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Flying Trot, Anesthesia, Training Advice, Pending Lawsuits, Doped Dogs, Dogs & Grapes, Rimadyl, and AKC Helps Defeat Bad Dog Laws.

Rimadyl: Just a quick note to say thank you for the article on Rimadyl! As breeders, I think most of us have used this product and have believed it to be perfectly safe. It may still have it's place, however you have informed us so that we can proceed with caution, and you may have saved some lives! Sincerely, Sharon Marquis - Carry-On Whippets Reference: Rimadyl Liver Failure

Dogs and Grapes: I had heard about the grapes being poisonous to dogs and decided to finally read some info on the web about this. I was specifically looking for sites that didn’t just parrot the same warnings. That is how I happened upon your site. We have had dogs over the past 16 years. Our dogs live outside under grape arbors and eat the many grapes as they drop to the ground in the fall. Until recently, I had not heard of the grapes-being-toxic idea so I thought nothing of it. Never once have any of our dogs exhibited signs of getting any of those symptoms described by the sites shouting warnings about dogs and grapes. N Mt Vernon, WA Reference: Grapes Poison Dogs Myth

Doping Dogs: Been showing dogs for well over 30 years, never doubt, if people are dumping dogs, I would not be entirely surprised, then it reflects on poor breedership and the choices they are making to keep dogs with temperaments that need to be doped in their lines. Unfortunately title seem to mean more than quality and as we know, some titles are bought, not earned/deserved. Tryna Kemmer  Reference: Doped Up Dogs: A Veterinary Reality

Any Vaccine Lawsuit?: My precious 4 lb. Pomeranian was given an intranasally applied Bordatella vaccine by my vet. Soon thereafter, he died of pneumonia, which I believe was caused by the vaccine being inhaled. Do you know of any lawsuits that may involve this? Thank you, Vernon Turner

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Pending Lawsuits Against Fort Dodge? Does anyone know anything about any lawsuits against Fort Dodge for a vaccine given to my cat who now has been diagnosed with cancer? Or anyone else who can help me get them to pay for the treatments I now have to give him because of their vaccine? Thanks for any help you can offer. Cathrael Hackler

Dog and Anesthesia: I just wanted to say how interesting I found this article. My Irish Water Spaniel had a minor operation and didn't respond well to the anesthetic, in fact her physical side effects cleared up but left her with a complete personality change. No one will acknowledge this at the vet clinic, they imply I am a bit nuts!! But the change is so dramatic its shocking. I am wondering if she suffered a mini stroke as well but the cost of finding out is prohibitive as even if this is the case there will be no treatment as such. As a scientist myself I am ashamed of the amount of white washing in this profession. This all boils down to greed!! Thank you again for that article.  Sassie Holden Reference: Anesthesia Related Memory Loss

Training: Hello, I am a lawyer in training. I went through my dogs being confiscated. I am going to law school to fight on this subject alone. If there is any info you can share with me on how to supplement my studies to get ready for when I graduate I would appreciate it. Thanks, Dr. Troy Clifford Dargin

Flying Trot Article: Good article, reminds me of all the arguments about a horse having all four feet of the ground during a trot, before the camera proved without a doubt that indeed it was true. Very famous photographs, one can actually find them online. Cheers, Dr. Sophia Kaluzniacki  Reference: "Flying Trot" Myth

AKC Helped Us Defeat Bad Dog Law: I am responding to your article concerning AKC Government Relations. GR has worked hard with the Georgia Canine Coalition and our club members in the state of Georgia on legislation. In particular, they have assisted us in working with the General Assembly in opposing anti-dog and anti-owner legislation.

    AKC assisted our members in Augusta in preventing legislation that would have all but prevented breeding and would have required mandatory spay and neuter. They have worked with us for years and have always provided materials and guidance on issues that we have requested from them. They helped us write language that strengthened the Georgia Dangerous Dog law and the Georgia law on dog fighting among other pieces of legislation.

     Besides Augusta, they have worked with us on ordinances in a number of cities and counties in Georgia.  We could not have had the success we have had on the legislative front in Georgia without the assistance of Sheila Goffe and the AKC Government Relations staff. Gail LaBerge - President, Georgia Canine Coalition, Inc. Reference: The AKC Corporation And Stockholders

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