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Our coverage on AKC name change policy, No Mixed Breeds in Agility, and Sheriff Arpaio had subscribers spitting mad and leaving, wow!


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Ticks & Lyme Disease: “have been around for thousands of years. In fact, a recent autopsy on a 5,300-year-old mummy indicated the presence of the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. A German physician, Alfred Buchwald, first described the chronic skin rash, or erythema migrans, of what is now known to be Lyme disease more than 130 years ago. However, Lyme disease was only recognized in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. And the bacteria that causes it – Borrelia burgdorferi (www.bayarealyme.org) – wasn’t officially classified until 1981.”  check these facts! Ellen Wexler

This subscriber opened a Pandora's box on Lyme Disease especially regarding Veterinary ignorance and medical denial. Thank you Ellen, we are working on a follow up that blows the lid off Lyme.

Bad Medicine - You can contact me to talk about dog issues, vets & the medicines they give not knowing the side effects of the medicines they give out. My bad experiences with such is all documented so I can advertise to the world and be safe because it would all be completely true and it is. Sincerely MaryLou Baker

AKC Name Changes - Your article on changing names is absolute crap. You DIDN'T EVEN ASK the only salient question: "if a breeder registers a dog before selling it, does the new owner have to get the breeders permission to change the name?" The AKC policy is very clear--but you jump to the erroneous conclusion that no permission is required.

     This is an 8 year old policy that you have, at best, misrepresented in attempt to piss people off. If you can get a statement that the AKC no longer requires permission to change a name, OR any evidence whatsoever that this has ever happened, THEN you might have a story. Failing that, describing yourself as a journalist is ridiculous. And untrue.  I dare you to print this letter.  Mary Lynn Elliston Applegarth Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Mary missed the point, including that this editor is part Akita, part Bull Terrier... She is correct, up to a point.  Breeders choose not to "register" a kennel name for many valid reasons.  Example: my O'BJ suffix is the old German way of naming breeds such as Dobermans and Rottweilers which were my first purebreds back in the 50s.  Using the DOG'S name first allows me to "alphabetize" a litter. The problem we pointed out is that for a few dollars, AKC would allow a puppy mill or pet shop dealer to use MY kennel name even though 300 AKC champions are registered that way. My decision is based on principal.  What is AKC's decision based on? Reference: AKC Name Changes Allowed

Open forum, any subject, just keep it short!  Send your: Letter To Editor

Call the Sheriff!  We've committed a crime, running that story on Joe Arpaio.  Three angry responses outweighed the upbeat comments, i.e. "Good point", "a lesson here, hope all the drug dealers go to his country, that would solve our drug problems here in L.A." and "Wish we had law enforcement here."


These folks didn't like the story.  Our Media Manager asked why they unsubscribed and several replied:


Actually, it was the piece on Joe Arpaio. Kind regards, Holly Evans


I am unsubscribing because of your utterly ridiculous article asking people to vote for Arpaio…that kind of politics has no place on a dog show site…its utterly obnoxious..a known and violent racist, Arpaio is a disgrace to this country. David Ritchkoff


I subscribed for information on dogs, not political broadsides. I think Arpaio is disgusting. Janis Carney


Arpaio sucks.  Steven Tiongco


Dennis replied "We thank you for letting us know BJ fumbled in bringing that old story forward at election time.  We thought it was an interesting observation of standing up for what you believe in (law and order) even when most dog people are sitting down   It has nothing to do with how you vote."

Judging The Standard - Comments are made and the judges can only judge what is brought in the ring, which is true. If judges are encouraged to withhold, when appropriate, and not automatically cross over a singleton entry it would force breeders to breed and show the proper dog to the written breed standard. Linda Whitney Reference: My Car Is Red, The Tail Is Docked

Angry Mixed Breed Owner - Hello! 2000 called and they want their outdated thinking back.  This is the most backwards thinking article I’ve read in a while.  http://www.thedogpress.com/Columns/no-mixed-breeds-in-poodle-club-agility-vh-169.asp While I personally agree with the designer dog issue and it saddens me that one particular breed like the poodle is used for this practice, to say with a straight face, “Very few shelter dogs, mutts or designer dogs make it far in the sport” - I can only shake my head at the ignorance. Be sure to whisper that around my five rescue dogs with their multiple agility championships and highly successful agility careers.  I’ve been competing in agility for nearly 20 years and I’ve heard a lot of ridiculous statements over the years so I’m used to hearing ignorance like this writer’s. I actually secretly thank this old-school way of thinking because it makes my runs that much more rewarding. Fortunately, the old-school trainer/thinking like this author's is a dying breed (pun intended).  It just makes each and every blue ribbon, qualifying score, championship, placement at national event, etc. taste even sweeter.  What jump height are your poodles competing at?  I’d love to go head to head with them with one of my dogs that “lacks the temperament, tractability or correct body structure.”  Then we’ll talk about the karma you seem to be proud of and how I chose to save dogs’ lives by rescuing and doing great things with those dogs.


Dogs that time and time again excel at the sport. Dogs that someone else threw away. I don't live in your state, so there's no issue with me entering your trials, but at some point, younger and progressive thinking dog enthusiasts will vote to allow mixed breed dogs in your shows.  Get over it. You can keep breeding your poodles and I will keep rescuing. Life will go on.  And we will agree to disagree.  But know that I feel so good about the positive things I am doing in my dogs' lives and the dogs that I foster and save.  And until I an unable to find what I'm looking for in a rescue dog for the awesome sport of agility, I will keep saving and training them to excel in the sport.  Yes partly to prove people like you wrong, but mostly because I love knowing I made a real difference in a dog's life. Sadly, Being unable to find a rescue dog for the sport most likely won't happen in my lifetime though. Andrea Davis

Editor's Note: Andrea's letter prompted a thoughtful exchange between our writer Vicki Haywood, Andrea, and myself.  We hope to be able to provide subscribers with more information on the subject of:

(1) how much we "purebred people" love all dogs

(2) how devoted people like Andrea are to their dogs and the performance sports

(3) and how much we all do to insure the continuity of intelligent, healthy, talented "mutts".

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