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Grape & Raisin Poisoning - I gave my golden retriever grapes for his whole 10 years of life. He never had any adverse reactions. It was recently when I mentioned to a coworker that my dog loves grapes, and she told me they were toxic to dogs. Hhmmmm... I did research it, and found so many sites and people stating that. But my Golden loved them- especially frozen. Now I am afraid to give them to any of my other dogs. I would love to know the truth. Thank you, Vicky Habitz  ref link: Canine Nutrition Information for extensive Grape-Raisin Coverage

Animal Enterprise Terrorism - I read the good article on your website. Very informative. My husband and I were attacked on an attempted "seizure scam"/"rescue raid" that was perpetrated on us by a "rescue" NOT even registered with the state (they are located 12+ hours away from us) as a "not for profit" entity until 2 months after the attack on us began on August 16, 2013.

     They told people in writing on the Internet they were a "pending" 501c3 and also that they "are a 501c3 horse rescue" but the FACT was that they weren't a bonfide non-profit and were committing fraud. I actually got their extortion attempt in writing, and it is also in writing where I clearly state I would be calling animal control out to look at all our animals and discuss what was going on at our rescue/sanctuary/hospice.

     It became apparent early on in that written conversation between me and the "rescue" that they didn't want me involving animal control.  They basically wanted to come in and "cherry pick" our beautiful horses that they could sell, leaving us with acute, chronic, and terminally ill horses that couldn't be sold. When I wouldn't go along with that, and after I offered them several perfectly adoptable horses for free with the only condition being they couldn't kill the horses if they were unable to adopt/sell them, they ran a fundraiser to "save" our horses, collected over $8000 in donations.  But never took any horses I offered them, and they never sent us any of the donations raised for our horses. More commission of non-profit FRAUD.

     Since the attacks, which had us criminally investigated for over 5 months after mobs of people were ramped-up into attacking us based on lies, staged photos, photo-shopped photos, etc., we were cleared with no charges against us.  That horse dealer for profit "rescue" continues to commit fraud, they won't answer questions regarding the whereabouts of over 300 horses that donations paid them to secure.

     They are also being sued by us in a civil lawsuit they are trying to dodge going to a jury trial on. Although this experience of being attacked was the most terrorizing experience in our lives (I'm 57 and my husband is 65), we decided that we were going to fight back legally by filing a civil lawsuit against those that were in the mob-swarm that were defaming, threatening, and stalking us, and also conspiring against us and extorting us.

     We knew that the public can be fooled by liars, so the legal course of action was/is the most sensible and effective course of action that would/will force our attackers to answer questions, present facts they clearly don't have, and let a jury decide after seeing 2500 pages of documentation and evidence that we were not neglecting or treating any animals cruelly.

    Even though it has been a tremendous financial struggle for us, we feel we have no other recourse regarding regaining our reputation and good name in animal rescue for our primarily self-funded rescue-sanctuary-hospice, which we are still operating. Not surprisingly, our attackers are doing everything possible to avoid going to court and a jury trial. They know that they will either have to perjure themselves or expose themselves as con artists if they go before a judge and jury, but our goal is to keep pursuing them until they admit their wrongdoing.

     Just thought you might be interested in our story, and if you'd like more information regarding the various ways seizure scams play out and who the attackers usually are (often not animal rights people at all), please let me know and I'll be happy to speak with you about it. Thank You Laura Bell  ref link: Animal Enterprise Terrorism

Dog food for dogs with seizures - Would you please suggest the best dog food for my mini schnauzer who has frontal-temporal lobe seizures. I am a senior and not working so my budget is about $20-$30 a month.  I just found out that the food I have been feeding her has Rosemary in it which causes seizures in dogs. Needless to say the vet does not have a clue. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Also my phone number is 518-368-6174. Thank you and have a wonderful day Anna Schroeder

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Swimmer Puppies - Thank you so much for your site, I had a litter of 3 choc labs and one died at birth, the second died at 10 days old, a big strong boy and I was told that I would lose the little remaining girl as my bitch had contracted canine herpes virus, the boy had contracted and they said the girl would, so I read up on it and just overheated the room and watched her for 10 days by the time she was 3 weeks old I had hope that she would live but she was just kept on a duvet in the whelping box and the bitch went to her to feed her so she didn't need to move. By 3 weeks I started to panic that she wasn't moving so googled it and luckily found your site.  I made the board covered with rubber kitchen draw liner and 5 days later I had a walker, now 10 days later I have a pest running around all the time, thank you so much! Joanna McGoldrick   ref link: Swimmer Pups, A New Solution

Dog Show Points - I had a male I own and a male I co-own up for winners dog. The judge, from Europe, approached me and told me that my male was too straight in the stifle to do what he was bred to do, and do it well, so therefore he was withholding Winners Dog. I couldn't argue with him. As my dog matured and filled out he had much better angulation but I admired the judge for withholding the placement rather than awarding it to a dog he didn't feel was worthy.  Bonnie Bell  ref link: Dog Show Points Puzzle

Risky Rawhide - I have a question, has any one found out where pcomes from or did every one just give up on it???? I have been reading several articles and not one writer or reporter has gone the extra step to really find out... to me when someone does a story on it they should follow to the end, not just write one thing and go on to the next.  I agree not everything needs to be to be ended. If the writers and reporters this easy what’s the world coming too.. sorry if my spelling is not right, I just cannot get anyone to answer that question maybe you can please.. thank you so much - Uni was my dog that died from these. Dawn

Editor: From what we can tell, it's sold at Walmart and on Amazon - but it seems the product is made in China (haven't found the manufacturer, but we've warned folks about buying products made in China. visit our dog food section for more information

Bitches In Season - I am very new to the Conformation Dog Show World. Please help me to understand the guidelines on entering my female in season. I have paid for the entry fee in advance and my Handler says it's no problem to show her while she is in season and enlarged , keeping this in mind, she shows for a fee regardless of the win or not. My question to you is how likely is it that a Bitch in season will get a win? Are the Judges trained not to pay attention to the" whole season look" and side effects? Does it put a true damper on her looks in the Judge's eye and opinion ? Have there been any females in season that have taken the points in the show? I look forward to your honest and experienced reply. With Respect and Appreciation, Best Puppy in Show - Mom ;) Theresa Metzner

Upton German Shepherds - I wondered if you have heard of the Upton German Shepherds in the media? The Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, headed by a new director with an Animal Rights background, took 31 German Shepherd Dogs from Paul Upton in November.

     He has a Boarding, and Breeding, and Training business with a 30 year record of good inspections. He had a good inspection in May, then in November was raided by IACC,, headed by their new AR freak director, who took his dogs. He has not been found guilty of any charges, nor had his day in court yet,.. however he must pay a monthly bond to this corrupt animal control, or automatically forfeit his dogs. The bond is over 6,000.00 per month. Until the court case, he cannot board dogs, literally ending his business but can continue training.  He is NOT allowed to see his dogs, nor can his VET, or his Attorneys. Two of his bitches whelped while being held in the filthy cells at IACC. One entire litter died. Paul Upton had a facebook page, and the dog fancy who were learning about the travesty, had been contributing to a GoFundMe account to help him raise the monthly bond to keep ownership until he has his day in court. Paul Upton has since been ordered by the court to remove his facebook page..( a Gag Order.)

     A NEW group called Save Upton's Dogs has since appeared on facebook, that has no endorsement by, and is not affiliated with Paul Upton. People are still able to contribute funds to help save the dogs. The new Director, (one of 12 directors in the past 12 years), Kim Wolsiffer, literally stole the dogs and is an admitted Animal Rights advocate. Quite simply this is a case of an over zealous AR freak infiltrating City government, stealing beautiful healthy purebred dogs from a man with an excellent record for over 30 years, to neuter, and adopt out (sell ) for profit for the IACC..Have since heard that the Vets who work for IACC said the dogs were healthy. Why were they taken? Wolsiffer said some appeared thin, some had too much slope on their pasterns, and that the kennels did not appear adequate . They are now imprisoned in tiny cells. How can that be better for them? Will keep you informed about what happens. Marcia Hadley & Laura Shearin

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