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Wormer Questions - Hi. Very happy to read your articles here. I have had GSDs for many years also and this is the first time that I felt much better about not worrying about giving them Ivermectin in the monthly chews. I also did not know that Ivermectin kills ticks. In our area of NYS we have had an explosion of lyme pos dogs that have been tested by our Vet. We give Frontline plus and Heartgard plus so I’m hoping that between the both, our dogs will remain Lyme neg. My question is----have you heard of Heartgold plus by Vetafarm? They have the same ingredients as Heartgard plus with a much lower price. I have been shopping at Australian sites because for some reason, my one sensitive GSD to beef flavored Heartgard plus meds has no problem with the Heartgard plus made with Australian beef. It may be coincidence but I won’t ever change. I wonder if US beef has more antibiotics and/or hormones that he does not tolerate.


I originally kept giving the monthly chews and he would get explosive diarrhea every month. He tolerated Iverhart plus fine---pork flavored (it went off market for awhile so I switched to the Australian beef chew then). Sorry to ramble on --- The Heartgold plus is made with kangaroo meat so it would be a big savings if he tolerates it, and it would be easier for me than buying the liquid Ivermectin. I guess it would make me feel more comfortable trying the Heartgold plus if someone with your knowledge had heard of it and knew it was from a reputable company. Thank you for any help. I have been looked at as if I was crazy to buy anything like this online. Have a great day! Barb

ref link: Fleas, Ticks & Worms Information

Lyme Disease Information  - When were your lyme disease vaccine articles written? I could not seem to find a date on them and was wondering if they were older articles and the vaccine might have changed since then? I have a 12 1/2 shitsu bichon mix who might have had a severe reaction to the booster. It did not occur until 24 hours later and I had just gone out of town for the day and left him with a beloved pet sitter, so I was not there. He had to be brought to the vet, he was drooling, foaming, white gums, moaning, staring at ground, etc.  The color of his gums starting getting better while he was at the vet, and he started coming around and getting better. I am just trying to find the latest information, we live in New Hampshire where there are many ticks. Thanks! Kathleen Eberle

ref link: Vaccines and Lyme Disease Information

Lyme Video - Hello. I was visiting your website (as I frequently do!) and came across the old country vet page and watched the brief video about Lyme disease. I am sorry, that video is out dated, and the information is quite incorrect. While I lived in Georgia, yes, Lyme disease was quite the rarity, I now live in Wisconsin. I am a veterinary technician working in our local area clinic, where by HIS standards for Diagnosing Lyme disease, we diagnosed near to 100 positive (symptomatic) cases (with positive serology and suggestive hemograms) last year alone that needed treatment (and of course, dramatically & quickly responded to doxycycline hyclate treatment).

     We diagnosed at least 6 cases that had late stage Lyme nephritis (symptomatic for lameness, destroyed kidneys and positive serology and hemograms) whose dogs DIED due to untreated Lyme disease. Oh, did I mention that I live in a town of 1250 people with hardly 500 households? If that were ONE dog per household, we're talking 20% of households had symptomatic Lyme disease affected dogs in them! I have already had symptomatic Lyme disease since moving to Wisconsin, and also had it years ago when I lived in Illinois as well. It would be quite wise to at least place a disclaimer regarding geographical region upon your webpage.

     On to heartworm testing... Sure, giving year round prevention will almost negate the reason to test. But, how many average pet owners ALWAYS give their heartworm prevention in a timely manner, never forgetting every 30 days? Far less than one would think! For the companies to warranty their product in case of prevention failure (aka user error), they require a negative heartworm test in the past 12 months. Regarding the "slow kill" method. Know why it's not a good idea? Prevention medications only kill the L3-L4 stage larvae. It is L1 & L2 larvae the mosquito picks up during feeding. If prevention isn't given in that 30-40 day window the worms are in the L3-L4 larval stage, they go on to become juveniles, and adults... NOT ABLE TO BE ERADICATED BY THE PREVENTION.

     Adult worms live FIVE TO SEVEN YEARS.... And those who are just "waiting for the worms to die through the slow kill method" are actually in reality continuing to spread heart worm infestations to others in their communities for all that time... There are even confirmed heart worm cases in PEOPLE! Our cats, wildlife, other dogs are all at daily risk during mosquito season when one opts to slow-kill their heartworms... Even if they do year round every 30 day microfiliare treatments. Do YOU want your neighbor to slow kill their dog's heart worms knowing that? I sure don't. Only Immiticide kills the adults, and 20% of dogs who have heart worm infestations also suffer from caval syndrome, which is a life or death condition, often requiring open heart surgery (and the most frequent reason for open heart surgery in a dog). Rescues help breed prevention resistant heart worms feeding the parent worms prevention every month while they continue to breed and produce new babies to infect other animals by using the slow kill method. I'm good and well sure you've heard about that heart worm prevention doesn't always "work" anymore in certain geographic locations. Now you don't have to wonder why that is. Kind regards, Jen P (TCVM CVT) & her Pack

ref link: Old Country Vet on Lyme Disease and more

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Bloat Article Saved My Dog - I want to send my sincere THANK YOU for this article as it saved my 10 year old Chow Chow’s life. On February 2nd, despite the fact we keep our old guy on a regular twice daily feeding schedule, he turned down a French fried potato. We immediately knew something was very wrong. TC’s favorite food is potato of any kind. I felt his abdomen and it was not extremely hard but it was not soft either. I had read the Bloat article and immediately gave him a dosage of Gas-X. I then took him outside to cool him. Then came in and stood over top his back, pressed his abdomen from front to rear and boy oh boy did he ever pass gas. I did this again and again he passed gas. While I was working with TC, my husband was trying to reach our vet. She was out of the country so we made a trip to the local emergency vet clinic to be sure things were going in the right direction. TC rode quietly on the 40 minute drive, due to the snow storm we were experiencing. The vet on call examined him and agreed that he appeared to be out of danger. We opted not to do an X-ray at the Emergency clinic but follow up the next day with our regular vet. He is doing well and hopefully we will have him for several more years. He is our last show dog and goes back to our first litter we bred in 1990, so needless to say he is very special to us. Again thank you for these types of articles. Darlene Kofoed - Kolada Chows

ref link: Gastric Torsion (Bloat)

Grape & Raisin Poisoning - My Newfoundland ate almost a pound of green grapes. Not even a belch or diarrhea. Rushed her to the vet when we discovered what she did. Vet did nothing, just checked vitals and said watch her. Sherrie Hall

Editor's Note - Thank you for the feedback. I think we need to bring that information forward. Couldn't help laughing, pictured your Newfie in my mind - eating a pound of grapes. My Akitas loved them and I loved Newfies; Al Levine and another handler-friend handled Newfs so I got to know what wonderful dogs they are.

ref link: Canine Nutrition Information

Vaccination Questions - I am wondering how/why a vaccine was blamed for the springer's problem? I see the dogs surgical site is on her back over her hindquarters... With vaccines given in the neck or shoulders area or in the outside of the lower thigh... Leaving me wondering how a vaccine given in the neck translates to a problem on the lower back? I have done my research regarding vaccination. 1) all vaccines are not created equally. I would NEVER have my dog injected with a Pfizer made (or boerhinger sp?) vaccine. I passed my closest vets and found one that uses only Merial brand vaccines... And then only do those minimally too. That same vet who uses Merial brand vaccines also offers the distemper/hepatitis/parvo titer test which my dogs receive at 1 year old instead of boosters! Most people don't know this, but most vaccines are made with adjuvants, ones not allowed for use in people anymore. I much prefer vaccines that are reconstituted with sterile water-- if only the USDA/FDA would approve the same for the rabies vaccine in dogs as it has for cats (Purevax)! That we must vaccinate, there are wiser choices than Pfizer that's for sure. Thank you for any information you can provide with regard to my opening questions. Kind regards, Jen P & her Pack

ref link: Adverse Vaccine Reaction Including Veterinary Photos

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