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Breed Standards - Katie Gammill’s article in HEADLINES about Judging To Breed Standards is excellent. I have seen over the past 20 years the morphing of the long-legged terriers into a single “type”. Ultra-short backs, extra-long necks, long narrow heads…if you look at the silhouette of many of the terriers in the ring, you would be unable to tell the difference between the Lakeland, the Welsh, the Wire Fox and the Airedale – other than the way the head is groomed. Each of these breeds should have different “type”, but judges put up these generic terriers. In addition, many of the shows turn into “grooming competitions” where the quality of the grooming, which can hide numerous faults, overrides the quality and type of the dog under the hair. I saw a beautifully groomed dog in the ring put up over a very nicely groomed dog (but not quite the “perfection” one sees with the professional handlers). The first was straight in the shoulders, crossed in the front, and totally unconditioned (soft on muscle). The dog he beat had beautiful shoulder layback, floated around the ring in excellent muscular condition. The two were similar in head, length of neck, eye, ear, and many other qualities. This tends to happen consistently in terriers – resulting in people breeding to pictures, the breeds declining in quality and owner-handlers giving up on dog shows in droves. Lynn A. McCain, Tolyn Lakeland Terriers

Editor's response: You are sooo right but what concerns me is how few people may understand you. Of course most terrier people will but overall, I’m no longer sure. The same could be said of some of the sporting breeds. Outline seems to be all that matters in Setters and there are as you pointed out, other examples. Thank you for opening a subject we need to heed.

Muslim Belief vs. Dog Owners  Where do you get your writers? Doesn't anyone vet an article before printing it?  Stella Starr's article about Islam takes the cake for bias, inaccurate research, and just plain bad writing. She used to be some sort of dancer -- does that qualify her to write an article? No. She likes cats and dogs -- does that qualify her to write an article? No.

     About all I can tell from the article is that the writer suspects (despises?) anyone who doesn't share her personal beliefs. She has no qualms about smearing (libeling) entire groups because her faulty research (Wikipedia? Seriously??) leads her to think that they're out to eliminate dogs. If she'd actually done any real research, she'd find that many groups over the last three millennium thought dogs (and other animals) were "unclean." Historically, many animals were, in the sense that many illnesses jumped from animals to human. Most recently, early research into the latest Ebola plague indicates that the deadly bug may have originated in animals in Africa and jumped to humans. Nobody, however, talks seriously about destroying all the wild animals in the world.Tighten up your standards, please. J. Sebby

ref link: http://www.thedogpress.com/Muslim-Beliefs-Dog-Owners_Starr-152.asp

Muslim Beliefs Article  I could not find a way of sending comments to the website, so opted to try routing my thoughts through the Editor. Something occurred to me....... Some of us who stay at hotels when at conformation or performance events, or when traveling for vacation, are finding that fewer and fewer hotels, even individual locations within the major chains, are either no longer accepting dogs or charging high fees per dog, per day.

     The managers of many hotels, particularly those "off the beaten path", such as hotels near tracking or herding events, are from India. It's also been my experience that some individuals are frightened of dogs, even well behaved ones. I do not know if these folks have any religious beliefs, but I now wonder if this problem of dogs not being allowed to stay at hotels is related to who owns or manages the hotel.

Although I do not have an RV, the hotel situation has become such that I may need to get one!

     The one chain that consistently accepts dogs is La Quinta. However, some will charge a fee, especially if you do not disclose that you are traveling with pets. Others charge no fee and even have special dog walk areas or a courtyard for dogs to play in, as well as poop bag dispensers. The Albuquerque La Quinta (I will have to check the actual "location" name since there are several in that city) welcomes dogs and even has a bowl of treats sitting on the check-in counter. I have not found a La Quinta that refuses to take any dogs, but the hotel chain does not have facilities everywhere.

     With all of this said.................owners must take responsibility and pick up after their dogs. I see too many owners, even the very people who are at conformation shows and read the premium, like I do, to see the reminder, to know how vital it is that we present good manners at hotels we visit. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts. Keep up the good work of TheDogPress! Benigne Dohms

Grapes and Raisins - Due to recent seizures in my newly adopted dog, I have been doing a great deal of research lately. In so doing, I was lead to your site. I prepare Shandi's (dog) food and was looking for some do's & don'ts on food items and recipes.

     I read your articles on 'grapes & raisins' poisoning. I had to stop and commend you on addressing this topic so well. My last dog, Ellie, who passed away two years ago was a healthy dog (never sick enough for a vet visit), energetic and high spirited up to the very day she died of old age at 17 years of age. Her and I often ate grapes together. Mind you she didn't eat half a canister full given her size.. but we would munch grapes and she probably consumed a half a handful at a sitting.

     I am also in agreement with your commentary on Snopes, the origin and oft times correctness to their pros & cons and accuracy to their research. Much of what they spew is slanted politically and is more opinion than fact. They are just a couple doing research as any one of us individually are capable and not to be taken as the last word on everything without some further research. Thank you for taking the time for further research and clarification, Warm Regards, D.R.

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NOVOX (Rimadyl) I thought you might be able to help or give me direction on what to do. I just lost my pet last night. She was a 9 year old Cocker Spaniel who took only a few doses of Novox over a 72 hour period. She was diagnosed with a luxating patella and was limping badly. My doctor prescribed 25 mg twice a day to help her. I gave it to her and in 24 hours she started acting different. My son took her to bed with him and he said she kept sitting up during the night and staring at the wall. Then the next evening she did the same thing when I had her, She was extremely restless. Almost 72 hours after her first dose I rushed her to the vets she had labored breathing, she lost the pink pigmentation in her gums, tongue and belly area. She was cold to the touch. They did all they could but couldn't save her. They did blood work, x-rays and an ultrasound. They found nothing but some minor things that wouldn't cause this reaction.

     She was diagnosed with atypical Addisons disease a few years ago but was under control with 2.5 mgs of prednisone that she took daily. I read that prednisone and Novox should not be giving together because it may cause ulcers. My doctor forgot she was on prednisone when he prescribed it and told me to stop giving it to her during our early Monday conversation. She had only been on the two meds for 72 hours and I can't imagine that caused her to die. She didn't have any gastrointestinal symptoms either. I am at a loss. I know this medicine caused her to have this horrible outcome because she was fine before administering.

     If any of TheDogPress readers have suggestions on what to do, please let me know. Should I notify Pfizer and the FDA? Thank you for your help. Respectfully, Kim Slanina


Kim, first, what you can do, go to: http://www.thedogplace.org/Rx/Adverse-Reactions.asp

and more on Rimadyl risks and the results, go here: Pfizer Settles Rimadyl Lawsuit

Measles Vaccine Hype - Support you all the way. Very informative article. Did you know that humans can be titer tested before they agree to the vaccine? I was flabbergasted when I checked into it, after being pressured for the Shingles vaccine, which I did not accept. Also did some reading on the differences in the Varicella, MMR, and Zoster vaccines. Difference is in amount of PFU (Placque Forming Units) contained. Varicella has 1350 PFU, MMR has 9800 PFU, Zoster has 19,400 PFU. WHOA!! I’m not a medical professional just an avid dog breeder who loves to learn/dig up facts. www.immunize.org has those interesting facts. Here is where I found the titer tests http://www.accesalabs.com/titers. One of the reasons (read excuses) for not doing titers was that it required two Doctor visits as opposed to one and it was expensive, so let’s just give the vaccine, it’s cheaper and quicker. I just thought you might be interested in this tidbit of information! Love reading TheDogPress! Thank you so much. Name Withheld

ref link http://www.thedogpress.com/measles-vaccine-hype_Andrews-153.asp

More on Measles - I looked forward to getting and reading your publication. That is, until I saw your article on Measles Vaccines. Shame on you for feeding this anti intellectual pseudo science frenzy. This does far more harm than good. It demonstrates a very poor grasp of epidemiology. I was shocked and dismayed to see the headlines. This is right out of the Jerry Springer School of Medicine. I will now look at your articles with a great deal of skepticism. Maybe you can get Jenny McCarthy to do a segment on autism while you’re at it. Very sadly. Susan McSherry

Editor's response: watch for breaking news on vaccines and autism!

Swiss Vet on Crop/Dock - I love your news and insights but in this issue I have to disagree.

     Working as a behavioural veterinarian I see many customers on the Edge of a nervous breakdown with their dogs.  Most problems go back to inter Species problems, which end in aggression, bite injuries i.e. And about almost 90% of this can be finalized to one topic: they can not read the other dog properly...

     This problem roots most often to over-expression in faces and non existing tail movement.  Over-expression goes often back to over-breeding, like in pugs i.e. cropped ears and the tail to docked tails.

     So if you call Home a suburban or even urban place and take your dog often with you, stay away from cropping and docking. For the sake of your dogs " readability" and the health of your Credit card Balance, since behavioural consultation is costly! Greetings from Switzerland Brigitte Meier-Deus

ref link: http://www.thedogplace.org/ShowPlace/Cropping-Docking-Debate_Shivley-149.asp

Measles Vaccine Passed On! - I wonder if I'm the only one these days that remembers veterinarians giving a vaccine called the "measles" vaccine to dogs? Many decades ago (mid to late 60's I think) I was the kennel girl at a well known Dane kennel. We took a litter in for vaccination at our regular vet we'd been dealing with for years. The vet blithely told us that he would be adding the "new measles" vaccine to the normal vaccine protocol. We didn't think anything of it at the time even though we had never heard of a dog with measles - and after all the vet recommended it right? The pups produced that year were either kept or sold as usual and we didn't think anything of it.

      A couple years later a previously healthy litter under 8 weeks old out of a seemingly healthy bitch, broke out in spots all over their bodies that would scab up and the pups would suddenly stop thriving. We spent countless hours ferrying pups to the vet for tests. The vets did all available tests but were mystified what the cause could be. And then another litter with the same symptoms came after the first. More countless hours applying various salves to these poor pups so the vets could see if anything worked. During one of these salve sessions my boss mentioned off hand that if she didn't know better she would swear the spots looked like measles. That statement couldn't be more prophetic if a light bulb had appeared over her head when she said it. We had to go back into several years of vet records to pinpoint it BUT, the pups with this skin outbreak came only OUT OF THE BITCHES THAT RECEIVED THE "NEW MEASLES" VACCINE WHEN THEY WERE PUPS. My guess is this vaccine came out of a laboratory, not from other dogs, with pharmaceutical companies seeing dollar signs. The vaccine quietly went away and now few people in dogs even know about it or remember it. Joe Katie Edwards

Time Warped - Hello, I read smiling from ear to ear, or was it frowning, your article titled “Time Warped Dog Fancy” - out of the park! I was wondering if you would provide Canadian Dog Fancier authorization to run this article in one of our upcoming issues? The situation in Canada here is not much different than your situation down there, and I think this story would be excellent to share with our readers. We would provide you credit of course, and you are welcome to indicate exactly how you would like that credit displayed. Thanks! Shawn Bennett

ref link: http://www.thedogpress.com/time-warped-dog-shows_Andrews-151.asp

Preying On Junior Handlers - My daughter is an AKC junior handler. I received an email for a survey asking about increasing participation in the sport. The survey is processed through survey monkey. The last page of the survey is a page with a link to give to charity. In order to see the charity, you have to create a username, password and give an email address for information. It then directs you to give extensive information about your involvement with animals.

      So I googled survey monkey charities. There are four animal charities. The biggest one is HSUS!!!! It's appalling! And unbelievable that the AKC would be so stupid as to expose their membership to HSUS. Wendy Beck

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