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COOL LABELS for Florida chicken and meat - Just returned from the Winn-Dixie in New Port Richey. I noticed some prominent signs on the meat cases, and also new labels on the meat. All of their meat now states bred, born, raised, and processed in the USA, on labels and signs say so! I talked with the meat manager who told me that it is now a STATE law to label it that way! So, Florida has a ii cool (instant Information) labeling law. I wonder if any other states do, or if all do. I am searching the internet, but so far I can not find out. The changes at W/D came about since Saturday, when I was there and labels stated produced in United States. Later, Nell

Swimmer Puppies: Thanks for your site and the encouragement. My schnauzer had two swimmer puppies in her second and last litter. I had never had a problem before and never heard of this problem. She had two beautiful little girls. We named them Faith and Hope - together they make Love. We were so worried but used the swim and hobble treatments and made a board with your traction idea and used socks for support. Their front legs were strong but the back were very weak and straggled behind them. We held them and did physical therapy on their back legs. On another site we saw a tether from the hobbles to the neck. That really worked to keep their legs in a bent position when they slept and kept them on their sides. This treatment only took 4 days. By day 5 they were walking well and now a week later they are running around. They are 5 weeks old. You would never know they had ever had a problem. Legs look strong and normal. Compared to the noodles they started with. They are getting stronger every day. I can’t tell you what a relief it is. A friend told me I had no choice but to take them to the vet and put them down. Glad I saw your site. Thank you again, Suzy Suzanne Chambers

ref links: Swimmer Puppies Solution, by Jenny Mitchell - Swimmer Pup Syndrome, by Fred Lanting

Withholding Ribbons: I had a male I own and a male I co-own up for winners dog. The judge, from Europe, approached me and told me that my male was too straight in the stifle to do what he was bred to do, and do it well, so therefore he was withholding Winners Dog. I couldn't argue with him. As my dog matured and filled out he had much better angulation but I admired the judge for withholding the placement rather than awarding it to a dog he didn't feel was worthy. Bonny Bell

ref link:  Dog Show Points Puzzle, by Linn Vandiver

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Bad Attitude: As you may or may not be aware.... a situation occurred recently at a show in Florida where the owner (Paula Rambo) of a cocker spaniel in the best-in-show ring, made comments to the mother of a handicapped child that resulted in the owner being suspended by the AKC for 30 days. Just wondering how the cocker spaniel was not suspended from being shown also? Seems the other co-owners were able to get the owner to sign off as an owner before being found guilty. I would think that anything you owned when the infraction took place, should suffer a like suspension. Am I out of line with my thinking? Please withhold my name.

Editor's Note: We went online to verify the above letter before deciding whether to include it. The facebook extract below, a first-person report validates the anonymous report.

Paula Rambo: Javier was walking in his walker with Robert Baron (like he does every weekend to cheer on his Papi) when Paula Rambo, the owner of the black cocker spaniel in the ring told Robert Baron to keep that kid quiet that now was not the time or the place. To be respectful, once best in show was over I went to explain to her that he needs his walker to walk and it was not a toy. And that he was not trying to affect her dogs performances in any way. When to my surprise she responded that her dog was worth a lot of money and that the show was not the time or place for him and that. … children with a disability get knocked down and made to feel bad about themselves because of the ignorant and cold hearted. Jennifer Miller (facebook)

AKC Secretary's Page reports Paula Rambo of Fruitland Park Florida was brought up on conduct charges for "abusive foul language/verbal altercation" at the Ochlockonee River Kennel Club's February 28th 2016 event. Penalties set at 1 month suspension from AKC event Privileges and a $500 fine, effective March 23rd 2016. Breed involved was Cocker Spaniel.

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Animal Control Question: One question - Animal control says they have a complaint but refuses to tell you who complained. How can you find out who the complainant was? Marcia Fischer

AKC Registration Debacle: I am in mediation now with a breeder re co ownership and the dog/s that are co-owned by me being repeatedly (and purposely) bred to studs I specifically disapprove of- in writing . We are not talking one litter either- try 5!

     I was approached numerous times to be a "mentor" Thinking a contract would protect (me) and insure the dog/s being bred responsibly and as the person was a friend of a friend of mine, I agreed. This party I unfortunately trusted with my valuable females, has chosen to withhold from me the individual registration slips for the pups I now own from a litter I did approve (after the fact and it was a compromise) , in order to coerce me to agree to sign and register a subsequent litter (out of a dog of poor pedigree, type and the dog is monorchid!).

    Question: Did AKC uphold their own rules since there was no such agreement that papers were to be withheld from me? Both parents are DNA'd, I signed to register the litter as co-owner of the dam, I am the breeder of the dam AND the litter itself, which is already registered? Can AKC NOT allow me the individual Registrations I am rightfully due?

    Heck NO! In essence they are supporting this paper " blackmail" by not enforcing their own rules. QUESTION: Did they uphold their request for this Breeder to DNA one of the several litters that was yet another "accident" i.e. multiple-sired (which I brought) to AKC's attention? NO. The breeder ignored AKC's request and went ahead and sold the puppies (who knows who's registration numbers may have been used of her numerous other dogs , or "pedigrees" she used ; who knows if they were sold with or without papers ...?) I just know not the pedigrees from the dog/s she got from me). No fines, no suspension, no cessation of " good standing" were levied.

    The breed has traditionally small litters. Sad thing is, this one person's actions have greatly impacted and undermined my small breeding program. They were the only intact breeding females from my CH, and essentially obliterated years and years of my work - and that of other sincere dog enthusiasts. Doesn't look like AKC cares, does it? Thoughts? Suggestions? Tryna Kemmer

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