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Antibiotic Alternatives - I enjoyed your article. Do you have a list of herb replacements for antibiotics?

     I have bred horses and Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 38 years. I added Belted Galloway Cattle, Welsh Sheep Dogs, Savannah, Kiko and Alpine Goats, plus Great Pyrenees guardians recently. I have learned a lot through the years. Not very much has passed over this farm in those years...

     I try the usual antibiotic salves and lotions first, then always seem to end up with Colloidal Silver for the animals and for me. I have healed wounds that the veterinarian said couldn’t be stitched, so I had to treat them daily. I recommend the gel or liquid for every medicine cabinet.

    Personally, the doctor prescribed daily Nexium to me. I refused to take it and discovered a big glass of water with Probios and/or acidophilus tablets solved the heartburn.

    I have bad arthritis at 77 years of age and I take Dr. Sinatra’s Joint Pain Solution, which is Turmeric and calamarine (squid) oil. Between that daily plus milking goats, my hands are fully functional again. Turmeric is a wonderful thing! Thanks again for a wonderful article. Martha Aitken

Editor's note ~ Thank you Martha, we've been deluged with inquires for more info about colloidal silver!

Best Friends Sanctuary - Dear Ms. Jade, My name is Jeff Dizon and I live in Meadow Vista, CA. I love dogs and cats and animals in general. I have made small donations to Best Friends over the years. I always wanted to know what happened to the former CEO, Michael Mountain who suddenly no longer appeared in the Best Friends magazine.

    After long procrastination, I finally went searching on the Internet only to bring up several website stories including yours. How disturbing to discover the illicit background of Mr. Mountain. Further I brought up another site that disclosed the fact that the gift store there at Kanab, Utah and online is not a non-profit charity but rather a money making enterprise for the founders of this sanctuary.

    Very upset as I am, I guess I’m asking for your trusted opinion regarding continuing my support of Best Friends considering what appears apart from the negative news about it that much good rescue work seems to be carried out by the establishment. Or is this really a going enterprise that on the backs of rescued animals for whom our hearts go out bolstered by cute pictures, stories and an apparently dedicated staff? Thank you, Jeff Dizon

Editor's note ~ There are now a lot of not-for-profit groups that prey on animal lovers.  Think about donating to your local shelter, after you visit there during off-hours.  See UKC President on Shelter Scams

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Rabies Shot Lawsuits?  Thank you for speaking with me this morning regarding my 1 year & 8 month old 19 pound Boston Terrier "SHILO" (my late husband's Federal Service Dog) collapsing after his rabies shot last Wednesday August 15,2012. I have attached an article on Shilo - Please be sure to open the attached Newspaper clipping. Since my husband has passed, Shilo has been doing his service dog work at the Veterans Hospital. Now he cannot work due to being sick and completely lethargic. I am devastated.

    My veterinarian is completely dumbfounded (although I had warned her that my other dog died after a rabies shot). She does not know what to do next. Pfizer (headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA) the drug company that made the vaccine, refuses to talk to me - although they admitted to my vet that the collapsed was due to their vaccine. My vet called Pfizer and they indicated they have no studies or protocol to help us with this issue. Sounds like Pfizer takes a report and does nothing further. The public therefore, is not aware of these vaccines reactions nor do they know what to do after their animals are affected. Knowledge of these rabies reactions should be given to the public so owners can make better informed decisions as to whether or not their dogs should get a titer's test or rabies shot. This would save the lives of countless animals throughout the US. (I lost another Boston Terrier after he also collapsed after a rabies shot. He died of hemolytic anemia directly tied in to the rabies vaccination shot.)

    I am trying to find an on-going class action group to join or originate so we can bring suit against Pfizer for failure to warn so countless other animals can be saved and also for financial assistance so we can get Shilo and other poor animals the proper expert veterinarian care and tests they will now need for life. Also for the lost of service (aid and comfort) as Shilo, as a service dog, can no longer give our United States Veterans.

    I contacted a local Medina, Ohio (Animal Rights Attorney). He said we first need to get the financial assistance we would need to bring a civil suit. He further explained that since a Pfizer is a huge drug company the cost of litigation - experts - depositions - attorney fees - etc. would be extremely high sadly, precludes the individual owner to go up against the giant Pfizer. I do not have the funds to fight them nor to properly provide the addition medical care Shilo will need for life as I have been caring for my sick veteran husband for 2 and 1/2 years. My husband contracted agent orange lung cancer, brain cancer and spine cancer when he served in Vietnam in the United States Marine Corp and has recently passed away. Shilo, his service dog, did what the doctors and medicine could not - he gave him comfort - now Shilo needs to get his own aid and comfort.

    I have contacted Dorothy Martin and learned a lot from her. Please let me know if you come across any class action suits regarding this issue. Thank You, Sunny Herron

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Around The World - Australia also has ongoing Government interference, new rules, you name it, but I don’t think we are as bad as the USA…. Yet. It seems HSUS & PETA are gaining a foothold the World over. Kindest regards, Anita Wright. “Mordosa” Pugs & Chihuahuas, South Australia

Retired Handlers as Breed Reps - I am writing because I too feel that AKC reps being retired professional handlers is not necessarily a good thing.  Handlers (retired or otherwise) are biased regardless of what they say. Do as I say, not as I do? I don’t think so.

     IF we had reps who were a BIT more flexible the AKC judging directory might be a bit larger.  Judges are passing away and it seems to take forever to get a judging license without having to jump through hoops.  How can a handler be objective, for instance, if one is trying to get approval for Rottweilers if said handler has never shown the breed?

     Does a book or ringside viewing give them enough information to “judge” the potential judge wannabe? Again, I don’t think so. This is my opinion and I am sticking to it. Pat Walton

St. Bernards... Asian Delicacy - My brother was way ahead of this, back in 1971, when I was in high school, he refused to sell a pup to someone from a country where he had heard about them eating dogs, even after the man swore he was not taking the dog home.  I remember hearing him say," I'm sorry, that perhaps this dog could feed a family of 6 for a week...I just couldn't live with myself." I was never so proud of my big brother.... DISGUSTING! Terri Ward

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