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Corn and behavior:  Your article is written by an uneducated alarmist with not even a degree in biology.  Why would you give kooks a venue for their ideas? It diminishes your credibility.  Ellen Yamada

Editors Note: Thank you for your comment Ellen.  If you have documented information refuting the writer's research, we’d love to have it, along with your credentials.  Ms. Cordingley’s are clearly stated

Show Breeders Can Survive - The breeds are doomed unless the AKC either gets rid of the limited registration or curtails its use with rules. For instance, if a person limits the registrations of a litter that breeding should never be duplicated, and if a dam or sire have offspring with different mates of which more than 1/3 in each breeding end up limited then that dam or sire may have a problem. The idea here is that the dog who’s papers are limited must have something genetically wrong with it and the idea that a breeder should curtail the future breeding of dogs they sell is nothing but protectionism which has in fact harmed the very people who set out to protect themselves. I have had dogs for over three generations as even my Grandmother who was born in 1886, was a show breeder of Bostons and Scotties. And I am telling you the show world and the pet world are BOTH enhanced by the dogs bred even by people who are not show breeders. The alternative is far worse. It is designer dogs, imported diseased dogs and shelters actually breeding mutts so they can have leaders to get people into the shelters. My two cents, shot from the hip… Thanks, Anonymous

Show Breeders Can Survive - Breed for function, not form. Breeding for form ultimately creates caricatures of the real dogs that have befriended and served humanity for millennia. If your line can no longer efficiently do what it was originally developed to do, but still wins best in show for that breed, you've gone too far. Open your clubs to include mixed breed registrations and/or events and focus competition on what dogs and owners can do together, instead of simply what a dog looks like. Be inclusive, rather than exclusive. If more people see your breed, because they're showing their "mutt" at a competition you're at, they might just be looking to you for their next puppy. Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback on this important issue. Claudia

Editors Note: Excellent point and one which we are addressing in December. We welcome input on the subject - Function First.

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Co-Ownerships - You hear that word and think oh yes, that is what I can do to make sure that bitch I sold will not be bred to death. Well, did you know that AKC doesn't care if you have a signed contract; that AKC doesn't care what agreement you have with the other party. They will register that litter anyway as many times as the bitch is bred. SO, don't think that putting a dog on a co-ownership or a limited registration is going to help. AKC will change a limited registration if one co-owner complains and AKC will register that litter without your SIGNATURE and you can be suspended and fined. Read Section 6 of the rules. Deb Casey

Breeding Females: ref APHIS Caught In Losey’s Legal Lasso “Under our previous regulations, we considered breeders who owned up to three breeding females (dogs, cats, or small exotic or wild mammals) to be hobby breeders, who provide sufficient care to their animals without our oversight. Based on a recent review of compliance among facilities we regulate, we believe that even with the addition of another breeding female, these hobby breeders are likely to conform to minimum AWA standards. Hobby breeders should remain aware, however, that they are exempt from AWA regulation only if they sell the offspring born and raised on their premises for pets or exhibition. They may sell these animals at retail or wholesale without being regulated.”

     Comment: I’m not being a smart ass, but other than selling offspring for pet or exhibition, what else is there?? Just curious what this really means since as it reads, I am exempt. Well, until someone decides a bitch being readied for shipping overseas is breedable since she is 6 mths. Old… Teresa Crisman

USDA-APHIS BREEDERS - I know this is all done with...the law did go through, though I did my part at the time zone. But someone or something is very powerful. Here is how I see it now...and I felt it through a phone conversation with AKC relations. AKC is not going to do anything for us small breeders. I feel this, or felt this when I called to make comments about this law going through. I think there is something behind the scenes with AKC. Here is my thought on that and what I felt. I felt AKC will not act as they .....had this Human Society people go into AKC inspected places, kennels, whatever and find not good things going on with the dogs/pups,. and the Human Society now has big ammunition to use against AKC, to destroy their reputation, so call it maybe blackmail...I think AKC is leaving us and going with the ruling because.... otherwise the videos and information will be shown more and more ....and discredit them as a reputable registry...this is my thoughts now and feelings when I talked to AKC about this ruling..pet shop ruling...it’s sad, but I think that is what is going on and taking place.....trade off, they won’t show any videos if you AKC, goes along with the ruling Louise Vopelak

Open forum, any subject, just keep it short!  Send your:  Letter To Editor.

Dog Clubs: reading Dog Club Members I realize that Dog and Breed Clubs champion the way forward through animal rights fanatics and unjust regulation proposals, all for the sake of retaining the health and welfare of their breed. Despite my many inquiries to a breed club for my particular dog, I have not yet joined one. I've gone so far as to attend their events and speak with members. But I am consistently faced with the fact that the breed clubs (for my dog breed) are interested in one thing, dog shows. An area that I am less impressed with simply because a CH in front of a dogs name has been an excuse to breed the hell out of it. Any talk of performance or active events with club members is met with swift and unabashed refusal. A refusal that comes more in the form of silence than an outright objection. So, despite knowing what good a breed club can do I am not a member. How will the dog and breed clubs survive if they are not willing to allow new voices? Cahli C

Editors Note: That is a painfully astute question. Perhaps some club officers will respond to you

Handler Cruelty: The Corrine Thellman case in Arkansas and Texas is similar to your Animal Cruelty article. She lawyered-up in Texas small claims court and literally got away with killing one of three dogs we co-owned together. The two Beagles I did get back were in horrible condition. Nearly dead. It's taken them years to mentally recover. She admitted, in court, she also had three other dogs die under her care as a "professional handler". She informed me the Champion Beagle, "Chick" got out of his pen and was struck by a car, but in court she stated she "found him dead in his pen". A witness on my behalf testified she informed him that a dog he and his wife co-owned with her had also died, but the dog (Shih Tzu) was shaved-down and his call name was changed from "Smokey" to "Mokie"...also a champion. Corrine brought some alleged dog show people to court with her as well as her father. Her mother died the previous week and she played on the sympathies of the court. Her business was raided in Arkansas and dogs were found in deplorable condition. When her home was raided, there were sheep and/or goats living in the house which were urinating and fouling on the floors, where humans lived.

     Am not sure how Corinne Thellman was so slick in getting away with the treachery, but I believe it's important that people know about her actions. Was never able to verify if my dog, "Chick" is actually expired or not as she bragged about being a Vet Tech and knowing how to remove microchips. Around the time of that statement, I was inquiring about "Chick" and she made every excuse possible to explain why he wasn't being shown as a special. (The dog finished from the puppy class over the top winning Male Beagle in history, at the time). Corrine Thellman also claimed to have several ties to selling dogs to China for enormous sums, so as far as I know, it's totally possible that "Chick" could have (had) his microchip removed and sold under another name. Who knows?

     It's my hope no one trusts Corrine Thellman with any dog in the future. She produced signed paperwork with questionable signatures (reported to AKC) and has somehow gotten away with murder, as far as I'm concerned. "Chick" had a bright future and was from great BIS lines with health clearances. He was a stud fee puppy for me, and unfortunately, the breeding couldn't be repeated due to the dam expiring in a kennel fire in Florida. The entire ordeal was heart-breaking. JK Marten - Rowdy Beagles

Editors Note: Presented as written, let readers decide and act accordingly.

Define Puppy Mills? This is in response to the person who dislikes the use of the name "puppy mill". I think the term fits those so called breeders and kennels just fine. What they do is "mill" or mass produce puppies, sometimes one breed but usually several. It doesn't matter if they have no license or a dozen of them, they are still mass producing dogs with no concern where they end up when they sell them.Laurie Morris

Editors Note: Thank you Laurie. 20 years ago we did a survey asking readers to define a puppy mill. The answers were so inconsistent we abandoned the idea but our ears are up on this one. Readers! Let us hear your puppy mill definition.

Swimmer Puppies: A friend gave me the ShowSight issue that your article on Swimmers is in and I just read it about an hour ago. I don't get those magazines enough anymore due to not getting to as many shows... I had a swimmer one time in my one toy Poodle litter. shocked heck out of me. So in the evening when I settled down to watch some TV I would take him and hold him with his legs in the correct position and use my hands very easy as similar to a cast and slowly would move them as if he were walking, it worked. I enjoy your magazine. SS

Swimmer Pup Syndrome: Last year I was desperate because I had a litter of two and they were swimmer pups. I tried to find out as much as I could about them. I wanted to know if I could do anything about their condition. I got some information and tied their back legs together. As they were in a pen in the kitchen I constantly put them on their side. they were strong pups and could nurse quite well. When they were about 10 weeks old, I had them checked by my vet, she said they were OK - one had grown normally, and I gave him to a friend, so I have watched his progress. The other one had short ribbing - I also gave him to a friend and have watched his progress. The same bitch had another litter this year, by the same stud, she had four pups that were normal. I do not believe it was genetic - perhaps the two pups were too fat and that is what caused the condition - I'll never know. I enjoyed reading your article in HEADlines from TheDogPress. Betty Potts

Raided! Hi, my wife and I are in Nevada and run a 501(c)3 animal rescue. We are currently under attack by the terrorists who used the condition of a few older horses and a few recently rescued sick horses to try to get us to give them all of our horses including the 60+ healthy ones. When we refused to submit to their extortion and went to animal control the California So-called Rescued started an internet and media attack that resembles a lot of what you have written about. We were pretty naive and are getting educated about this sick trend. We went the lawyer route and I think she has been able to keep us out of jail and their hands off of our animals but it is costly. We have discovered that County employees and Dept of AG employees have been working with the complainant (former AC officer who has her own so called rescue and thinks she is God) and shared confidential communications with her. What a mess. All I can say is if anyone is being looked at by AC they probably have no idea what hell might come down on them any second. We live in a rural area and end up with dogs that are dumped by others. We worry about their future if these sickos get their hands on them. Rick Bell  See Rescue Raids

Musher Refutes Us Your article says “I like the term puppy mill. Until recently, everyone knew what that meant. I define it as someone who sells to pet shops, brokers, and/or anyone who has over 25 intact adult dogs. What reputable breeder do you know who has more than 25 dogs?”

     I will tell you who (legitimately has over 25 dogs). People who work their dogs in the jobs they were meant for. I have been a musher (Siberian Huskies) for longer than I have been involved in AKC events. Up until about 10 years ago, my family routinely had 35-40 dogs in the kennel, including main-string teams, old timers, and young dogs. This is typical for most mushers. It does not make them puppy mills. You mention 25 “intact” adult dogs. Again - mushers. It doesn’t mean we are breeding all 25+ - it just means we have excellent kennel management skills and a desire to keep all hormones intact in our working dogs.

     I know they are few in number these days, but I wonder if the folks who hunt hounds in packs would also object to your statement?

     I appreciate your article, and agree that the enemy of my enemy (anti-breeder legislation) is not my friend. I refuse to accept or embrace poor breeding practices for the sake of some safety-in-numbers ideal. But I caution against trying to define “good” and “bad” breeders by dog numbers (as legislators are constantly trying to do), as you will inevitably round someone up with your arbitrary figure who does not deserve to be there. Jessica Breinholt

Editors Note: Thank YOU for a much needed correction and perspective. Regarding hunt clubs; the animal rightists have exterminated them in the U.K. and are working on it here. I hope mushers show the same courage against the AR whackos as they do against the elements.

FCI: Is the FCI ban really going to go through or is there a petition I can sign before its too late? I know a lot of people are wanting to know what they can do, if anything to stop this ban in 2015! I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Thanks, Samantha

Editors Note: Samantha, I don't see how we in America, can do anything about FCI. I appreciate your position, having had Dobermans, but petitions are useless unless addressed to legislators who read them as “votes.”

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