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REPRINT REQUEST: I just read Mark Threlfall's piece about the TFT. I administer the ATFTC Facebook page. May I link to the article? It's the funniest, most accurate description of our breed ...outside of our breed standard... I've ever read. I'm still gasping for air after reading it. Thanks, Susan Thibodeaux Reference: Toy Fox Terrier Standard With A Twist

Breeders Need Help: Loved the story on the Great Danes and their Breeder, very well said!!! Danna Reference: Rescue Dogs, Abandon Breeders

Crop & Dock: I have been breeding and showing for over 50 years and I have seen both docked and undocked dogs. I think it should be up to the breeders to decide if their dogs should be cropped or docked or dewclaws removed. I have had Norfolk Terriers and we always had their tails docked at 3 days and dew claws removed at the same time. Puppies were back playing with each other within minutes of having these procedures performed. All were healthy and happy and went to loving forever homes. I now have Havanese and my Vet showed me how to carefully remove the dewclaws myself. I use sterilized instruments and each puppy is back with Mom within 5 minutes. The puppies do not even whine or yip. We do this at 3 days and pups go right back to nursing or sleeping right after the dewclaws are removed. I would never do docking or ear cropping myself. I always had my Vet to do the tail cropping. Again I think the cropping and docking should be done by a licensed Vet using anesthesia. But let the breeder decide. We have enough problems with PETA and HSUS without taking away our rights to do as we see fit in regard to cropping, docking and dewclaw removal. Shirley Taylor - Wild Rose Havanese Reference: Ear Cropping and Tail Docking Video

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Shirely Lawler - OMG, just saw this about Shirley Lawler! WOW, she has been such an inspiration to so many of us, and such a good, FUNNY friend. Oh, I am soooo devastated. I had been traveling, and had asked her not to send all the political stuff she usually sends, and honestly hadn't realized that I wasn't getting any notes from her at all. Do you have any further information about her death, was it a heart attack or something. Oh, Lord, I just can't believe it. I am so sorry I didn't see this earlier, I'm sure her husband is devastated, as are SOOOO many other people. She was such a help with our KODA effort, where we sued APHIS, I am sure a lot of people have no idea. So sorry this is so fragmented, I am just sooo upset. Thanks for letting us know, Judy Kelsey Reference: Shirley Lawler

Sharpei - I have no idea why any charges are being dismissed. We all know how hard it is to get a conviction. All 21 counts are 21 personal heartbreaking stories of how these humans did our breed wrong. They should not be allowed to operate in a breeding capacity. They should not even own dogs given their perception. Please do not promote this puppy mill. Thank you for your time, Susan Field Reference: 48 Months & Shar-Pei Abuse Comments

Grapes vs. Raisin Poisoning Response - My 8lb dog had three grapes (red if it makes a diff). Luckily she threw up on her own which made me look up grapes and find out their toxicity. We didn’t go to the vet because she threw up twice and seemed fine. But the next morning she had all the symptoms- lethargy, lack of appetite, abdomen hurt. She urinated so I guess we hadn’t gotten too far yet. I gave her kale and carrot juice (home juiced) . By the time I hit 30mL she was eating again and had her usual energy. I probably gave her a total 2oz and a day later she seems 100% herself. I too could not afford 48hrs if IV (which is what I kept reading). This article saved my dog. Thank you. Surabhi Presse Reference: What To Do For Raisin Poisoning

Open forum, any subject, just keep it short!  Send your: Letter To Editor

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