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I need an attorney to represent us against animal control/want to take us to court because our dog stepped on another dog. Please assist me in this matter. Thomas DuBois Woodbridge, VA
The Blame Game: Amen... You guys really do it right. I am so lifted up (yes, and upset) by your articles telling the TRUTH and I'd like to share on facebook? I have a couple hundred Abyssinian (cat) breeder "friends," and would love for them to be able to read these... Thanks, J
Please print new news. Your article about Steve Gladstone is from 2008. This is really old and not pertinent. JoAnn B. Pape

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Pet Insurance: I hate the idea of Pet Health Insurance. Obviously it will only raise costs for everyone. I cannot stand the fact that AKC actually is advertising for pet insurance companies. As more people buy pet insurance it will make it impossible for many breeders to continue breeding. I can afford to pay my vet bills now, but I cannot afford health insurance for all of my animals nor the higher future costs for veterinary care it will bring. Companies and government providing health insurance has ruined our medical system and it will do the same to veterinary care for our animals. AKC should be discouraging dog owners from purchasing insurance, not promoting it. Laura Patton
AVMA Scams? Yes, I have been thinking for years that vets up their prices as Vet Insurance entered the market. It is out of control. They almost charge you for breathing when you enter a vet office. it is also pitiful to force people into almost poverty if they care about their animals enough to visit vets. The attitude is put it on your charge card and then it's not their problem. And of course it's hard to comparison shop if your animal is sick or needs emergency care.

The American Vet Medical Association, or whatever is comparable to the AMA, is behind many of the fee "scams" I would guess, can't prove it - but perhaps you should send a "mole" to their meetings. I have noticed that in an area, if one new policy that costs more enters one vet office, very soon they all do the same! (there are fine vets, I don't condemn all but they do nudge the fees higher than inflation, and add "required" treatments in order to up charges. For example - exams every year BY THE CALENDAR for healthy animals for ANY treatment, just a vaccination!!). Alexandra Moffat

Pro Pet Insurance - I have used pet insurance for at least ten years. Initially, VPI was the only player in town. They are cheap, depending upon which category you choose, but coverage is not always good. Lately I have insured other dogs with different companies as deal with genetic issues with my breed, which breeders don't! Because I have multiple dogs I usually break even on my outlay for pet insurance for the year. One has to make wise decisions and not wait until your dog develops a preexisting condition which will make the dog uninsurable for that problem. Also have to remember to begin insurance while the dog is young. As a breeder I encourage buyers of my puppies to enroll them in pet insurance and give them information on the different companies. Most of them have thanked me for getting coverage. The ones who didn't get coverage wish they had. Rodney or Kitty Johnson
More Pet Insurance - I cannot afford insurance as a breeder as the cost per animal is overwhelming and out of my financial reach.  Just wanted to submit my input. Andrea Smeltzer
Veterinarian on Pet Insurance - We received a very thought provoking Letter To The Editor from a practicing veterinarian.  It was much more than a "letter" because she so adroitly addressed many of the foregoing concerns.  Watch for an illuminating article by Lisa Ethridge, DVM in the next edition ~ Editor@TheDogPress.com

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Dog Show Crud: I found your article quite interesting and I wish I would have found it sooner. Last week my 6 month Chipoo (utd on shots) was diagnosed with parvo. Approximately 6 days prior I noticed that she vomited one night and I just figured it was because she was at my parents house and ate some of their new puppies food. She was full of energy for 4 more days and ate her food like normal. She did have a problem passing her stool those days which led to diarrhea with some blood in it which didn't have much of a smell to it.

I called my vet with my concerns and they told me that it was from my parents puppy's food. The next day my Willow refused to eat and barely moved from her bed. I immediately took her into the vet. The vet checked her temperature and it was normal. A fecal swab was done and I was informed 8 minutes later that she had a low positive for Parvo. She was started on an IV for fluids. I went to see her the next day and she acknowledged that I was there and seemed pleased to see me. The vet said that she wouldn't eat yet and she still had diarrhea.

On the second day of visiting her she looked horrible. She didn't move and while passing her stool she let out a horrifying bellow. The vet told me that with parvo she was going to get worse before she would get better. About 2 hours after I had left I received a phone call from my vet stating that Willow passed away from a seizure (she has never had seizures before). My vet insisted that she got parvo from my parents new puppy that she was with the week before. My parents had their pup checked out and he was clear of it. I never took Willow out for walks and my backyard is fenced in.

My question for you is do you think that my Willow was misdiagnosed with parvo instead of crud? It just doesn't make much sense to me as how she could have contracted it without my parents pup testing positive for it. Thanks, Mandy

Editor's note: If you can offer input, please write to Mandy, or if you've had a similar experience, share it with our readers.  ~ Editor@TheDogPress.com

I Disagree: I literally just found this website so was avidly reading the letters. Most appeared well thought out and well stated however I do take exception to one. The internet is a tool - nothing more, nothing less. Information, puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, etc. absolutely need this tool to keep the purebred lines viable! Do puppy/kitten millers use it - yes. But so do reputable breeders looking for that special bloodline to infuse into their breeding program. what about the rare breeds (cats or dogs) that only have a very limited showing here in the US (or abroad for that matter!). What about the person wanting to purchase an XYZ and there are none within a driving distance of their home? or the person who has done all their research, asked all the questions and also answered all the questions from the breeder - buyer lives in OR and breeder lives in FL???? This is a major problem in all the animal legislation - too many people want to make a 'blanket' law that has many unintended consequences. I advocate for animal welfare (not animal rights) to all who will listen. This seems to be something that AR groups would be happy to push. Ellen Mass

Silky Terriers Lawsuit: You said "The COE complaint charged Mark Benson, Maggie Keuser, and Lisa Thomas, all STCA members in good standing, with breeding, exhibiting and registering Silky Terriers with natural tails."  May I suggest that these exhibitors and others consider spending their entry money at UKC events instead?  UKC honors the natural dog! (Of course, they'd have to use non-pro handlers, but that's OK, because little old ladies who can hardly waddle have as much of a chance as a professional dog handler, especially in those smaller breeds that don't require running. Fred Lanting

Help: My female dog was in heat and in a closed cage and male dog tried to get her but couldn't fit through but did touch her behind and she screamed. Can she get pregnant? Please help Jackie Scurlock

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