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We are aware this has stirred up a facebook storm wherein people are taking sides without having actually read the articles. For your reference, read John McCartney Arrested and the follow up The Dark Side: McCartney and More

John McCartney Arrest - As a retired police officer let me offer this. Yes, he is innocent until proven guilty as are all defendants. Your publication merely set forth the fact that McCartney had been arrested and why. That is not convicting him, merely informing your readership, many of whom, like myself, had not heard of the arrest.  Would those who confuse informing with convicting prefer that this information had not been published by you? Because once anyone is arrested it is PUBLIC information. Period. All you did was publish that information which was already in the public realm. Period.


I say...well done to inform. As for the bashers, I suggest they (like Donovan Thompson) demand a refund from the law school they graduated from, since they clearly don't know what they're talking about. Regards, Corey Rigoni

Thank you - For bringing this to light. We must remember that no matter how old our children are, or how responsible, they are still children and vulnerable. If you can't go to the show, keep them home. Its YOUR job, not the handler or friends to make sure they are safe and cared for. Sherry Shivley

Pro John - What ever happened to innocent till proven guilty. You are not only ready to assume Johns guilt but ready to sentence him too. Let's see what the authorities decide, you might have to post as an elaborate apology as you have inflammatory headline. Beth Sweigart

No John - I think you have done an outstanding job exposing this pedophile to the dog world and all the mothers and fathers who have let their children travel and work with him over the years because they TRUSTED THIS WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING, and shame on the former client that bailed him out of jail . He has ruined many young lives and should rot in a cell the rest of his life. As the person who sent me a copy of your article said he was a nice man when she knew him in the AKC. HOW STUPID !!! He was never a nice man, he is and was always a child molester, for which there is No cure. Mary Klein

More Perverts - Thank you for bringing up the story on John’s arrest. I was appalled at the response by Dog News and made comments to that effect on my FB page. The In Crowd at AKC and the dog community just do not get it. I remember when (name removed, a handler who is now deceased) was arrested. We were at the show the first time he was arrested for molesting a well known person’s son at a show. At the time my husband, an AKC licensed handler, had his application in to PHA. When the man was arrested, some PHA members came to us asking for money to help him post bail. We said NO. They tried to get us to reconsider saying he was” after all family”. We said “Not our family!!!” My husband subsequently withdrew his application for PHA membership.


I can recount numerous cases of child abuse at shows by people who are/were revered in the sport. It was always a well guarded secret. I am glad things have changed enough over the years that these creeps are being exposed. Good work on your part by making it more public so parents can be careful about who is mentoring their child. Pat Dollar

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No John - I hope Eugene Zaphiris is choking on his column in "Dog News." Corey Rigoni - Renaissance Bassets

Shocked - Please remove me from your email list. I am shocked at how you have handled the John McCartney news. Let the court try him, don’t try him in your newsletter! And don’t hide behind your question marks that imply guilt! Just dandy that one of our long-time members of the sport was picked up on national news! Brag about it? Really? Great fodder for the AR’s when there is not yet an official judgment. Shame on you! I used to idolize you when you showed Akitas, and I was just starting. No more. Lee Whittier

Goes Deeper - There is a notable segment of those who have conducted themselves with decency and have long suffered from either political corruption or have been sexually harassed in the sport by judges, handlers and (even) the executive branch. The AKC holds their own internal investigation into the conduct and charges and they prefer all problems to go away whereby individuals are advised by AKC executive Field Representative of the repercussions that will follow the show career of Whistle Blowers!!! (name withheld)

Sadly Pro John - What a shame, your slogan "The purpose is to illuminate, not to burn." does not seem to stand in your way when spreading bad news. Mr. McCartney is innocent until proven guilty. Your headlines on Mr. McCartney must be more important to you than an icon of the sport passing. You are no better than the Supermarket tabloids. If I ever wanted to subscribe to your news - my mind is totally made up now. I thought you were better than this. I hope Mr. McCartney is NOT found culpable, but I will give our legal system time to work. With sadness. Donavon Thompson

No John - Thanks for running the McCartney story. localjoe

Motel Molestation - Hotel grounds are considered as part of a show site. If someone doesn't pick-up dog poo, they can get a bench committee hearing, fine or suspension. But if it is proven in a court of law that a child is molested on the show grounds, in a van or panel truck, or at a motel listed in the premium list, it's ignored. So basically, the AKC rules indicate dog poo is more important than a child being molested? How messed-up is that? These people are nuts (don’t use my name, for obvious reasons)

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No John - Very good article about the "Good Ole Boys Club" and John. I hope they throw away the key. Patty Bryce

Innocent Until - I think that your utter and complete disregard for our judicial system is absolutely revolting. In case you don't remember, we don't live in Nazi Germany. Here, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If Mr. McCartney is convicted I agree that he should be sentenced appropriately. Until that time articles like the one you published are muck-raking at best, and defamatory at worst. Have you considered the lawsuit you may have to contend with if he's found innocent?


Anybody can accuse anyone of anything in this country. Our legal system was designed to protect the rights of any individual accused of a crime. Your publication apparently does not feel the need to adhere to this process. I wonder how your editor(s) would feel if they were the ones in jail and being treated thus? It would be very interesting to see how you would behave if you were the accused. Maxine J. Gurin, Primavera Papillons

Sandusky Protected - The statement about there being no witnesses... Am curious to know how anyone from the AKC can be so insensitive towards legitimate victims of crime, especially children. Obviously,  evidence had to be provided for arrest. Perhaps, as reported on network news, DNA evidence obtained from a child's private parts and lewd photographs aren't enough for AKC?  Avoidance of controversy is precisely why Sandusky got away with his behavior for decades. When Paterno & the university were protecting that pervert and their "good name" it further victimized the victims. To knowingly allow such low-life's to participate in our sport, where there are children exposed, is like opening a candy store for sickos. If the AKC has been aware of such predators & still allowed their participation & one of them molests another child, then it seems the victim's parents could hold the AKC responsible. It's probably in my best interest to withhold my name.


*Editors response: police reports state DNA, bodily fluids, photos, etc.

Bond Fee or Cash? - Thank you, for your good reporting~It may have been good to mention amount of bail posted in your article. Many speculate AKC posted bail through a client’s name?? It is surely in the best interest of AKC to coach McCartney to avoid the collateral damage and repercussions the AKC may be subjected to in this ongoing investigation. $475,000 at the least is $47,500 as fee payment if a bond company was used. That is a substantial amount of cash to pay as the fee, even more if someone put a cash bond!! Only a handful of people would have that amount to post bail!! Just Joe

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Shame on the AKC for hiding this and letting him receive his pension. I would want to know how long they knew about these despicable acts. Thank you for the service you provide to the dog world and people in general. Mary Kathryn Klein

More Molesting - When I first saw the headline about John, it was with disbelief. As you said, he was very social and funny. Then further down the column , there was Ros Pertruso. Use to compete against him in the Group and BIS rings and he was always polite and helpful to this beginner in those rings unlike most of the pros. I remember all of a sudden not seeing him but busy with life and living, did not ask why. Thank God for the children that Ross was caught and there was SOMETHING done.

I was abused as a child and made to feel ashamed about it. Being under 10 years old, you do not have the maturity to think otherwise. Growing up and seeing what is going on in this world and why it (molesting) has not been stopped, I have come to realize it is people BACKING DOWN because it is easier. Many families prefer to keep it under the carpet for fear of what will the neighbors say. In one book about child molesters, a woman wrote that when she told her father about being molested by a stranger, he not only believed her but went out to find the guy and … he caught him and later told her she would not have to worry about him again. She said she felt safe and loved and NOT GUILTY and the incident did not stay with her because of her parents believing in her and standing behind her.

This is in contrast to another show handler/breeder of (breed redacted) … knowing her husband had been molesting her daughters while she was away showing, she still went… told her daughter not to say anything as he would be put in jail and they would lose everything. Yeah, like the ability to go to dog shows. She picked her show career over her two daughters just like that writer who wrote to you about (name redacted) molesting his daughter. His daughter will never forget the choice he made.


Until all take a stand when guilt is proved, it will continue. Speak up you say. That is the hardest thing for the victim to do. Speak up? Others will have to speak out WITH them for it to succeed. Glad to see you took the stand you did. Carole Henry

Bee Propolis - I just found your website and signed up for your tips of the week. Wish I had found it sooner. How much propolis should be given to a 90 pound dog which limps? He limps more in warm weather than cold weather but our vet cannot determine exactly what is wrong. She thinks it may be arthritis. He is a five year old dog rescued from a pound and we adopted him when he was about a year and a half. I would really appreciate any information you can give me. Mary Rivas

ref: Incredible pets & people health benefits of Bee Propolis

Scottie Performer - I very much enjoy reading the Dog Press and I love your Will Rogers quote. My grandmother was a vaudeville performer, a pianist. She worked with Will Rogers on many occasions. She was down in the orchestra pit, and had a Scottie that always sat by her on the piano bench. Rogers would lasso the Scottie around the waist, and hoist him to the stage. Very incorrect in our times, but quite acceptable back then. Just thought you might like the story. I come from a long line of dog lovers. JoAnn

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