass dog laws based solely on “puppy mills” being everywhere and pass BSL dogs attacking people. Interesting how these moral judgments are made and the politicians who want to tie onto “doing for a good cause.”


Those with the gift of words (which is definitely not I) need to put their collective heads together and come up with some slogans that can catch on with social media. How about some of your great authors getting some article printed in Newspapers, the daily kind which I still read.


I certainly dropped a bomb on you when I forwarded that “moral superiority” article to a friend who yelped like it was a cobra under her chair and was unable to see beyond herself. It is very disappointing to see people not get it. Makes me want to scream but all I can do is calmly tell the truth and hope someday the light will go off.  Please keep on with all the great articles and encourage everyone to write to newspapers too. AND get on your elected official’s mailing/email list, you owe it to your friends and family to do so ... though I voted, I was negligent in doing enough research on ballot issues to be sure I truly understood what the issues were but I try a lot harder these days to learn more and talk to my neighbors. Sincerely, Diane, grandmother, pet owner, TAXPAYING voter

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