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2 Day Shows - Its about time - One very big reason for 2 a day shows has been left out of the discussion since it does not pertain to either coast or large metro areas. Distance needed to travel to shows, especially in the more rural Midwest areas. We call home shows anything within a 200 mile radius and that still limits the number of shows available.

     Omaha to Chicago is approximately 470 miles. Omaha to Denver is approximately 500 miles. These are where some of the larger shows happen. Imagine only needing to take off from work the same amount of time and being able to have an opportunity for an extra 2 sets of points. This could also possibly revive some clubs that are near extinction. Again something that could be good for the sport. Darlene Kofoed - Kolada Chows

ref link TheDogPress 2-Show-Days

Two Day Shows - Daily Double is a catchy name. I would personally go to more shows if we had 2 shows per day. It is very expensive to go to 1 show per day. You have to spend twice as much in order to champion your dog. If there were 2 day shows, I think more people would "special" their dogs also. Regards, Sandra Bearden - Sandee's Cotons

Thank You! - I just wanted to thank you for standing up the animal rights groups and trying to protect our rights to own and breed dogs. I volunteer for an organization that is trying to inform the public of the same issues involving agriculture, pet ownership, hunting, fishing, ect. We have been fighting against the HSUS and PETA for a few years now and we are always excited to find others out there that are doing the same. My grandmother bred shelties most of her life and I worked as a vet tech and groomer for many years before becoming involved in this group. I love the TheDogPress news, keep up the good work! Theresa Lucas - www.protecttheharvest.com

Products from China - I have stopped buying products made in China for some time now, partly due to lead in paints and dyes, hygiene practices, and workmanship (on clothing), but now this! I have noticed that vendors have stopped publishing where a product is made, most likely because it is imported from one of these undesirable countries. Kathy DeShong

ref link: Dog Food Label Deception

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Crop and Dock - In response to the reader with concerns of not being able to "read" a dog because of docking and cropping, I am sorry that they are having difficulty. When American Judges are looking at a dog, they are also looking for EXPRESSION. My dogs are all cropped and docked. I have no problem knowing when they want to play, eat, be petted, go out, have a treat, are being snarky with another dog- because I don't look at just the head and tail- I look at the whole dog.  The whole of the dog is telling me something- and I am listening. My dogs are more than just ears and a tail. They have a voice, legs that stiffen, eyes that look away, they pant or lick when nervous. The hair on their back or neck will stand if threatened. Before they decide a new human is a friend they stack and stand firm watching but not showing signs of aggression. Once they know the person is a friend ... they begin the famous Boxer Wiggle and Box. If the human is a threat, they will become stiff, press against me to protect me, begin to growl, and the hair begins to raise on the back. If you look at the ears, tail and eyes at this time there is no mistake what the dog is saying. Perhaps it will take you a bit of practice to understand what a cropped dog is saying- but like a Collie, Schipperke, or any naturally upright earred dog, you learn that the eyes are truly the gate to the soul- and a dog is a dog is a dog.  Sherry Shivley

ref links: Letters To Editor March Edition  and TheDogPlace Cropping-Docking Debate 

Peta Billboard article - The author stated that we need to teach people that there are only two real registries in the US, the AKC and the UKC. This is quite a narrow minded position. I breed and show Australian Shepherds I register my dogs with the AKC but I also register and mostly show and trial in ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) To say this is not a "real registry" is insulting.

     And who are they to say that producing multiple puppies is a bad thing, perhaps they meant multiple litters, but then why is two litters in a year an inherently bad thing?  Erin Fleming

Editor's Note: Thank you for the correction and for reminding me of the courage of your board!  Your club history as standing for the breed and resisting being swallowed by AKC is one that should be shared with the dog fancy. 

ref link: http://www.thedogplace.org/PETA-billboard-seen-round-the-world-15032.asp

British Columbia SPCA - Is there anything in the future that can protect registered dog owners because it seems it's getting worse BCSPCA stole all my registered dogs, made me look so bad in the news, and my first lawyer said I had to plead guilty or lose my home and any money.  The SPCA had phone pictures and made me look so bad. The last judge said I'm not cruel to my animals just because I was scared to let SPCA in my home. I had many breaches against me, I'm on two yrs probation and can have two animals but I'm still very scared SPCA can write things down and the courts can call it a breach. So how can they justify stealing healthy vet checked animals. At this time I'm trying to get back in the CKC club.  Faye Parkinson

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Ellegic from raspberries - I am looking for a reputable source for ellegic from raspberries for dogs. Do you know of any source for this product and would you share your thoughts as a supplement for Labrador Retrievers. Thank you, Nancy

ref link: http://www.TheDogPlace.org/HEALTH/bee-vinegar-tea.asp

Musings On WKC I read Ms. Forman's article about the WKC with interest. I did not know that the WKC did not allow women on their board or show committee. Rather than spend several paragraphs merely fulminating about how inappropriate this is, it might have been more interesting if we had learned more about the history and legal status of this situation, and what pressure points might exist to get it changed.

     On to the next subject of Ms. Forman's ire: a judge rewarding a dog in the ring that they have bred to, a situation she seems to believe should never happen. In an ideal world she may be right, but this is a much more complex situation, and the difficulties here should have been addressed. The fact that she did not address or acknowledge them makes her appear uninformed. Judges for major shows are secured by the sponsoring organization from one to two years in advance, usually with significant input from exhibitors who experience their work in the trenches. Many if not most judges are or have been breeders, and the opinion of a "breeder judge" has much weight and prestige. Unless you decree that you will never hire a breeder judge, this situation can always theoretically happen. And making a decision not to hire a breeder judge will severely limit your pool of quality judges, which is already limited by rules about how often a judge can judge the show, etc. The sad fact is that there are just not enough top judges that will draw entries, and the best ones are or have been breeders. It does no good to tell a judge in their contract that they can't breed to any dog who will show up in the BIS or Group ring, as there is no way of knowing if such a dog will even be entered, much less make their way into the Group or BIS rings. And it does no good to tell the judge he has to recuse himself if a dog he has bred to shows up in the BIS or Group ring, as then who would judge? Exhibitors will not be happy if a substitute judge is inserted at the last minute, as the identity of the judge is a hugely important factor in deciding whether or not to enter a particular dog in the show. Pleasing the exhibitor is the name of the game. Most exhibitors presented with this scenario would probably opt to have the original judge stay in dispite the conflict, rather than a lesser substitute.

     Again, by not dealing with the real issues involved, Ms. Forman undermines her message. The only "solution" I can see is to never hire anyone who has been a breeder, which is simply not a realistic alternative. Plus, the entire subject of "conflicts" that can face judges is much wider than the situation described, and is something the average exhibitor is very used to. Where do you draw the line? What if a judge is faced with a dog in the BIS ring that they have themselves bred? Or is the get of such a dog? Or is the chief competition for a dog you have bred for Top Ten points or Sire of the Year? Or is handled by an individual the judge used to have an intimate relationship with, which ended badly? Or hasn't ended? All of these real life situations come to mind. Often I sit ringside and chuckle because of the history I am aware of that the judge has with each and every owner/handler/dog in the ring. It is a very small world. The solution is to trust the opinion of exhibitors who see the performance and demeanor of these judges day by day, and know who is knowledgable about the breeds, and who is political or swayed by who is hiring them, who is swayed by who the handler is, and so on. Show committees should and do poll exhibitors to select judges that will have the confidence of the fancy, and result in a good level of entries. Paula Morgan - Ardent Standard Poodles

ref link: Musings On Westminster 

Spay and Neuter - Hi, why can't they make a pill to stop over aggressive behaviors in animals instead of fixing them? Humans have a pill for all of their own problems. Also, do these health danger statistics apply to other animals too like horses. I assume they do. What are the dangers of fixing other farm type animals. Andy Cooper

ref link: http://www.TheDogPlace.org/Spay-Neuter/INDEX.asp

Editor: Insightful question - anyone care to provide more information on aggression in other species? We know they "geld" (castrate) horses and bulls but is that primarily due to aggression?

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