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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR FROM DOG SHOW JUDGES, BREEDERS, EXHIBITORS & HANDLERSYour Letters To Editor are one of our most-read features!


DoodleDog's nose is permanently bent out of shape so keep your letter short or typical bully, he'll bury it!  He likes letters signed but if he knows you (and you toss him a bone) he can withhold your name.  NOTE: We embed your email to block spammers but will sometimes provide your URL as additional information for readers.

Ron Williams - My name is Donna Amareld and Ron Williams trained my Rottie many years ago when he was with his wife. He did an outstanding job. Years passed, I got a Shih Tzu and called him. He said that he would do my shih Tzu for $950 for two weeks of training. He met me on the express way... I felt comfortable doing so because he did a great job with my Rottie. Well after days and emails and calls with no responses I began to think that he had stolen my dog. When he finally called me back, he told me had been at his girlfriends house helping her paint and said he wanted to keep her for another week because she wasn't picking things up. I said absolutely not! I went to his "house" to get her. It was a one bedroom apt on the 3rd floor.  My Shih Tzu was hiding under the bed and Ron Williams smelled like booze. I left immediately, never spoke to him again. I'm so upset after reading this article… When you have a dog that gives unconditional love and you send it to someone that you trusted and then you find out something like this.. It feels like you sent your human child to a child abuser's house. Donna Amareld

AKC Catalogs Why is the AKC still publishing our addresses in event catalogs? In this day and age with all the crazies out there, you'd think the AKC would step up to help protect us. Oops - forgot who I was talking about... Caroline Baines

T.U.B.A., I looked into TUBA. I didn't know they were there, but yes I would support that organization on purpose. Nothing inadvertent about it. I would support it with donations, but more importantly with my time and expertise. If I knew how to lobby, I would do it because I live in the DC area. Breeders spend too much time trying to include ALL breeders instead of trimming the fat. When the AKC piece aired on the Today show they talked about the sick and abused dogs… the story was in the horror, not in the sunshine. We, as breeders, should be regulating ourselves, helping people learn to care for animals, or convincing them they shouldn't try anymore because they suck at it. Unfortunately, I don't hear enough TUBA, just breeder propaganda that is the exact same as PeTA. Cahli

Open forum, any subject, just keep it short!  Send your:  Letter To Editor.

Puppy Mills - I really dislike the term "puppy mill". It has no real definition; everyone uses it to mean something different. A "commercial kennel" that is licensed and inspected by state vets and USDA officials has to follow very strict rules regarding housing, health, kennel materials and size. Toenails and teeth are checked. Health records are checked. The average pet owner could not take better care of their dogs. A good kennel has happy healthy dogs. The horror stories you read about are people that are unlicensed and don't have their dogs well being as a focus in their business. NO, I do NOT have a commercial kennel but appreciate a good, clean facility with healthy, happy dogs. Bonny Bell

HAARP - Thank you so much for having the moral fortitude to publish the article about HAARP. The reality of this is not known, nor admitted by most sheeples out there. Global warming and "just a change in weather patterns", probably has had nothing to do with the horrendous weather tragedies the past few years, to include the Tsunami in Japan. (TheDogPress) ALWAYS has numerous articles that are both relevant and interesting. Thank you for your efforts with regard to the dog show people. Sincerely, R. Jolene Davis

Shelter Superiority: I just saw the article from TheDogPress about the moral superiority of rescues. Had to snort in agreement!! I do rescue, and when I get calls from would-be adopters who say, "oh we would NEVER go to a breeder...." I tell them, hey, I'm a breeder, and proud of it..... I hear the gasps on the other end of the phone. I explain the type of dog that comes in rescue and that (in my breeds, anyway) this is a product of the terrible breeding that occurs and NOT a product of good breeders. So many don’t understand that not all breeders are equal, so I do try to educate them. Anyway, thank you for continuing to attempt to turn on the lights with regard to all things dog.... some folks will get the message. Lisa Curry

Open forum, any subject, just keep it short!  Send your:  Letter To Editor.

Shelter Adoption: Read your article in the dog press from April. Gotta tell you, I loved it. Thought I’d share that with you. Best wishes Sascha Drewlo, PhD

Moral Superiority Kudos: Great article. I think the public really needs some education on all these new 'rescue' groups springing up these days, and the bandwagon they ride on. Marie - Daw Gone Daze

Shelter Adoption = Moral Superiority: I would like to thank and applaud you for your article. It is very, very accurate. I chose to buy my dog from a breeder as I have children and wanted a predictable outcome of size and temperament. I am an RVT and have dedicated more than a decade to saving pets. In the last couple years, it seems that everyone has the opinion that by buying a dog, I am somehow responsible for killing shelter animals. Ridiculous. Thank you for writing what many of us are thinking. Leah Spiering


Open forum, any subject, just keep it short!  Send your: Letter To Editor

Your Letters are one of our most-read features!  Open subject...

Send your:  Letter to The Editor 





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