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Genetic X Factor - Dear Editor, I was reading your excellent and very interesting article, which I have done many times and I thought of asking for your help to fully understand a specific matter. When you refer to dominant, is it describing genetic influence, temperament or that there is a relation between the dominant temperament and a strong genetic influence. Please pardon me for imposing on your time, it's just that is very important for me to understand you and I can not be certain of your meaning otherwise. Thank you, Marc


*Editors Note The term "dominant" as a genetic term means simply, the opposite of recessive genes. Dominant genes become so because they exist in greater "numbers" for example in determining coat color. If genes for brown are greater in number, they will dominate those for black and therefore, the coat color will be brown. That is a simplistic explanation.

     For much more detail, explore these excellent articles:




"Your Dog Can be Part of the Action" AKC's Canine Partnerssm Program - I don't understand why AKC is encouraging un-entered dogs into the dog show facilities when WE the exhibitors are not allowed to have OUR un-entered show dogs in the building (as stated in ALL AKC show premium lists).

     I, like many other exhibitors, object to having these un-entered pets on the show grounds. We have no way of knowing or policing if these family pets are current on their vaccines and are not infected with some sort of disease. AND there is NO purpose for them being there.

     We, the exhibitors, are not allowed to bring our un-entered show dogs on the show grounds to start their socialization and training in a show environment. We are told to remove our dogs immediately while the family next to us has their pet right there and are NOT asked to remove their dog. This is a big contradiction!

     I would like a response to my question of "Why are the un-entered family pet dogs allowed on the show grounds/building when the exhibitors' dogs are not allowed?" Pam Hulsey

**Cropping** - You're kidding, right? Nothing wrong with cropping or docking? Ok....if nothing wrong with it, let's get your ears cut off at the top and your butt cut off and see how you like it. Dogs have life long problems when tails are docked. They have constant pain. Would you like to go through that? Check out No Tail Left Behind. It chronicles Pixel, a little dog whose tail was docked. No, I'm not an animal activist. I'm just the guardian of a little toy poodle who knows right from wrong, who knows humane from inhumane. By the way, I have no problems with mammograms, etc... Susan Meyer

Red Raspberry Tea Leaves - I was reading your article Vinegar, Honey, Pollen & Tea Leaves, and I was wondering how you assess the amount of red raspberry tea leaves to give to a postpartum bitch? I will be caring for a postpartum/post-C-section/post-spaying bitch this coming Tuesday, and I prefer to use safe natural remedies before turning to pharmaceuticals. I found your article very interesting and informative. Thank you in advance for any helpful tips you can give regarding the above inquiry. Warm regards - Mindy Hillman


*Editors Note Thank you for bringing up the subject. You motivated us to do some research on raspberry tea leaves. I found nothing about “dosage” i.e. amount for dogs.  For my Akitas, I used a small “pinch” which I’m guessing would be equivalent to slightly over teaspoon but it is hard to estimate the dried, shredded herb. For toy breeds, I estimate teaspoon. I found a site that sells it in syrup form but personally I am reluctant to change what I’ve done since the 70s. With dried, organic raspberry tea leaves you know exactly what you are administering and can adjust accordingly. With any kind of compound, that is not always possible.  Let us know if you find anything that gives measurements according to weight, i.e. breed size.

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Swimmer Puppies - Thought I would put in my two cents worth! All of my dogs are on Dri-Deck! I put it especially in my whelping pen. Even Luna, who was a singleton and had plenty of puppy fat on due to her not having to share any meals had no problem getting up on her feet. I was concerned. I did roll her as a matter of precaution, but I swear by Dri-Deck. I always have two pieces. On in the pen and one ready to go in. Linn Vandiver

Purebred Pet Holocaust - With regard to the article... Being a breeder myself, I, personally would not advertise on Ebay.... ever. I belong to a breed club, and through referrals I have always been able to place puppies. We help each other. Also, AKC has a site that Breeders are able to list their puppies.

     Thinking as a potential buyer, I would put more stock in the quality of a puppy I found through AKC over Ebay any day of the week. Granted there are trolls surfing AKC, I believe breeders can sift through the shaft to find the true and quality buyer.  Sad to say, trust is a serious issue in this day and age, not only with buyers trusting breeders, but breeders trusting that the potential buyer is really a potential buyer, not someone trying to be nefarious. Barb Jones

Dog Show Judges - Thank you so much for your articles on Dog Show judges and the Ethical breeder. I printed them both out for my husband to read tonight.  Thanks again for your excellent work. Pamela Fuller - AKC Breeder of Merit

Health Deformities In Purebred Dogs - Great editorial! Best Fran Rifugiato

Helpful Products - Today I saw on your web page that your readership might be able to help me.  I'm looking for someone who's familiar with using Lyssin to dissipate the negative actions of rabies' shots in dogs - and finding the Lyssin to do it. I live in Norfolk, VA and would appreciate their advice. Thank you from a dog lover who has always worried about giving the rabies vaccines over and over and over to our dogs! Barbara Lester

*Editor's Note: If any of our readers can help, please email Barbara Lester. Thanks

AKC Fails To Honor Co-Ownership Contract.... How many times are you going to run this story? This dispute is so many years past now. It makes me wonder if this publication has some personal connection to Marie Davino's interests or just has nothing else to write about. This story is very one sided offering no opposing point of view from Patti. I do believe that Patti must have made a decision some time ago to take the high road on this one. After all, the AKC did decide in her favor so there has to be more to the story than what is in your story. The claims that Marie has made about the poor health of Sparkle and her daughter, Radiance and her concern that they should not be bred has absolutely no credibility to it. That fact that Sparkle needed a C section due to only carrying one puppy is an extremely common occurrence in dogs. Small litters often times do not generate strong enough contractions in a bitch for the pup to be delivered naturally. This is called uterine inertia. This can happen in any perfectly healthy breeding bitch that just happens to be unfortunate enough to conceive a small litter. Small litters can happen when the timing of conception is not ideal. This same bitch can be bred again with no issue. This is not an inheritable trait from mother to daughter and any knowledgeable breeder is aware of these facts. I can see that Radiance is obviously in perfect health being amongst the top five Agility Shelties in the country as of July, 2014. Not to mention, I see that her dam, Sparkle is still competing as well in the preferred division still placing at over 12 years of age. Breeders who sell Bitches on co-ownerships with full registrations and a breeding contract are doing so because it is often times understood that the person purchasing this bitch is looking to start their own line and the original breeder has obviously agreed to this. This is a common situation and very unfair of the original breeder to try and stop a registration on the new future generations when there is a dispute with the co-owner. Once you sell a bitch with breeding rights, you can't take it back. In cases like this where a reconciliation is not possible, I am glad to see that AKC tends to side with the owner where the bitch lives. Marie needs to quit with the sour grapes and learn from it. Have a better contract that protects your interests or don't sell any more dogs with a full registration in the future. Thanks, Susan Bintliff

*Editor's Note - You asked several questions and made assumptions that are confusing. The story only ran one time but like facebook, it is out there as long as there’s an internet. The episode is three years old and stands, not “for” Davino but as just another in a long line of verified occasions when for reasons known only to the AKC employee who made a bad decision, AKC has been shown to have no regard for its own rules.

     There is no opposing view from Patti because she has none or if so, she kept it to herself.

The dog’s health wasn’t an issue but the breeder has a right to protect their bloodline and contracts. Whether the bitch would have or could have passed on any genetic problem, good or bad, was never an issue.  Again, thank you for caring and for taking the time to comment.

Grape Poisoning - Never heard of it! We had grapes, strawberries and blackberry vines which our dogs raided regularly. Peggy Baker

AKC Judges & Judging - I have to say that the AKC judges, for the most part, not all, are still honest and good judges and are handler oriented for the most part. Even if you hire a handler and the handler isn't as well known as another it's tough to win.

     I wish the dogs were being judged not the handler.  It's what's at the end of the lead, the dog, that is most important. I just got back from a Rottweiler specialty in CA and was disappointed in that the judges kept picking the same handlers and we got passed over. That isn't the point, the point is, we beat the same dogs 3 weeks earlier at the same show site, with the same dogs but, we were equipped with well known handler's.

     I also have a problem with judge's not knowing our breed (Rottweiler) well enough. Back to my crate Marietta Christensen


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