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Our coverage on Awards, Westminster Kennel Club, Wolf Seasons, Bee Stings and Helping A Dog In India.

JEFFERSON AWARD: Your article "are you a good dog owner" not only do we do the right things with our dogs, but our dogs are therapy dogs and help many other people. I received the Jefferson award two years ago for my therapy dog work. That award is given only for volunteer workers. I have been with Alliance of Therapy Dogs since 1992 and a tester for therapy dogs since 1994. I currently keep the schedule for a large group of therapy dog owners (see attached). Currently I have three dogs and all are registered therapy dogs: Windy = Whippet, Marco & Chip = Italian Greyhounds. I have been training dogs for 57 years for a variety of things. If you go to my Facebook page: "Jim Perry" you will see my Marco being held by the news anchor (Amber Nogel) who presented me with the Jefferson Award. Jim Perry


Editor's Note: Jim and his group serve hospitals, nursing homes, and senior care facilities in Wisconsin. He is the son of professional handler Robert Perry. Yep, good genes hold true.

WESTMINSTER MISSES: The American English Coonhound? What must they think of us dog show people? Beautifully structured dog but the comments about his houndy head seem inappropriate, more like a pointer. Patricia Craig looking as glamorous and agile as ever showing her Norwegian Elkhound but David made a slip of the lip and said the breed hunts moose. Funny because he's one of the most knowledgeable people in the world of dogs. American Bluetick? I’m from the Deep South where the breed was born and it has never been called anything except “blue tick hound”. Why is it now the “American Bluetick”? Is there a European Blue Tick Hound?


On this name thing, why are the handlers always identified by name but so far through Hound group, no owner is identified or mentioned by name other than one of the owner handlers? My friend who was watching with me noted that a Russian dog bred in Japan won the Hound group in “America's Dog Show”. He pointed out that it used to be called the Russian Wolfhound. I tried to explain but then America’s “premier” dog show was won by a poodle from England. He laughed and I gave up. Good show. Please withhold my name – Group Judge

WOLF SEASONS vs BREEDING AGE MALE POPULATION: My wolfdog is 4 years old: 88% Timber Wolf; 12% Siberian Husky. She had a mini-estrus 6 weeks before her first full estrus, but no sign of Wolf Seasons. She has her annual Estrus in late Fall. She has never shown WWS nor have any of the wolves and wolfdogs I’ve worked with at the sanctuary. In the last 10 years that I’ve made wolves/wolfdogs my life, I have only ever heard of WWS a few times. Maybe it was missed by our regular staff and Veterinarian. I’m a Veterinary Tech and missed it, too. The only change in my wolfdog was a week before whelping and she was sociable, but rather stand-offish to everyone but me. - Cheryl Blackwell

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BEE STING TREATMENT: I find this article very interesting and would like to find out more information. My husband at one time was trying to shrink his varicose veins by having bees sting him and it seemed to work for awhile but for some reason we did not continue this. My daughters dog Scout who is a Miniature Italian Greyhound has come down with cancer about 4 months ago and has these lil tumors some that are enlarging rapidly. He has received treatment for this and truthfully I don't know if it is helping or not. Would he be a good candidate for the bee propolis ? He still is a happy camper is 12 years old still loves to run, bark and play. I sure look forward to hearing back from you.. Cindie Hargreaves   ref link:  Bee Propolis and Bee Pollen & Honey

CAN YOU HELP INDIA DOG? Sir, I am Barish Majumder from India.. my dog cannot walk from its hind leg from birth.. many veterinary doctors were visited they did many kind of treatment but nothing helped. her two siblings were like this but later they started walking fine... i am attaching the pic.. kindly tell me if there is any possible treatment now... she is 5 yrs old now.. having a very good health and she is very playful also... if you suggest me some treatment it would be really helpful.


Editor's Response, in part ...many owners would have had the dog destroyed, i.e. killed. God has blessed you with a big heart, capable of caring for "lowly" creatures. We will run your letter and the photos in the next edition of TheDogPress.com which goes out to over 22,700 subscribers. Perhaps someone has seen this before. You say she is playful so if she is otherwise healthy, she is actually a LUCKY dog to be owned by someone like you. We have included your email and photos so our readers can respond to you directly.

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